Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – Charles Caleb Cotton

25 Aug

What is up kids?

i’ll tell you what’s up, my show VHS Breakdown is FINALLY getting the credit it deserves!  And it’s a great feeling too, because out of all of the episodes we’ve done  nothing was better then my explanation of why William Zabka aka Johnny was NOT the bad guy in “The Karate Kid” as it’s EASILY our most watched and popular episode!  In fact, if you haven’t seen it or don’t remember me breaking down this classic 80’s film you should check it out now!

Hilarious and original stuff right?  That’s why it was so great to see how “Daniel is the REAL bully in the Karate Kid” trending online, until i realized that the video that everyone was talking about wasn’t the one we made and it wasn’t our show.  It’s some copycat who put out his “own” version of our show which is almost exactly the same as ours minus the funny parts and/or charisma and sexiness of our talented host.  If you don’t believe that we were copied just check it out for yourselves because over a million other people have seen it already…

So yeah after watching this i gotta say i’m a little heated.  Mostly because they literally stole EXACTLY what i did and explained it pretty much EXACTLY how i told it, they just didn’t do it as funny or as fat as i did.  And now to see EVERYONE on social media blowing up over this “new” idea on why Danny is the bad guy and not Johnny it just sucks because we did it first and we did it better.  But i guess that’s just how $hit goes, and i guess there’s nothing i can do but bitch and moan and then write about it on my blog.  And on top of all of it i have my period and my cramps hurt so bad!!!

So yeah, if anyone wants to help the REAL originator of this theory out please feel free to share our episode with everyone you know so hopefully maybe someone realizes that this is really my genius that this guy is cashing in on.  Although if anyone says to you that i stole this from “How i Met Your Mother” that is GARBAGE because i’ve never even seen that show nor would i ever watch a show with a laugh track in this day and age.  Who the hell needs a laugh track when watching a show?  Why do i need to be told when to laugh when watching tv?  If it’s funny i’ll laugh, i don’t need to be told when to do so like a child or moron who seem to be the only people who still like shows with laugh tracks.  

And i guess the easiest way to realize that it really was my idea is the fact that this guy posted his video this weekend and mine was posted back in June of 2013, but the truth is this guy is going to be well known over his video and only the true fans of VHS Breakdown know the real story.  But if this guy comes out with a theory on how Michael J Fox was truly scared about becoming a homosexual in Teen Wolf then i’m really going to beat some ass!

And for the record, i know i must seem like kind of a hypocrite being that i post a million memes on this blog that are not mine and have posted TONS of stuff on this blog that were not original content.  Although at the same time though i’ve never pretended like these memes on this blog were made up from me, hell i normally just look up “guy who needs to dump after eating White Castle, funny” or whatever into Google and then post the funniest picture that comes up.  

So i think it’s obvious i’m just posting memes i see on the interwebs that i found funny that i also think my audience would find funny as well.  However between this guy stealing my idea for my show and The Fat Jew getting destroyed on social media for constantly reposting other people’s material without giving credit i guess i should be more open about what is mine and what is not going forward.  So yeah almost no meme is mine ever but all the written jokes are mine, except when i credit the author.  Because just like they say in “Clerks” give credit where credit is due! 


– Now i have a favor to ask, and it’s one that if you don’t do you’ll feel really bad about yourself. And for once it has nothing to do with “LIKING” my Here Comes the Money… Facebook page or going to check out, for once it’s not about that. It’s about helping an organization that has served their community for over 30 years with a focus on feeding people & changes lives!

So to help out this amazing organization all you have to do is click HERE, and vote for the second arrow down that says CUMAC in Paterson, NJ.  They do some incredible work there and a vote for them will help try to get them some money that they can use to help people and basically do God’s work.  And you don’t have to login, give any info, or even fill out your name, all you have to do is CLICK VOTE!  So PLEASE click on this link and vote for Cumac in Paterson, and do so every day until August 28th until they win the contest.  Thank you in advance, it’s the easiest thing anyone will ask you to do all day and it will help out a lot of needy people and children!  THANK YOU!!!

– Not that i have ever watched it or have seen every episode this season but the opening credits of “The Bachelor in Paradise” are the worst most obnoxiously horrific opening credits i have ever seen for a show EVER.  And i get that it’s trying to be cheesy and silly and “80’s” but what it’s really doing is putting a pain in my membrane and a hole in my butthole.  And YES it’s poor to rhyme hole with butthole but that’s just how bad these opening credits are and i don’t have the strength or courage to write anything better.  If you have the guts to watch this just check it out below so you know what i’m talking about, and if you don’t pull out your eyeballs from your sockets or blow your brains out after watching this then please enjoy the rest of the ha has on today’s blog!

Fast Food Tips – So before this new fast food tip let me just ask you one question, do you like blueberries or strawberries?  Why? Because i want to know what kind of pancakes to make you in the morning!  And while yes i posted that because it’s a quote from the severely underrated “Night at the Roxbury” which is a movie i love and has an INCREDIBLE soundtrack that my girlfriend surprised me with for my birthday, it is also a great segue into this tip about IHOP which is selling $1 short stacks for today only!

 And it’s actually for a good cause too, because from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Aug. 25, IHOP will donate 50 cents of every $1 stack of buttermilk pancakes to No Kid Hungry in an effort to reach their goal of providing 2.5 million meals this year.  So spend a few bucks, eat short stacks until your belly and anus explode with syrup and help some hungry kids at the same time! It’s win win!  Except for your colon and stomach which will hate you.

Fast Food Tips Dos – So i don’t normally give out two fast food tips on my blog, mostly because i love my readers and the last thing i want to do is clog your arteries and lower intestine from the garbage these establishments try to shove down  your throat at a cheap price until your insides turn into liquid $hit.

But then again who cares, because Sonic is selling 50 cent corn dogs this Thursday August 27th!  And you don’t need a coupon or an online code, just go to Sonic and tell them you what a long delicious roll of beef covered in batter put into your mouth, and then when you’re done tell the manager to take his penis out of your mouth and tell him you’d also like a 50 cent corn dog!  

Someone stealing ideas from my show, 50 cent corn dogs, and helping out starving kids and an inspirational organization get money to help feed those in need, ALL in one blog?!?!  Holy $hitballs did you get your money’s worth today!  “But it was free miguel!  Although now that i think about it even though this is a free blog if i’m being honest you still owe me money…”

You got your money son, as soon as you opened this page i straight up told you Here Comes the Money and that’s what you received right down your mind and laugh hole!  So thank you for reading my blog, thank you for clicking that link HERE and helping out those that need it and i’ll see you all here next Tuesday with an all new blog!  Except hopefully by then everyone will realize that it’s really MY theory on The Karate Kid and that I’M the best around!

Cya next Tuesday! @migueljose_85 on Twitter


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