Excuse me while i light my spliff; Good God, i gotta take a lift. From reality i just can’t drift; That why i’m staying with this riff. – Bob Marely "Easy Skanking"

21 Apr

What is up kids?

i’ll tell you what’s not up, and that’s most of my readers who are still sleeping after celebrating yesterday’s holiday.  Did you all decide to join in that fantastic annual tradition?  Because when it comes to 4/20 there are 3 kinds of people. The kind that judges everyone else for partaking in it, the kind that uses yesterday to pretend that they are still in college and enjoy one of life’s best gifts once again even if it’s only for a single day.  And then there are people who don’t let society dictate what they are allowed to do in this world, and who realize that with all of the pain and suffering that goes on that we shouldn’t deny ourselves one of it’s greatest pleasures.  And those people don’t need a special “holiday” to make love to sweet Mary Jane, they already do so everyday and to them yesterday was just “Monday.”

And as far as me personally?   i’m a little nervous to admit this on my blog because i never know who is reading this.  But if i had to choose what kind of person i am when it comes to yesterday’s holiday it’s the kind that would re-post his rant from his first ever 4/20 blog back in 2011, which was only my 14th blog that i ever wrote!  So enjoy this special bong blast from the past, and before you complain that today isn’t “technically” an all new blog just admit that you were high when you read this originally and don’t remember it anyway!

What is up stoners?

What a special holiday it is today!  No i don’t mean Hitlers’ birthday, MAN my readers are racist!  And no i don’t mean Easter or Passover. Although speaking of Passover, isn’t this the depressing Jewish holiday where Jews have to fast, aren’t allowed to  use electricity and/or do anything at all?  Oh wait that’s EVERY Jewish holiday…

But that’s right it’s 4:20 kids, and if you do not know what today is chances are we’ve never hung out before.  Today is the day where potheads from all over smoke morning, day and night, or as they call it “business as usual”.  Now there are a thousand explanations on where the origin of 4:20 came from, and according to Wikipedia the real reason comes from the teenagers in California called the “Waldo’s” who came up with a plan to search for an abandoned Cannabis Crop that they had learned about.  And since this was on Wikipedia i have to assume this is 100% accurate.  But really, does anyone care what the origin is?  All that matters is today is a day to celebrate weed, and that is definitely a celebration worth having.

I know what some of you are asking.  Is it possible that i, miguel josé, have tried the pot before?  All i will say is there are so many amendments, in the Constitution, of the United States of America, i can only choose one… And i plead the fif!   I plead the fizz-if!  1,2,3,4 FIF!  Oh Chappelle, we all miss your show.  Thank God Tosh came in to fill that void.  But i can admit i tried it back in college, so when i talk about it in this blog i will do my best to try and remember my past experiences and speak about it like i know something about the subject.  Although that may be tough because all my college memories are in a cloudy haze for some reason….

For real Jewell?

Should marijuana be legal?  i think most rational people would say yes, although to be honest this debate really isn’t worth having.  Because i don’t really care that it’s illegal, it’s not like that really stops people from getting it.  i think my bigger problem is the social stigma that goes along with people who smoke weed.  i know a ton of people who have zero problems with alcohol, yet they would never speak to you again if they found out you smoked weed.  Really?  Do you realize how much worse alcohol is for you then weed?  Of course they don’t, they don’t put any actual thought on the subject.  They just figure if alcohol is legal and marijuana isn’t then marijuana must be wrong.  They are obedient society members doing whatever they are told.  Man i’m glad that is not my mindset on life.

Weed kills your motivation, makes you forgetful, increases paranoia, gives you the munchies, and it makes you forgetful.  Those are pretty much all the negatives when it comes to weed.  i mean yeah there is telling the same stories over and over again, and it gets you into $hitty music, because if you ever tried to listen to band PHISH sober you realize one thing and that’s man this is just nonsense noise they are playing.  But even compared to “legal” drugs like alcohol and cigarettes these side effects seem pretty tame.

Seth Rogen said it best when he said weed just makes everything better.  It makes food taste better, it makes music sound better, it makes funny things funnier, it makes sex feel better and it even makes food taste better.  And for real weed is just fantastic, and i’m glad there is a day like today to celebrate it’s greatness because if anything deserves a holiday it is Mary Jane.

