Only by engaging more deeply in the issues and voting your conscience can we hope to move beyond the eternal gridlock that threatens to destroy our society. No matter how bleak things may seem, YOU have the power to change them. Do your duty as an American, and as a citizen of the galaxy. VOTE! – George Takei

4 Nov

What is up kids?

So does everyone reading this blog plan on voting in the mid-term elections today?  If i had to guess i’m going to say no, and i’ll be honest that part of me doesn’t blame you.  i mean the two parties that we are left having to vote for are RIDICULOUS, and it’s one of the reasons that i’ll never call myself a Democrat.  i mean i definitely lean more towards Liberal thinking, and you will NEVER hear me call myself a Republican.  Especially the way Repubs seem to hate minorities, the middle class, and ESPECIALLY women… 
But i’d be crazy to call myself a Democrat, because a lot of Democrats are just corporate shills who do the bidding of their highest donors the same way almost all of our elected officials seem to do.  And while Republicans are WAY worse then Democrats when it comes to Social issues, when it comes to spending money recklessly and actually doing work for the people who voted for you instead of the donors who pay them both parties are equally F’d in the old a hole.   So yeah like i said before, part of me doesn’t blame you for not wanting to participate in the nonsense that is the mid-term elections, or any elections for that matter.
On the other hand however, part of me thinks you are all being ridiculously lazy when you choose to not participate in the Democratic process, and to be honest you not voting actually makes our country worse.  i mean your inability to participate in the elections of the people who will run this country really makes no sense to me.  i mean yeah most times our choices seem pretty pointless, and if your argument is that you are either voting for a turd sandwich or giant douche so what the hell is the point of voting i’ll admit it’s kinda hard to disagree with you. 
But then again, if the turd sandwich doesn’t think minorities should vote, or that women shouldn’t get paid the same amount of money for doing the same work as a man, or if the turd sandwich doesn’t believe the minimum wage should be raised and he thinks corporations should be able to decide whether their female employees should have access to birth control and/or if their gay employees should be allowed to get married or not.  If that’s actually the case, doesn’t that mean that there IS a difference between a turd sandwich and a giant douche?  i mean yeah they are both ridiculously stupid, but if the turd sandwich doesn’t think you need ID to purchase an automatic weapon but believes that you need an ID to cast a vote in for an election in our country then doesn’t it make a difference on who you vote for?
So i know no one cares and/or wants to take the time to go out and vote.  i know you all think it’s stupid, and that this is all part of a system that is corrupted and doesn’t work and has been bought and paid for a long time ago by Corporations and rich people who don’t give a f*ck about you.  But the truth is that is lazy thinking, and by not participating you are giving up your right to complain about what goes on in this country.  Because believe it or not, voting DOES matter.  And if you need proof then just take a look at how much money these candidates spend on their campaigns and attack ads that are usually filled with lies and nonsense.  Because if these elections were already decided by corporations and our vote really didn’t matter, why would these candidates spend millions if not billions on these ads trying to get your vote?

It’s because voting does matter, voting does make a difference, and if you ever want true representation of your beliefs in our government you will take the time to learn the differences in these candidates, you will go out and vote for the people who represent you the best and you will stop taking the lazy and easy way out of just saying it doesn’t matter when it clearly does.  So go out and vote today!


Speaking of making a difference and doing something that actually matters, i’d like you all to take the time and read a story about a wonderful person who truly is trying to make a difference in this world  And if i haven’t convinced any of you to go out and vote today, well then maybe i can at least convince you to donate to a great cause.  And trust me, i know EVERYBODY knows someone on Facebook and/or Social Media that is always trying to get you to donate to their campaign for a 5K, or for a tough mudder, or donate for some kind of good charity.  And i know you all have your own friends and family that are asking for money from you to help out a good cause.

But my friend Lynne TRULY needs your help, and i can promise you that her story is more personal and more hard hitting then most others you will read about.  i’ve known Lynne since i was in grade school, and she has an incredible family who have gone through some really trying and undeserved hard times.  But instead of me trying to tell her story, why don’t you read it for yourself below and then hopefully go the link and donate anything that you can.  If you don’t believe in voting hopefully you will believe in this cause, because i know i sure do!

     So why am I doing this?  Truth is, it is personal this time as well.  This particular race will benefit CUMAC, an agency that I have been a part of for nearly half my life – first as a volunteer, and as staff for the past decade-plus.  More importantly, CUMAC is a nonprofit whose cause – feeding people & changing lives – is of utmost importance to me.  I am not OK with a world in which people do not have access to the most basic of needs – like healthy food – and I am proud of the work that CUMAC does every day (food assistance, job training, supportive housing, and disaster relief) to try to right that injustice. Every month CUMAC feeds over 2800 people, provides job training and mentorship to dozens, offers supportive housing to 11 adults – many of them vets – coping with disability and chronic homelessness, and offers relief to families recovering from disasters ranging from house fire to major storms across the state.

