I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country. – Former NY Mayor Rudolph Giuliani

27 Feb
What is up kids?

Now was that an inspiring quote to start off today’s blog or what?  Nothing like supreme ignorance and a Fox News type mentality to start off your weekend. Especially from a Mayor who witnessed one of the worst attacks on this country of all time first hand and who should know better then to say such uncivil and terrible rhetoric.  Although i guess i wouldn’t say 9/11 was the worst attack of all time, because the 1%’s attack on everyone who isn’t a billionaire is probably the worst.  Or the Republican parties OBSESSION with denying a woman the right to make decisions on her own body, that attack is pretty horrific too.  And that slavery thing our Founding Fathers used to “participate” in wasn’t one of our country’s highlights either… 
But i digress, because today we are talking about the insane comments of New York’s former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, someone you would think would act with a little more class and intelligence but apparently dirty politics wins over any semblance of human decency when it comes to out black President.  And that’s not to say that people don’t normally bash whoever’s President, i’m just saying this particular type of bashing is racist as F*CK and would never be said about a white president.

i mean look at George W. Bush.  He is easily one of our worst presidents of all time, yet even with all of the criticism he received no one ever said that he doesn’t love America.  i mean he was called an idiot, moron, dumb a$$, war mongerer, a$$hole, a complete failure at life and an illiterate bag of douche, but no one ever thought he didn’t love America.  We just all thought that W was a completely unqualified to be President of a baseball team let alone the country, and we bashed him for all of his terrible moves accordingly

But this saying Obama doesn’t love America rhetoric is clearly just because certain people will never accept our black President, and to think otherwise is just foolish.  Again, i’m not saying making fun of or criticising our President is the thing that’s racist!  It’s the saying that he doesn’t love America and that the he wasn’t brought up the way you and i were brought up bullshit that is ignorant and racist and should be openly called out by the other members of his party.  But instead, of you have other people in the party like that dumb piece of $hit like Indiana Governor Bobby Jindal saying that he agrees with what Rudy said.  Which is funny because he’s an Indian, and if Bobby Jindal actually knew what the racist members of his Conservative party thought about his minority ass he might not be so quick to join in their racist games.  Or who knows, maybe he would because there’s a lot of dumb racist aholes in this country and there always will be.  Oh well, on to the nonsense! 


ONE WEEK FROM TODAY i hope that any of you that are in the North Jersey area who can make it will come out to the Orange Lantern bar in Paramus, NJ to see “Toy Canon.”  They are a FANTASTIC rock cover band that plays hits from every decade!  And yeah Rob is the also the bass player, but that doesn’t matter because i’m not asking you to go watch him.  He’s easily the least talented member that they have!  

But combined they are the MONEY, and if you’re into cheap booze and awesome live music and more importantly hanging out with me then you should definitely come out and say hi next Friday March 6th at the Orange Lantern!  DO IT!

A Great Name for a Punk Band!  “Dollars to Donuts”  

On my last blog i kinda went off on the whole “Lent” nonsense, especially the part about it being ridiculous to be judged for you faith by what your diet consists of.  And if i offended anyone i’m sorry, although i’m not sorry as in i didn’t mean everything i said.  i just mean that i write this blog to make people laugh as well as think, and i know some of you are sensitive Sally’s anytime anyone brings up religion.  So if jokes about God aren’t your cup of tea well i apologize because it’s really not my intention to exclude you from my weekly ha ha’s. 
So to make up for my blasphemous behavior today, i’d like to pay tribute to one of The BEST Album Covers of ALL TIME! and it’s one that should make all of you God fearing people smile ear to ear.  Because there are 3 special ladies who love Jesus more then most, so much so that they offer both their spirit and their bodies to their Lord and savior through the magic of song.  And it is with this wonderful compilation that i present to you The Faith Tones and their album, “Jesus Use Me.”  Which is a phrase that our very own Jay John and Johnny Lats use every single day!

Fast Food Tips –  So i’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for this next item lately, and if you’re like me just the thought of shoving all of this meat down your disgusting throat gets the front of your pants soaking wet.  

Mmmmm, doesn’t that look delicious?  i can already tell you’re going from 6 to 12 in your pants just looking at this picture!  But if any of you recall this isn’t the first time i’m writing about Taco Bell’s Triple Steak Stack, and for those of you who are smart enough to listen to my advice you will remember to NEVER order this item!  i mean quality meat is not Taco Bell’s strong point, so to think that they all of sudden figured out how to make delicious low quality cheap steak then you’re out of your mind.  This sloppy soggy disaster will have you running for the border and the emergency room while making several murderous bathroom stops on the way.  So ignore the commercials, ignore this awful sandwich, and make sure to send a thank you from you stomach and butt hole to me later!

And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope everyone has a great week, i hope everyone agrees that the gddamn dress was white and gold and i’ll cya all here next Friday with an all new blog!

Cya Friday, @migueljose_85 on Twitter


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