Sometimes i know, sometimes i rise, sometimes i fall, sometimes i don’t, sometimes i cringe, sometimes i live, sometimes i walk, sometimes i kneel, sometimes i speak of nothing at all … – Pearl Jam "Sometimes"

1 May


What is up kids?

i’ll tell you what’s definitely up and that’s the tensions between minorities and the police in Baltimore even though that might be the understatement of the year.  And although i had a big rant planned for today explaining how i felt on the subject and more importantly how i felt about all of the reactions by people on social media, i’ve decided i’m just not going to do it.  Mostly because it’s Friday and the start of a beautiful weekend, i’m going out for one of my best friend’s birthday celebration tomorrow and i also get to spend all weekend with my girl.  So why get caught up with all of the pathetic nonsense that is going on in the world?

And this is not to say that i haven’t been paying attention and/or have an opinion on these things because i most certainly have both.  It’s just that i feel enough people have been commenting throughout this entire ordeal and at this point i’m not sure what i could add besides my own humble yet hilarious opinion.  So instead of rehashing stuff you’ve already heard from people way smarter and dumber then me, i would rather get you all ready for this weekend and more importantly the Cinco de Miguel holiday taking place this Tuesday!  And make sure you read my “Extra Mexican” Fast Food tips later in my blog!

Although speaking of May 5th, i already can’t STAND all of the “May the Fourth be With You!” memes that will be up all over the Interwebs on Monday. Despite the fact that i actually dig Star Wars and am happy that they are making more movies.  But everyone has to post the same lame re-hashed meme on Facebook or Twitter or whatever and it’s boring and unoriginal and you’ll never find me doing it.  And don’t get me started on the “It’s gonna be May” memes with Timberlake either.  Except for you Kelly, you’re allowed! 🙂 

However, i came up with my own idea for a brand new phrase for a meme and i’d like to know what you all think.  It’s “May the Cinco be With You!” which is original and hilarious and that is something i have none problem posting on social media!  And if you follow my Facebook page at Here Comes the Money… Facebook Page you will get jokes like this and even funnier ones because of my boy Jay John who keeps posting ruthless and funny stuff.  So yeah go like my page, it’s my Cinco de Mayo wish!


– So who does everyone have for the fight this Saturday?  Are you rooting for the guy who beats his wives/girlfriends, or the guy who is going to lose the fight by some sort of shady split decision when this fight inevitably goes the distance?  All i know is that i should be rooting for Money Mayweather because his nickname is money, but my best friend is also Filipino and i know his entire race could use this victory.  Either way it’ll be a hard fought match, just like the one the New York Rangers lost on Thursday night when they gave up the game losing goal with 1.3 seconds left in the game! 

– In case you missed it last Sunday (and if you’re a fan of my VHS BREAKDOWN FACEBOOK PAGE then you’re cool people and already know this ) it was the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest and most underrated movies of all time “Just One of the Guys” 

 And while most people only remember it for the GREATEST BOOB SCENE IN MOVIE HISTORY it was also an early and serious look at transgender culture as well as the stereotypes women have had to deal with back in high school during the 80’s. Alright fine, we just love looking at her cans.  But either way happy 30th anniversary! 

A Great Name for a Punk Band!– “The Bad Apples”

– Did everyone see that video of that elephant video that was finally released from captivity and was so happy he literally started crying in happiness?  Personally i haven’t watched it because i know that the second i see it i’ll start to cry as well.  And once the water works get started over animals i just can’t stop them!  

Which i personally find funny ,because it’s the exact opposite when it comes to humans.  When i see humans get hurt i can never stop laughing!

But it’s with this in mind i’d like to submit to you the next nominee for The BEST Album Covers of ALL TIME! and i call it that because it has EVERYTHING.  It’s got humans, it’s got elephants in wigs playing instruments, and it asks one of the most mind boggling questions that has plagued all of mankind for generations and continues to do so to this very day.  And speaking of that very day here it is, The Foster Edwards Orchestra and “What’s Next?”

Fast Food Tips –  This next tip would have been more appropriate on my 4/20 blog on 4/21, but once you hear what it is i think you’ll give less of a $hit about when you heard and you’ll care more about how to get that goodness in you.  Ben and Jerry’s know what America loves best, and that’s Mexicans and Ice Cream just maybe not in that order.  But these genius have finally figured out how to combine the best of both worlds with the new Ben and Jerry’s BRRR-ito! 

This delicious treat from a cow’s teats is made up of your “two favorite flavors of ice cream, topped with a fudge drizzle and cookie crumbs, all wrapped up in a soft and chewy waffle wrap.”  And this sounds so delicious i might add my own personal fudge drizzle that comes out of my soft and chewy waffle wrap all over the front of my pants!  And i’m sorry if that description made you want it any less so let me make it up to you by showing you this Mexican ice cream slice of heaven!    

Fast Food Tips DOS – Sticking with the Mexican theme for Cinco de Mayo next week, don’t forget to go to Taco Bell on Tuesday to get a FREE chicken biscuit breakfast taco! Between the hours of 7-11 am on May 5th Taco Bell is giving away a free biscuit taco of the bacon or sausage variety.  And while i know  it seems like bacon would be the easy choice i’m telling you no!  Go with sausage!  Not only because that’s what she said but because T Bell bacon is poor at best, it’s basically bacos just not as good.  But just like me their sausage is the money though, so when you’re shoving that free biscuit taco down your fat throat in celebration of Mexicans make sure to think of me! 

And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope you all have a great weekend and make sure you do something Mexican on Cinco de Mayo!  Wait, i mean someone, do someone Mexican on Cinco de Mayo. But more importantly then intercourse with a Sexy Mexy make sure you get that free biscuit at Taco Bell because that’s the second best way to show Mexicans you love them!  And oh yeah, come back here on Friday for an all new blog!

Cya, @migueljose_85 on Twitter


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