My Sixth Annual 4/20 Blog!

19 Apr



Not every drug is bad.  Some are GREAT!” – Bill Hicks

What is up kids?

i’ll tell you what’s up, with every stoner’s favorite holiday coming up tomorrow it’s time to take off the kid gloves around you people who think weed is a bad thing and tell you all to GROW UP already!  i mean it was one thing when i was a kid and adults would talk about how bad drugs are and scare us about EVERYTHING and convince us children that weed is bad and that it’s a gateway drug and it funds terrorism and it’ll ruin your life and blah blah blabbity blah…

From you alright!  i learned it from watching you!

But for real, now that i’m an adult (or at least play one on this blog) i can tell you that all of those lies are HORSE$HIT and i’m sick of having to pretend that weed is bad in front of all of you lame, uneducated, paranoid, rule abiding, pansy a$$ Pu$$ies any longer.  Because that’s what the rest of us ADULTS have to do around you small minded people.  We have to keep anything involving “the pot” away from you, whether it be talking about it, or pregaming before a concert with a joint, or smoking a blunt in your garage during your daughters 2 year old birthday party, or even those bong hits we took driving in the car on Route 17 on the way to visit you at Ramapo College in Linden dorm room.  All of us have HAD it with treating this subject with kid gloves around you infants and we won’t take it anymore! Or maybe we will, because unfortunately society still looks down on smoking weed like i’m Hester Prynne wearing a Scarlet Letter “W” on my chest.  For some reason it’s completely fine to watch your kids while drinking wine and popping percocets in broad daylight but if instead i took a few hits from a plant that grows freely on the Earth now i’m the dirtbag.  Which is unfortunately the truth most of us have to deal with as we have to lie to our family, friends, teachers, work, the police and the government and say we don’t do it.  Although i don’t mean me, because of course i don’t do drugs.  Up with hope, down with dope!  And do i look like someone who would smoke… marijuana?  Because for real i DEFINTELY don’t take the pot, it’s the pollen outside making my eyes red i swear!

But whether you like to dab in smoking that sweet, sweet chiba or if you’re blowing it and you don’t i still hope you have a fantastic holiday.  And if you don’t celebrate it have a great random Wednesday i guess.  But enjoy today’s Random Nonsense, and if you don’t find it funny you should probably keep smoking until you do!


 – If you’re reading this on Tuesday and you live in New York, PLEASE go vote for Bernie Sanders and help make our country and this world a better place!  i mean yeah i should probably be just telling you to go out an vote in general and not put a bias on it.  But as long as i still have the kid gloves taken off i might as well also be honest and say if you don’t realize that Bernie is the best candidate for our society then no offense you are doing everything wrong and are blowing it.  Even if you like Hillary who i’m not a fan of even though i don’t hate her the way everyone else does i will say she’s a million times better then any Republican running for President and she won’t end our existence on this planet the way Cruz or Trump will.  She’ll just keep them status quo which sucks ass but it’s still better then ANY of the Repubs.

But Bernie is the BEST, and after voting for him today make sure you also donate to his campaign on Wednesday as well.  Why on Wednesday?  So you can donate $4.20 on 4/20!

Bernie has called for the federal decriminalization of marijuana and an end to the failed war on drugs, which has for many years disproportionately targeted minorities and low-income communities. No other presidential candidate has done the same.

So, we urge all cannabis reformers, activists, patients, enthusiasts entrepreneurs, advocates and professionals to donate $4.20 (or $42 or $420) to Bernie Sander’s campaign on April 20th, 2016. Let’s make this YUUUGE and send a message to the establishment that alone we’re harmless bees but together we’re a ferocious swarm that will not be silenced! Please join the event and invite your fellow cannabis supporters, friends and family. Go!

#BernGreenGiveGreen #BurnOneForBernie #YesHeCann

And don’t forget to join Cannabis Reformers for Bernie: “Putting the grass in grassroots!”