Outside of my connection to CUMAC and its cause, this past year has been the most personally challenging of my life.  Last August I lost one of my dearest friends, Courtney, to a rare and cruel condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Exactly three months later my big brother Pete – my protector, friend and biggest fan since the day I was born – died suddenly, complications of the addiction born of his war injuries both mental and physical.  These two losses have devastated me to the core. I need something to focus on, and even the prospect of that mile 10 pain is worlds better than the emotional pain of not moving forward.

So, yes, this race is personal for me.  But isn’t hunger personal for all of us?  When we really think about the fact that 1 in 5 children in this country do not have access to sufficient meals, or that their parents, despite working long hours, are forced to exist with the constant anxiety of not being able to provide enough – does that not personally affect you? If it does, and you can spare a few dollars to support me in this quest, I would be most appreciative. 

CUMAC can provide a meal for a mere 57 cents, so a $10 donation will not only fuel me to run another 10th of a mile toward the finish line, but it will also feed a family of 3 for 2 days.  A gift of $100 fuels the CUMAC trucks long enough to pick up food for a week’s worth of clients (over 700 people!). Truly any amount you can donate will make a difference in the lives of people CUMAC serves, and frankly in mine. 

Many thanks and much love,

This is a GREAT cause for an AMAZING person and a WONDERFUL family so go and donate below NOW!!!

 – So remember how i told you all last blog that you should watch VHS Breakdown’s very own Rob Miceli INCREDIBLE brand new show called “Rivalries” on the WWE Network?  Well now you can watch it for FREE, as the WWE is offering a free trial for it’s Network for all of November!  Which means you can watch Rob’s new show, a TON of other On Demand programming, as well as getting to watch The Surviror Series PPV for FREE!!  All you have to do is click HERE: FREE WWE NETWORK TRIAL HERE!!! So sign up, and then you can see some incredible free WWE programming and find out what else Rob is up to when he’s not filming me smashing VHS tapes.  i’ll give you a hint, it involves a lot of lonely crying and whacking off in the shower! 

A Great Name for a Punk Band! “The Fancy Ticklers” Have i used that one before?  Probably.  Ok fine, i’ll give you another one later!

– Can someone please explain to me how someone can be “up” for anything and be “down” for anything and yet they both have the same meaning?  Doesn’t make any sense to me.  And yeah i know what else you’re asking Michael, “DOWN WHERE?!?!”  
C’mon, JEWELL!!

“Facebook Etiquette”- Dear Mr Zuckerberg, i will NEVER sign up for Facebook Messaging!  i don’t care that i will never be able to read another Facebook message again, i REFUSE to get another “app” for Facebook!  And if i’m being honest, if it weren”t for remembering people’s birthdays and the need to post reminders for my blog and my YouTube show “VHS Breakdown” i would pretty much never be on FB anymore anyway!

i mean don’t get me wrong, i love seeing nonstop baby pictures of all my friends kids as much as the next guy.  But for some reason if i never went on Facebook again i think i’d be okay with it.  So yeah quit it with this FB messaging garbage, no one cares and/or wants it!  And as a Social Media site you’re hanging on by a thread, so stop making yourself more annoying. Unless of course you want to start hanging out with Tom from Myspace!

Another Great Name for a Punk Band!– “The Cray Crays”

Fast Food Tips –  Papa Johns is a DISGUSTING pizza franchise with a psychotic Dexter Morgan type owner who pays his employee $hit wages to serve his terrible food.  Which is why i’m not surprised at all to learn that they are now offering a new “Frito’s Pizza” which is basically their normal non edible garbage pizza with Frito’s and chili sauce on top.  Which is great if you already love Papa John’s but didn’t think it gave you explosive diarrhea quite fast enough.  i don’t know why i’m even mentioning this nonsense on my blog other then to talk about how horrific it’s going to taste but whatever, now you know about it and even better you know never to order one unless you want your butthole and stomach to hate you forever

And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope i was able to convince you all to go out and vote today, but more importantly i hope you can all help donate to my friend Lynne’s charity and help make a difference in people’s lives.  $25 is a classy amount to donate but even if you can help out with only $10 you will prove that you are a good person and it will go on your resume for when you’re trying to get into Heaven.  And if that’s the case some of you should donate $100 or more, you could use any help you can!

But have a great day everyone, go out and vote, donate to this wonderful cause and i’ll see you kids on Friday with an all new blog!

Cya, @migueljose_85 on Twitter


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    There's nothing wrong with crying in the shower


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