[About businessmen] They don’t even trust each other. They don’t trust one another. When a businessman sits down to “negotiate a deal”, the first thing he does is to automatically assume that the other guy is a complete, lying prick who’s trying to f*ck him out of his money. So he’s got to do everything he can to f*ck the other guy a little bit faster and a little bit harder. – George Carlin

1 Mar


What is up kids?

So i know i’ve been pretty down during these rants a lot lately, mostly because i know that our country is made up of an incredible amount of brain dead ignorant sheep that willingly believe everything that their owners tell them to feel without ever once questioning just how wrong the people in charge are about everything.  Well everyone except for Charles of course.

But i’m sick of using kid gloves to handle all of the people that have it so wrong in this country, and on this planet for that matter.  Like hey a$$holes, stop killing people over the invisible Gods you all believe in!  You can have whatever silly beliefs you want, but when it makes you judge other people differently and even make you want to kill others who don’t worship the same God that you do then you are doing life WRONG.

And to all of you who think that Trump would be a good leader because he’s rich and because he is a businessman and was on Celebrity Apprentice and spews hatred and is the closest thing our country has to our version of Hitler then you are doing life AND politics WRONG.  And if you can’t see how Bernie Sanders has spent his entire life fighting for the middle class and those that don’t have a voice and instead you think of him as the crazy old man who wants to give away everything for free then you are seeing things WRONG.

Although if that’s how you feel about Bernie i don’t not respect you the way i don’t respect people who would vote for Trump.  i mean Bernie is a very different candidate then anything we’ve seen before, and it makes sense if you don’t understand where he comes from.  He actually can’t be bought by lobbies or Super Pacs, especially because he’s the only person running for President who doesn’t have one who also wasn’t given millions by his rich daddy.  Bernie isn’t just some rich jerk off who is running because it’s “his” turn.  He’s running because he believes in his country and he believes in its’ people, and more importantly its’ peoples’ ability to realize what all human’s basic rights should include, things like health care and public education.  You know, “radical” ideas.

Because honestly, people hear that Bernie wants to make public college free and some people immediately get mad at that.  Although just think about this objectively for a hot second, people’s first reaction is to get mad when they hear he wants to give away FREE EDUCATION.  And why are they mad?  Because they believe everyone has to work hard and earn everything!  Nothing makes them angrier then the idea of them working for things and then to see other lazy aholes reaping the benefits of what they provide!

But wait, we’re not saying everyone gets a free television here, or a free cell phone, or free Jordans.  We’re talking about EDUCATION.  We’re talking about knowledge that will make people smarter, and then hopefully they won’t be dumb enough to vote for a clueless bigoted bag of douche like Donald Trump.  And people think providing that education for free is a bad idea?

i just don’t get it kids, i just don’t.  People are so brainwashed into getting so mad at the people below them who get their stuff for “free.”  They honestly think people with no jobs just spend all their food stamps on steak and lobster and just have the easiest lives ever provided to them by the ones doing the “real” work.  Yet when you show those same people a chart showing them where all of the new income goes, that the top 1% takes EVERYTHING from EVERYONE and it’s THEM you should be looking at and not the poor people on the bottom they either ignore it, don’t believe it or both.

So yeah, i’m sorry not sorry that i can’t get off of this topic lately but you’re all nuts and you’re all blowing it or at least most of you are.  So wake the f*ck up already!  Or don’t, and walk through life blind to the truth and by believing everything those in charge want you to believe.  Although if that’s still your plan make sure to still read my blog!  If you’re gonna stay ignorant you might as well be ignorant and entertained!



– One more thing about Trump, how come all of a sudden people want to trust a businessman?  Are you people f*cking kidding me? People actually think that being a businessman is a compliment? At least politicians have to pretend they care about the people, businessmen make it clear that they are only out for money and that they are only out for themselves, AT ALL COSTS.  And if you need more proof just read Carlin’s quote i used to start this blog and hopefully let that $hit sink in.  Or just read this one!

– And oh yeah, speaking of my man Bernie Sanders this is truly the best way to #FEELTHEBERN…

Image via Instagram

A Great Name for a Punk Band!  “The Gee Whiz”

“OLDSCHOOL” NONSENSE -To all people ordering food at restaurants, you never have to tell your waiter or waitress the following statement: “You can just bring out the food whenever it’s ready!”  Oh really?  What do you think i’m waiting for Ahole?  i mean thank God you told me that because your food’s been ready for at least 2 hours, i was just assuming you wanted to wait.  Could you give me more awful tips on how to help serve you better?  Because i see that you have a full drink in front of you, do you need a refill?  Oh wait i get it, i should probably wait until you finish the drink and then give you the refill.  i’ve only been a waiter for 5 years, can you please give me more useless advice?  Because apparently i need it….

“Facebook Etiquette”-  i’m sure some of you already think this about me on FB and on this blog…

Fast Food Tips –  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, Burger King is trying to murder us.  They proved it recently with their extra long and extra buttery cheeseburger, and now they want to shove even more disgusting long buttery meat down our fat throats but this time for breakfast!

Which is why BK is now introducing it’s Supreme Breakfast sandwich which has double eggs, double sausage, double cheese and double bacon on a long hoagie bun.  Originally called the “diarrhea delight,” this monstrosity has 880 calories of healthy breakfast goodness, and by “healthy” i mean deadly and by goodness i mean you’re most likely going to spend your last few seconds on this planet holding your stomach and crying in pain on the toilet bowl.  So yeah, that kind of goodness!

And that’s it for me today kids!  Hopefully one of these blogs i’ll shine some sun on your faces instead of raining down depression facials blog after blog but with how stupid this country is you probably shouldn’t hold your breath.  Although i do want to end on a happy note so congrats to my first crush ever who FINALLY won his first Oscar!  If he jumps i jump!

Cya next Tuesday with an all new blog! – miguel jose


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