Instead of wondering when your next vacation is maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from. – Seth Godin

16 Jun

What is up kids?

i’ll tell you what’s up, i’m having a hard time getting back to reality today.  And not even just today, i mean since Sunday when i got back from camping.  What is it about vacation that you need one immediately after coming back from one?  It’s like normal everyday life with work and bills and nonsense is bad enough,  but spend a few days with your friends and/or with your love drinking and partying and having the best time ever and it just makes going back to being normal IMPOSSIBLE.

And the worst part is that NOBODY feels bad for you when you come back from vacation.  Why would they?  They work the same miserable job and the same awful hours that you work, the only difference is they aren’t coming to work after spending days in paradise on a beach drinking delicious fruity cocktails with the people they love.  

And the thing is, i should be in a fantastic mood.  The summer is almost here, school is almost over, and when you think about it every single day is a beautiful day to be alive my friends.  And i don’t mean that in some hippie feel good nonsense kind of way, i really mean it!  Especially after i survived all of the drinking i did at camping last weekend, i never thought i’d survive!

So when you really think about it there’s nothing to be depressed about.  Except for maybe how Game of Thrones ended last night, no spoilers but holy$hitballs that show is wrecking my life!

Ok so now that i’m finishing up writing this blog i actually do feel better, which is really all i could hope for.  “True, or you could also hope that you actually made us laugh for once.  Or you could hope that you start making real money and taking care of the people you love and actually becoming an adult instead of just pretending to be one.  Or you could try to not half a$$ a blog for once and maybe see the numbers of people who read it each week start to go back up again.  Or maybe you could hope to become one of the heads of the NAACP without anyone realizing you’re not black.  And oh yeah speaking of that…”


So was this blog funny today?  i don’t know, but i hope so!  And at the very least i was close to writing an entertaining blog, and sometimes being close is all that matters!  Except when it doesn’t…


– Congrats to the Chicago Blackhawks for winning the Stanley Cup!  They would have  also been the team to beat the New York Rangers if they miraculously go to the finals again, but lucky for us that NIGHTMARE didn’t happen!  In fact, the New York Rangers have only won ONE Stanley Cup since 1940, a fact that isn’t lost on one of their last true remaining fans!  Or should i say fan?

– If you want to make your day better immediately then you should check out the first track off of Beck’s soon to be released new album called, “Dreams.”  YOU ARE WELCOME!

– So i honestly believe Caitlyn Jenner is a hero for what she did, and it really makes me happy that we are finally advancing as a people in this silly country and realizing that no matter what gender or sexuality you happen to associate with all that matters is that you are truly happen with yourself!

Which is why this next The BEST Album Covers of ALL TIME! really speaks to me, because if there is one group that still doesn’t get the respect that they deserve is gay dogs, and it’s a problem that i hope we can all one day overcome.

But there is one man who is brave enough to take on this national epidemic, which is why today i honor Paddy Roberts and his “Songs for Gay Dogs!”

Fast Food Tips – This Thursday June 18th at Sonic they are giving away half price shakes all day long!

And yes the picture i posted says June 19th which is Friday but that’s only because there are none with June 18th on Google so i had to use this one.  But don’t be fooled! It’s June 18th not June 19th even though that’s what i just posted! Make sure you go to get your half price shake on the 18th!  Unless i’m wrong of course.  Who knows?  i don’t get paid for my accuracy.  In fact, i don’t get paid at all.  So you’re getting what you paid for ya jerks!  Just kidding, i love you guys.  Go get a half price shake at some point this week! 

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – So some of you must assume i’m watching this FIFA World Cup soccer tourney because i’m Mexican and you are racist.  But i cannot f’n stand watching soccer and refuse to see any of it!  First of all it’s SOOOOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, and this whole never scoring thing is really disappointing.  Not as disappointing as my whole never scoring thing in high school thing but whatever, that’s another story…
But back to boring ass soccer, Jeebus Jumping Christmas can this game go 2 seconds without some guy flopping on the ground like he’s just been shot with a gun?  No wonder the clock has to keep running for both halves, if it stopped every time one of these fakers pretended to get hurt the game would be longer then a Red Sox vs Yankees game on Sunday night baseball!   And i literally saw someone who i thought was dead get carried off of the field on a stretcher, only to get to the sideline and “miraculously” get better and not only start walking but get right back into the game!   And because this game is so stupid no one even cares or says anything!
So i haven’t been watching soccer, nor will i start to watch it AT ALL!  Even though i will admit it was funny when the USA lost in the last few seconds of their game with Portugal.  Mostly because i’m not really rooting for the USA in soccer.  Why should i?  The United States DOMINATES every single other sport on the planet, not to mention we have all of world’s best resources and food and everything else we have is pretty much better then pretty much everywhere else.  So even with having and owning all of these great things, we still ALSO need to beat the world at “their” game too?  Seems pretty obnoxious to me.  i’d MUCH rather root for Mexico, who is 2-0 and won Monday’s game despite the fact the refs missed an OBVIOUS handball right in front of the goalie and they were trying to screw those amazing Mexican athletes!   And yes, i realize these last few sentences are proof that i was lying about not watching or liking the World Cup.  But to those of you who are now gonna call me a hypocrite i’ve got two words for you as well…  Viva Mexico! 
And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope you teachers can make it to the finish line and i hope the rest of us can just make it to the weekend!  i’ll admit i’m a tad hurt up today, but i’ll be back here next Tuesday with an all new amazing blog that’s full of piss and vinegar!  Well maybe not vinegar.

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