It would, i think, be hard for anyone to make the case that the United States is a "just" society or anything close to a just society. In America today there is massive injustice in terms of income and wealth inequality. Injustice is rampant. – Bernie Sanders

15 Sep


What is up kids?

So i feel like i haven’t written a blog that “matters” in a long time, and by a long time i mean quite possibly ever.  No, that’s not true.  The blog where i wrote about being so hungover that i was throwing up Natty light and pizza chunks into my shower drain while i was bent over on all fours was definitely Pulitzer material.  And the blog where i called out the Quid Bids girl only to be personally written by one of her family members asking me to take down that blog because i was an insensitive mean pig who didn’t realize how hurtful my words were was definitely an eye opening blog as well…

And i know most of you only read my blog for some free ha ha’s and to learn the latest and greatest fast food items and for that i don’t blame you.  i want to make you laugh before all else, although if i can make you think sometimes i think it’s my duty to do it.  Haha, dooty!

But the truth is at some point i have a responsibility to drop some knowledge on your dome whether you want it or not, which is why today i’d like to tell you why i’m going to vote for Bernie Sanders for President.  “Really miguel?  You’re going to talk politics on this beautiful day and about a Presidential election that is forever away?  AND you’re not even going to talk about Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton or even that orange bag of racist douche Donald Trump and you’re gonna waste your time telling us about an Independent Senator from Vermont?  Why even bother?”

i bother because i actually believe in Bernie Sanders, not just as a politician but as a human being who truly wants what is best for our country.  A crazy idea i know, because most politicians only care about where they are getting their next lobby check from and what do they need to do to get more.  But Bernie Sanders doesn’t run on a campaign like that.  He campaigns fighting for the middle class, he fights on the idea that millionaires and billionaires are not the only people that this country works for, he fights for the idea that any one working 40 hours a week does not deserve to live in poverty, and he fights for the idea that climate change is real and is one of the most pressing dangers that our country and planet faces today and one that can be ignored no longer.  And oh yeah, he thinks money in politics is bull$hit too.  

Do ANY of these quotes and/or ideas that you read above sound crazy?  How is that not the already decided on platform of EVERY candidate?  i’ll tell you why, because for most politicians it’s business as usual.  There’s a reason congress has a lower approval rating then Tony Romo at a New York Giants tailgate.  Which you would think would be funny for him to be at but apparently he’s hoping some actual Giants are there so he can see what a Superbowl ring actually looks like.

But Bernie Sanders isn’t just a candidate, he’s the movement that many of us in this country have been waiting for.  He’s someone who sticks to what he believes in, and doesn’t just work for the highest bidder.  So he’s like Trump in the way that he says what he believes and isn’t paid off by lobbyists or special interest groups, the only difference is he’s not an obnoxious loud mouth racist ahole who only cares about himself and who other racist obnoxious loud mouths seem to love as well.

And i promised you a good Bernie rant for today which is why i felt the need to at least bring him up, especially because most of you haven’t even heard of him before despite the fact that he now leads Hillary in the polls in both New Hampshire and now Iowa which is pretty crazy.  And it sucks that the guy who stands up for what i believe in the most is the one that people know about the least.  But for now do your research and read some other things about him (not just what i’m posting today,) and then  NEXT week i’ll get into him in more detail and hopefully by the end you’ll all Feel the Bern! #FeeltheBern


– i always miss football season SO much over the summer, until it actually comes back and then i have to watch my beloved New York Giants lose a heartbreaker to those horrifically overrated Dallas Cowboys and now i hate football already and i hate everything including life itself.  So if you’re a Cowboy fan i hope it makes you happy inside how much it HURT to watch the end of that game, and it probably makes you even happier that i had trouble sleeping that night because i was so angry.  And i’m glad it makes you happy because it’s as happy as i feel knowing that you haven’t been to the superbowl since the mid 90’s and in that span the Giants have won the 2 best Superbowls of all time!  And it also makes me happy that the Cowboys haven’t won a Superbowl this millennium!  And i hate to admit it because it’s an injury but it also makes me happy that you now lose your best receiver Dez Bryant for 4-6 weeks for what the media calls “a broken foot” but doctors call “a sandy vagina.”

– Can we as a nation just decide as one to put radios into every public and work bathroom in America?  And not fancy expensive bluetooth radios that play Satellite radio and Pandora and Spotify, i’m not talking high quality electronics.  i’m just saying we should take money out of the Federal and/or State budgets and put a cheap ass a.m. radio in every single bathroom in the country, this way we can listen to ANYTHING else besides the sounds of $hit and piss and farts coming out of people’s buttholes and/or penises/vaginas.  It’s bad enough that i’m in a stall and the socially awkward fool that walks in thinks it’s okay to sit next to me and have a Katrina like disaster go on as the levies break and excrement pours through his own personal flood gates.  At least with the radio on we could pretend to listen to something else besides the kids being dropped off at the pool.  Although if you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or that turd Mark Levine you’re probably better off listening to people just $hit their brains out because it’s basically the same thing.  But for the rest of us just play anything on the radio!

– One last thing about sports in case you haven’t been following… the New York Mets are f*cking en FUEGO right now!  And if you don’t speak Spanish that means “on fuego!”  After every year besides 1986 of my life being a baseball disappointment, my team FINALLY looks like they aren’t the embarrassment of the league!   And if you don’t believe me just look at it this way, it’s officially September, the NFL and the Giants have started their season and i’m still talking about the Mets!  Normally i’m done thinking about them by the all star break when they are double digits out of the wild card race, but this year they actually have a legit chance to win it all!  Unless i jinx them! Oh wait, forget everything i just said.  Except LET’S GO METS!!

Fast Food Tips –  It’s finally here, the miracle that we’ve ALL been waiting for!!  After all of these long years McDonalds FINALLY plans to introduce ALL DAY BREAKFAST!!  Finally i can eat all of the Sausage McGriddles and bagel sandwiches that i want at any time of day or night, much to the dismay of my colon!  Life couldn’t be better!

Except wait, this ALL day breakfast doesn’t include ALL of their breakfast items?  What the crap is that about???  Apparently they will only be offering a “limited” menu which means you can get a biscuit sandwich or an egg mcmuffin sandwich but NONE McGriddles and NONE bagel sandwiches either.  Which means they’re not REALLY releasing all day breakfast and they are a bunch of liar liar pants on fire and i hate them and their stupid processed garbage faces.  i ain’t lovin’ NUTHIN aholes!

Fast Food Tips DOS –  Now that i know this all day breakfast idea is really nonsense, i have to admit i still let myself get my hopes up for this “buttermilk chicken sandwich.”  i mean you’ve seen the commercials, right?  They were serving it to people on the street and these “random” customers thought that they were from a fancy chicken place when they were really from McDonalds! That must mean they’re delicious and fun and new and i must have one!

Well i did have one, and i have to admit i’m extremely disappointed in myself for actually believing that they might have a decent chicken sandwich for once.  It was dry crusty awfulness and my own personal balleens have more of a buttermilk texture and flavor.  Why i actually fell for this stupid advertising is beyond me, except for the fact that i must have seen the commercial for it 40 billion times so you can say i was brainwashed and yes now i’m suing.  F*ck you McDonalds!

And that’s it for me today kids!  Go do your research on Bernie before i come back next week with some real facts, this way you angry tea baggers who want to call me a liberal Socialist can argue facts and not just his quotes and/or my opinions.  

But i’ll see you kids next Tuesday, enjoy the fact that football season is back and it was only week 1 and i’ll cya next week with an all new blog!


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