i didn’t set out to be a villain in film, i’m a character actor. And if my first movie was a comedy, i could have played a geek just as well. – William Zabka

21 Jul


‘What is up kids?

i’ll tell you what’s up, if you blew it and didn’t go to our VHS Breakdown Facebook page last Thursday at 4:20 then you missed out on our big news!  And that’s that Season 3 and all of our seasons will be available on our all new website, VHSBreakdown.com!  

And i’d like to say that Rob and i worked really hard on this site together, i really would.  And if you laughed because i just said me and Rob and “hard on” then you need to grow up!!!!
But the truth is i pretty much did nothing for this site, and as per usual Rob did all of the work and i reap all of the benefits because i’m the “star” and it’s “my” show.  Which is a pretty sweet gig if you can get it, and one that i would feel bad about if Rob wasn’t a terrible NY Rangers fan and didn’t deserve any and all bad things that happen to him.

But yeah the site looks FANTASTIC and now that we have our own actual website i can say we finally feel kinda legit.  Not as legit as we will feel when Season 3 comes out because holy $hitballs my friends this new season is really going to be the funniest gddamn thing we’ve ever done!  

i LOVE the movies that we picked for this new season, we’ve really stepped up our costume and prop game spending TENS of dollars on all new special effects.  And after taking a break for what seems like FOREVER we couldn’t be more ready to get back into it and f’n start this thing!  i still can’t believe the last episode we shot was “Rocky IV!”

And before i get to the nonsense, to those of you that have been wondering “is that REALLY William Zabka in that picture with miguel jose?” the answer is yes, yes it is.  And if you’re next question is whether or not i told him about our show and/or my theory that he ISN’T the bad guy in “The Karate Kidthe answer is yes, yes i did tell him about all of that.  And if you’re very next question is “well don’t hold us in suspense any longer ahole, what did he say?!?!?” all i can say to you is that entire encounter deserves it’s on very own rant and it’s not something i’m going to talk about today.  So you’re right, i am an ahole.  But at least i’m an ahole with my very own website!


– So i hate the game blackjack.  Wait, my bad. “African American” jack.  But no for real f*ck that game and everything involved with it!  And yes, maybe i hate it because i’m terrible at math.  And also because the one time i went to Las Vegas with my boys we got off the plane all were fired up and went to our rooms and showered and got all sexy and turned on and started making out heavily until it lead to our curious hands down each others pants as we “experimented” for the first time and learned that true love really has no bounds whether it be more then 2 people or even men we’ve known since high school as we…

NO! Wrong story.  But yeah as soon as we walked into the casino we walked to the first blackjack table we saw that was only $10 a hand and thought “great let’s finally start gambling!” and then LITERALLY ten minutes later i was down $110 bucks because i lost every single hand i played in a row.  How does that even make sense?  Even a poor blackjack player would win at least one hand by dumb luck, how i was down over a hundred beans in Vegas in less then 15 minutes?  i don’t know, but at least i won a few hands even though they were the ones from my friends down my pants.  Stupid blackjack.

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – i don’t know why spell check always tries to correct me when i write “ghettoer”.  Cause i mean, how else am i supposed to f’n spell it?  i write ghetto, and i add an “er” at the end to make it “ghettoer”.  If that’s wrong someone feel free to correct me, but i’m telling your right now to your face spell check i ain’t buying it!

A Great Name for a Punk Band!  “The Loggerheads”  And yes i know no one gets this one but look it up it’s money.  Or don’t, i give a $hit.
“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE  – i love how before you go to a dentist appointment you brush your teeth SO incredibly thoroughly.  Because yeah, that’s going to make up for not going to the dentist in the last 7 years.  You sit there and you literally brush your teeth for over an hour, and floss like 50 times and use mouthwash and just figure “He wont’ even notice!  He’ll think i brush my teeth like this everyday!

And of course that doesn’t do anything, although if you did that every day then you’d probably be alright.  But we like to fool ourselves into thinking that extra bit will actually help, that the one extra morning of brushing really hard will do anything!  But it doesn’t, and you know that.  But you’ll keep doing it anyways because none of us are smart.

Fast Food Tips –  Where did all of these “National” holidays come from?  National Sibling Day, National Cupcake Day, National Hug Day, National Double Team Two Dudes Day.  Wait, was that last one a real thing or did Jewell and Chuck just make that up?

Anyways, speaking of cheap wieners down my throat Sonic is celebrating “National Hot Dog Day” with $1 hot dogs this Thursday, July 23rd.  Because remember how growing up that was always National Hot Dog Day?  Yeah me neither, this whole national holiday stuff is bull$hit.  But i sure do dig $1 hot dogs made from disgusting meat! 

And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope everyone is staying cool in this heat, and i also hope you’re handling all the dumb sayings like that that you hear whenever it’s hot out.
But stay cool, both by being money and temperature wise and i’ll see you kids next Tuesday with an all new blog!  And oh yeah go to VHSBreakdown.com
Cya, @migueljose_85 on Twitter

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