So be against weed, people who are no fun and don’t want to expand their minds. And also keep looking down on other people for doing so.  The rest of us (well not me but potheads) will keep on blazin and we will keep smoking no matter what.  We will smoke two joints in the morning, we’ll smoke two joints at night.  We’ll smoke two joints in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright.  We’ll smoke two joints in time of peace, and two in time of war.  We’ll smoke two joints before we smoke two joins, and then we’ll smoke two more….

Happy 4:20 everyone!!!

Oh and just for the record, if you see me today and my eyes are bloodshot it is because my allergies are KILLING me!


” i have never seen two people on pot get into a fight.  Because it’s IMPOSSIBLE!  “Hey buddy!” Hey, what?”  “Ummmmmmmmmmm…” END OF ARGUMENT. – Bill Hicks

Miguel’s “420” Money Movie Review – So for my money the best movies about weed are “Half Baked,””Pineapple Express,””Grandma’s Boy,””Friday”(of course), and the ultra cool documentary “Super High Me” by Doug Benson.  Have you ever heard of that movie?  It’s like the documentary “Supersize Me” where the guy eats fast food for 30 days straight, but instead this guy films himself smoking weed every day for a month.  They do all these medical tests and stuff, it’s really cool.

But “Friday” would definitely be the money movie to watch today, because for real it’s always more fun to watch that movie on a Friday.  But “Half Baked” is  also fantastic, and it has Dave Chappelle years before he got mega famous and went nuts or whatever happened with him.  And if you’ve never seen “Pineapple Express” but you enjoy smoking that sticky icky you should definitely check it out!  It’s basically Die Hard for stoners .  And oh yeah f*ck “127 Hours,” James Franco should have won the academy award for his incredible performance as a drug dealer in this film.

So if you’re sitting at home right now celebrating the holiday and you are too lazy to think of a movie to watch, i just gave a bunch of the moneyest ones for 4/20.  You are welcome!

Oh wait, how could i forget Kohl’s favorite film about weed? Although that kid is mad lame and doesn’t smoke.  “Whoo hoo i like to stay motivated and i’m an adult!”  What guy draws comic strips and doesn’t smoke weed?  You’re lucky you like alcohol so much or i would just beat you up.  Anyways, i’m ruining this joke but one other film that i forgot to mention is a chilling horror film that is great for 4/20!  It’s about a mad scientist who surgically attaches his victims from mouth to butt hole in an attempt to make the biggest bong EVER!  i’m talking of course, of the “Human Smokipede!”

i call front middle!

– “Why is Marijuana against the law?  It grows naturally upon our planet.  Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit… unnatural?” – Bill Hicks

– Speaking of Doug Benson, here’s a “High-Ku” for poetry month.  You can find more of these and other f’n hilarious stuff in the book “The Marijuana-Logues” by Doug Benson, Arj Barker and Tony Camin.

The bowl is well packed
But there is just one problem
No one has a light

“MOMbook posters”- i seriously doubt that there are any moms out there that are awesome enough to do this.  But if you are out there just know i think you are the coolest mom ever!!

“i’ve had good times on drugs.  That’s a fact.  i’ve had bad times on drugs too, okay?  But i’ve had good and bad relationships and i’m not giving up pu$$y”  – Bill Hicks

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – What is the point of plain M&M’s?  Who buys those?  Let’s see, i can have yummy chocolate wrapped around a fantastic peanut in a hard candy shell, OR i can have just the chocolate and no delicious peanut with it.  Cause yeah that choice makes sense.  There’s a sandwich place in Dumont called “Denaros” that has the BEST bread of any sandwich place i’ve ever been to in my life.  But as much as i love their bread, if i had to choose between just eating the bread OR eating the bread with a sandwich of delicious cold cuts inside i’m gonna go with the bread and sammich please!   And oh yeah, don’t give me that whole peanut allergy excuse, “Boo hoo peanuts might kill me!”  Grow up already

i stay higher then Giraffe pu$$y.  – My boy Rob H.
Alright fine, he didn’t come up with that quote.  But we don’t dig the guy who originally came up with it nor do we think he was the first to come up with it either. And it’s with that logic that i’m crediting this quote to Rob because he’s the first person that i’ve heard said it and since that’s all that matters he gets the credit.  Nice quote Rob! 
And alright that’s it for me today kids!  i hope everyone enjoyed this special day after 4/20 blog, and if not well that i blame you not smoking enough.  But have a great rest of the week and i’ll see you kids on Friday for an all new blog!  
“Not all drugs are good.  Some of them are GREAT.”  – Bill Hicks


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  1. The Cuddly Bear April 22, 2015 at 1:24 am #

    I am the danger. I am the one who knocks.


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