The Constitution of the United States is at stake. Article II, Section 2 clearly provides that the President, and the President ALONE nominates judges. – Mitch McConnell in 2005

16 Feb


What is up kids?

So i normally don’t drop a LATER DICKS! right off the bat in my blogs, and i also don’t normally gloat over the death of a human being.  But today i’m going to make a special exception and drop a LATER DICK! to a human being i truly find as evil and who literally was making this country worse for every man woman and child in America who isn’t a racist ignorant hate monger.  So to Antonin Scalia…


And yeah some of you might find it in poor taste to speak ill of the recently deceased, and by ill i mean call that pudgie basterd a horrible excuse for a human who was the poster boy of everything wrong with our judicial system.  And i guess i should feel bad for his family and/or kids and his yadda yadda yadda i can’t even pretend to care because for real F this guy and everyone that had anything to do with him.

But lest you think i’m just being an inhuman monster over the passing of a fellow human being, here are some of his “greatest” quotes that have helped make me feel this way so you hopefully get where i’m coming from even if you don’t agree.  And even if you do happen to agree with him or his statements please know that i don’t also wish death upon you as well, i believe it’s every American’s right to have their opinion no matter how awful or uninformed they are.

But for people in the position to affect the entire country like Scalia had the power to do i have NO sympathy for him at all, because he had the ability to make everyone’s world a better place and he did nothing but do the complete opposite.  Don’t believe me?  Then check this $hit out!

“The fact that juries continue to sentence mentally retarded offenders to death for extreme crimes shows that society’s moral outrage sometimes demands execution of retarded offenders.” – Scalia

 These are just some of his greatest hits but as you can see he was against Roe vs Wade, he was against homosexual marriage, he was of course against Obamacare which gave healthcare to millions of people who don’t have it and he was apparently for executing retarded people.  There are a TON of other examples on why this guy was a big fat pile of douche but you can go and read those on your own if you feel like being more irritated by him.

And yeah apparently he was a great writer, as people would always say that while he had horrific opinions the dissents he would write out expressing these horrific opinions were apparently the best in the game.  But Hitler was apparently a great artist as well, i just don’t happen to give a $hit about that talent either.

And no i’m not saying Scalia was Hitler, but i do think he was a piece of $hit and i don’t care that he’s dead.  And now all we need is Dick Cheney to fall and break his neck and die and then i might actually believe there is a God who is listening to my prayers and he’s finally taking out a few a$$holes who should have died from a$$ cancer a long time ago.  And i’m not sorry if any of you are offended by this rant, because while i don’t normally wish for the death of people like i said before i do believe that this planet would be lot better if certain evilness was not on it anymore and Scalia definitely fills that profile.  So the best i can give you Antonin is that i don’t hope you burn in hell but i do hope you’re in a place with a ton of hot gay retarded man on hot gay retarted man sex and they use you as their condom.

And oh yeah, to all of you Republicans who are adamant that Obama shouldn’t choose the next justice to fill his place even though that is 100% the job of the President (especially one that the American people voted in TWO TIMES) i completely agree with you!  Not because i think you make a decent point, i think all of you are butt hurt obstructionists who REFUSE to work with this President and have no idea how Democracy is supposed to work.

But i agree with you that Obama shouldn’t choose the next appointee, mostly because it’s a proven fact that when there is an issue like choosing the next Supreme Court Justice up in an election that more people see the importance in voting which means more people will come out and vote.  And it’s also proven that when more people come out to vote that Democrats win more elections because the majority of people agree with things like being pro choice or pro gay marriage or pro not being a racist a$$hole.  So block the nominee all you want douchebags!  All you’re doing is making sure Hillary or Bernie get to pick the next Supreme Court Justice so us intelligent people truly appreciate it!


– If i haven’t admitted this to all of you before it’s probably a good time to tell you that i have a pretty severe case of anxiety and it’s something i had diagnosed when i was much younger.  Although back then they didn’t call my condition “anxiety” they called it “being a big fat wet pu$$y who needs to man up already.”  And they also had different methods of treating it back then as well.  i think nowadays people do things like take Xanax or smoke medical pot to help their anxiety when back then we had to physically use our hands and actually take out the sand in our vagina manually.  Which trust me when i tell you that it burns it BURNS!

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – So i’m starting to get grey hairs, and i’m not really digging it at f*cking all.  i’ve been getting a few in my goatee and now a few are popping up on the sides of my head and i’m not a f*cking fan because i’m not ready for that $hit yet.  And i’m not sure if you’re supposed to pluck them or not, in fact i’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to.  But i don’t give a f*ck, i keep plucking them $hits and if 10 more pop up in their place i’ll pluck those motherf*ckers too. 

If i’m lucky about anything it’s that i haven’t found any grey pubic hair yet.  Haha, just kidding!  i don’t have any pubic hair i’m balder down there that a young Brazilian girl who just got her first wax.  Notice i didn’t say Brazilian wax because in Brazil they just called them a “wax.”  Anyways the real thing i’m lucky about is that i’m also a balding f*ck too, but i’m not ready to talk about that either… 

–  Do you want to know why breakfast is truly the greatest meal?  It’s because you’re allowed to order bacon as it’s own dish. You can’t get away with that at lunch.  You can order bacon ON things, but you can’t order two slices of pizza with an additional side of bacon.  Or a salad with a side of bacon.  Or an Italian hero with a side of bacon.  Nor can you do it at dinner, you can’t get penne with vodka with a side of bacon, people will look at you like a weirdo!

But for breakfast it’s totally acceptable to order bacon on it’s own, whether it be with pancakes or eggs or french toast.  Not only is it okay, but it’s shown on the menu as a side for breakfast!  So besides all the delicious carby nonsense that you can eat for breakfast you’re allowed to just eat bacon.  And if there’s anything more American then that then i don’t know what it is!

Snitches get stitches.  That’s a life mantra that i have lived since i was a young boy in grade school and i kept it even when i joined Joe Pesci and the boys doing “construction” jobs.  Which is why it was so tough to name today’s The BEST Album Covers of ALL TIME! , especially because the last thing i want is for people to think i’m a tattle tale.  But just like Corey calling the Cops i have to report this. Which is why even though i’m sorry to do so please forgive me as i nominate this album as i’m “Telling on Trixie” who is Ugly, Broke, and Sober!

Fast Food Tips – If Burger King is good at anything it’s getting people to shove shady and disgusting meat like substances down their fat throats.  Which is why the PERFECT next move of this corporation that is great at making obese Americans was to shove the SHADYEST meet there is into our wide open gullet as they introduced BK hot dogs!  They have 3 different versions of this hot dog, the classic, the chili and cheese, and the diarrhea delight.  And if you want i’ll even let you try and figure out which of those 3 i made up and isn’t actually real!  i think you’ll be surprised at the answer!

And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope you all enjoyed today’s blog, even if you’re not a big fan of trashing dead people and you plan on voting for Trump in the next election.  You have the right to feel that way just as i have the right to use my freedom of speech to say whatever the f*ck i want on my blog.  So let’s enjoy these same rights that we have as well as our differing opinions on things and just agree that the bit i wrote about having anxiety is hilarious and i’ll see you all here next Tuesday with an all new blog!

Cya, – miguel jose





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