Race, Religion, Ethnic Pride, and Nationalism, etc. does nothing but teach you how to hate people you’ve never met. – Doug Stanhope

1 Jul

What is up kids?

Well i’ll tell you what’s up, although to be honest you might not like it.  Because for real, i hate writing about a serious topic like this when i’m only doing one blog for the week.  And it’s even worse to write about such an infuriating topic the week of July 4th, and right before i spend the weekend with my love and my family in Cape Cod for our annual vacation!  Good God i can’t F’N WAIT!!!!

Although speaking of God, if you haven’t heard about this Holly Lobby case and if you’re a woman it’s a shame if you haven’t, basically the Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 vote that a corporation has the right to deny birth control coverage to women if they feel it is against their religious rights and freedoms.  Which is funny, because no one is saying that the people who own the corporation can’t believe in anything they want.  All normal sane human beings are saying is that their bosses should not be the ones to decide whether or not their employees have access to birth control.  Who could possibly argue against that?  Oh yeah, conservative Republicans.

i mean for real, i do not understand how any woman would ever be or vote for a Republican, especially when that party treats you like lesser citizens, lesser Americans, and lesser human beings.  And for that matter i don’t understand how any minority would ever be or vote for a Republican, or how any poor or middle class person would vote Republican either.  i mean yes i get that Obama is black and some of you are racist.  But the Republican party doesn’t even pretend to care about minorities, gays, women, or the middle class.  i mean yeah i guess maybe they pretend a little, but is it really enough for all of you to fall for it?

i guess so.  And apparently there are some people who hear the phrase “Protection of our Religious Liberty” and actually believe that nonsense.  And even more unfortunately 5 of those idiots are on the Supreme Court believe in that as well.  Because i’m sorry, if you are a company and one of your employees wants to get birth control that should be none of your business.  And wait, i’m not sorry. . F*ck you you pieces of $hit!  You already make millions of dollars off of the hard work of people making nothing.  Now you get to decide their health care too?  What pathetic pretentious pu$$ies you are, especially the way you hide behind the word of God yet all of your actions prove you know nothing of his work.

And yes, i know some of you are bored to tears right now.  But i’m not gonna stop ranting on this so get used to it!

But whatever, i guess i will stop ranting on it because that’s all i’m going to write about right now.  What is there more to say?  There are 5 dumb a$$holes on the Supreme Court and any decent man or woman that works at Holly Lobby should think about getting another job.  So f*ck anyone on the Supreme Court who voted for Holly Lobby, f*ck Anthony Scalia just because he’s the biggest piece of $hit out of any of them, and anyone who agrees that an employer should have the right to tell a woman how she should treat her body really needs to take a good look at themselves and realize that in this game called life you are really f*cking blowing it with some of your dumb ass opinions and you need to grow up.  Case Closed.


– Wow, that was pretty deep for my fun “4th of July i’m about to go on the best vacation ever only blog of the week” blog so for that i apologize.  Actually wait, no i don’t.  It’s my blog and i do what i want!

But to honor America, to honor the country that i love, and to honor my faithful readers here are a few images of our amazing Red White and Blue colors that will NEVER run!        U S A!  U S A!

Hey you sexist a$$hole!  Did you really just write a pretentious rant about supporting women and then go ahead and objectify them by posting almost nudie pics and blasphemous images of our Old Glory??”  Why yes, yes i did.  And i did that because Kate Upton is a true American that chose to take these pictures because she has the freedom to do so, just like she should have the freedom to use birth control if she wishes and not have it be decided on by her employer. 
So i not only support that decision, but i support any decision a true patriot like Kate Upton decides to make in the land of the free.  God Bless America!!!!

– So forget “Blurred Lines” or even “Call Me Maybe,” my good friend Madi Di’s single “Inside His Eyes” is the summer song you’ve been waiting for!  Please check out her new video made possible by Kickstarter, and also by her amazing talent and all of her hard work.  Maria is the MONEY and even though she doesn’t need it i wish her all the luck and success in the world!

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE UNO- Speaking of summer songs, Robin Thicke’s song “Blurred Lines” was apparently the song of the summer last year.  And i will admit it’s kind of a catchy tune, even if the lyrics are a little “rapey.”  Although personally i have no problem taking a young innocent girl and singing “i know you want it…” to her.  But as catchy as this song is, it’s nothing compared to the “Growing Pains” theme song written by his father, Alan Thicke.  It’s crazy but that song’s lyrics still hold up today, and it’s hard to listen to them without getting a little tear in my eye and a slight cramp in my balls.  Although that last part has more to do with me thinking of Leo DiCaprio’s role on that show. Remember that S?  Because i sure do!  And just like the song says, when it comes to my readers and to Leonardo DiCaprio we’ve got each other, sharing the laughter and love…

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE DOS – Does anyone remember that cars used to have bumpers on the front and back of them?  i don’t mean the plastic garbage that we have now, these bumpers that crack in half as soon as you gently tap another car in the parking lot yesterday.  i’m talking about big rubber bumpers on the front and back that protected you in case you got into a little fender bender.  Whatever happened to them?  i’m guessing car companies got rid of them because they were safer and because people used to be able to bump into each other and not have to call the cops and go through insurance and spend hundreds of dollars at the auto shop every gddamn time…

But no, instead now we have zero bumpers.  And if you hit someone you always crack the plastic and then you’re totally f’d and have to spend a ton of money to fix it.  So thanks for getting rid of those safe rubber bumpers car companies!  And thanks for making it more dangerous and costly to drive.  Especially you General Motors!

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE TRES – You know who i never felt bad for?  The Doozers in Fraggle Rock. What the F were they figuring? You’re making an entire city out of delicious sugar sticks?  No wonder the Fraggles would destroy your entire infrastructure everytime you were building something! Although now i’m wondering maybe that was the Doozers’ plan.  “Enjoy the sugar now you ahole Fraggles, i hope you get diabetes!  It’ll be a lot harder to chase us once you lose your foot you Muppet Show rejects!” Well played Doozers.  Well played.

And i should probably do an “Oldschool Nonsense CUATRO” in honor of July 4th but i’m tired and ready for bed and like i keep saying this is my blog and i do what i WANT!!
But i hope everyone has a great holiday weekend, i hope everyone eats special brats and hot dogs and burgers and blows up fire works until they are a puking and deucing disaster like all real Americans should be and i will see you all here next Tuesday after July 4th.  Happy birthday America!


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