– If i could take a break from all of this weed talk for a second, i’d like to admit that i’ve always wished i could play the piano.  i think it’s wonderful instrument and it’s always been a dream of mine to play a beautiful solo in front of a classy audience and it bothers me that i may never be able to do so.

One person who has lived that dream however is my friend Buddy, who is not only a talented and classically trained penis, but he also cannot wait to celebrate with his last name on tomorrow’s holiday.  So enjoy today’s entry into  The BEST Album Covers of ALL TIME!  with Buddy Weed and “Piano Solos with Rhythm Accompaniment!” i give it my HIGHEST recommendation!

Now before i go today I’d like to leave you all with a little love story.  It’s one i told before a long time ago, but since i have a lot of new readers and since it’s funny as hell i have no problem posting it again now.  So enjoy this tale of love, heartbreak, deceit, lies,  and passionate sex, and trust me when i say it’s a love story for the ages…

So i’m gonna throw a curveball at you and get a little personal because i think it’s about time that i admitted to all of you that i am in fact seeing someone. Yeah yeah, i know no one wants me to get all romantical when i should be writing a fun marijuana blog.  But it’s time i admit to the world that i found the girl i love and that i’ve never been happier in my life.

It’s funny, because the first time i met her was back in the summer of 8th grade.  i can remember like it was yesterday, hanging at my friend Jim’s house with Oates and crew for a small party. We were all chillen and drinking and laughing when out of nowhere, she walked in.  Her name was Mary, and even though i had heard about her before i had never seen her in person.  But she looked beautiful, and she smelled like an Angel’s whisper.  i didn’t expect to even talk to her at first but then the next thing i know she was right in front of me and my love affair with Mary had begun.  It started off slow, she didn’t live that close to me at first so i would only see her occasionally.  And we were both young so the relationship was just young puppy love if anything.  But it was also tough because we had to hide our love from a lot of people.  i knew my parents wouldn’t approve so i couldn’t tell them, and some of my closest friends just could not understand why i would want to be with her.  So as far as our relationship went those first few years were by far the roughest.  Although i must admit i wouldn’t change those memories for anything.

So that’s how things went for awhile, we would see each other when we could and we basically kept our relationship hidden from most people.  It wasn’t that i was ashamed of her necessarily, i just knew that people would never understand.  But it wasn’t until college that things got REALLY serious.  Once i got to college we really took our relationship to the next level.  She wasn’t the first girl i ever slept with but she is easily my most favorite.  And we were ANIMALS in college, in the morning we would start having sex as soon as we woke up.  We would bang at lunch, in between class, after class, before dinner, after dinner, before we went to bed, sometimes randomly at night we would wake up at night and just F each other’s brains out and then go back to sleep.  We just couldn’t get enough of each other and every time we slept together i would just want her that much more.

And why wouldn’t i?  She never judges me, she never gets mad at me, and we’ve never had a fight ever.  And like Seth Rogen said in Pineapple Express she just makes everything better.  She makes food taste better, she makes sex feel better, she makes movies better, she makes everything funnier.  i just love being with Mary so much, she’s like a natural high only not natural and with THC.  You’re probably wondering why i haven’t married this girl yet, and i’ll be honest that’s a fair question.  But our love goes beyond marriage, she knows i don’t need a piece of paper to prove my love to her.  What does she have to be insecure about?  She knows she’s my favorite, and she knows i think she’s the best and she knows i will ALWAYS come back to her.  There have been times when we had to be apart, and those times hurt my soul more then i’d care to admit.  But in the end, she will always be my girl, my partner in crime if you will.  All i need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.  And Mary, you will forever be my girl.  i love you Mary Jane!  XOXOXOXO

And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope you all have the money 4/20, and to help others achieve the same thing why not share my blog with them to make their holiday even better!  It’s free, it’s legal, and it might even get you high with laughter!  Especially if you do a big bong hit first!

But have a great week and i’ll cya here next Tuesday with an all new blog!

LATER DICKS! –  miguel jose


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