You see white people pissed off, man. The white man thinks he’s losing the country. You watch the news: ”We’re losing everything! We’re f*cking losing. Affirmative action, and illegal aliens. We’re f*cking losing the country!" Losing? Shut the f*ck up. White people ain’t losing $hit. If y’all losing, who’s winning? It ain’t us! – Chris Rock

29 Apr

What is up kids?
So i take one week off from this blog and the world turns into a cesspool of racism and ignorance.  And i blame myself!  Apparently everything just starts to crumble as soon as i stop doing ha ha’s for a hot minute, so i promise not to take any more breaks in the near future.  You people just can’t be trusted while i’m gone!  “Wait, who are you talking about when you say, “You people?””  Well i’m talking about white people of course, who else would it be?
 And no, i’m not saying that all white people are racist.  But i am saying that a decent amount of them are racist, and stories like this make it harder to hide. Donald Sterling?  Cliven Bundy?  They may not represent all white people but they sure as hell represent a decent percentage of them.  And that fact is shocking and appalling, right?
Meh, not really.  It’s just the truth, and to be honest minorities know this already.  White people who own major corporations that employ several to many minorities are extremely racist?  Yeah we knew that already.  Shady white people in the mid west who get supported by Sean Hannity and Fox “News” think blacks were better off as slaves picking cotton?  That’s shocking and appalling!  Oh wait, it’s not.  We already knew that’s what they were thinking.
None of this is shocking to minorities and anyone that pays attention, and no matter how much the media wants to try and sensationalize this story and act like this is some crazy new knowledge we are finding out we already know that this is clearly the norm in our society.  Yes we have a black President, but if you think that fact means racism is over in this country then i have some LA Clipper home game honoring Donald Sterling tickets that i have to sell you. 
This Donald Sterling story isn’t that crazy, especially if you read about all of the stuff he’s done or been accused of before in the past.  i won’t bother going into all of it here, one because i’m lazy but also because i’m sure you’ve heard it by now. But Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy don’t even hide the fact that they are racist, mostly because they don’t really think that they are!  Which isn’t hard to believe, because when you make up your own definition of what YOU think the word racism means it’s easy to say you’re not racist.
But i have to be honest when i say i’m glad when i hear about these stories in the news.  Not because of the people who get affected or who have to deal with this awfulness, but because it forces white people to face the fact that minorities have it harder in this country.  Not to say that white’s are the only racists in this country, but you do run and control most major corporations and most of the government so yeah minorities have it harder.
And i mean don’t get me wrong, i know many whites still won’t believe or agree with that last statement, but at least they have to confront it nonstop in the news and in the media now and that makes me happy.  And i know it probably won’t do anything, but at least these smug, racist, a$$holes have to step out of their ignorant bubble just long enough to live out here in the real world with the rest of us for a little bit.
And anyone who rushes to defend Sterling for being “set up” or recorded without his knowing is missing the bigger point.  And anyone who brings Obama into this issue is an even bigger moron with such an obvious agenda it makes me sick that people would take them seriously.  The only real point out of all of this is that racism is alive and well in this country my friends, no matter how bad white people want to ignore it and not talk about it.  And it’s okay!  We minorities understand and expect this!
But we also expect that when a man in charge of running an organization that is based on making money on the work of mostly black people there is going to be a $hitstorm and that man should be fired.  Not because he doesn’t have the right to his own racist, ignorant opinions, but because now everyone knows it and it will be impossible for any black person to work in that organization without knowing he’s working for basically a slave owner.  And it should also be impossible or for any advertising people to want to give money to him because of the obvious affiliation of hating blacks.  
But we’ll find out today what Sterling’s punishment is, and no matter what it is some people won’t be happy.  And that’s okay, sometimes it’s good to be mad.  But to those of you who think the Clippers shouldn’t even be playing and should sit out in protest are out of their minds.  These men have spent their entire life trying to reach a championship, and you want them to stop because someone who doesn’t even play the sport said some stupid racist $hit?  If people quit their jobs every time their boss said something racist or ignorant then there would be no workers in this country, so i think what the team has been doing is perfect.  And i hope they win the trophy, and i hope they then paint it black and shove it up Sterling’s ass.  
Although that’s not the best revenge. The best revenge is to see Donald Sterling’s young daughter “celebrating” a Clippers win with her friends.  No wonder this guy hates blacks so much, they are turning his sweet little angel’s holiest of holys into an abused stretched out cavern that no white guy could ever satisfy!  Take that you racist motherf*cker!  Enjoy the rest of the playoffs!

– So i don’t know if that’s really Sterling’s daughter, but the picture and joke were funny so i went with it.  i mean hopefully it is but who knows, i’m just going to keep pretending that it’s really her to make me laugh.  
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And if you’re scared to click on this trust me, this link is not spam or anything bad.  In fact it’s totally fine to click on at work, even if you’re a nun on the Pope’s computer during Christmas mass it is still okay to click it!

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – Why do i watch movies on TBS when i own the DVD?  Oh i know why, because instead of watching the movie uninterrupted i’d rather watch it with nonstop commercials and all the cursing and nudity cut out of it.  You know, the good parts.!  And if i do start watching a movie on TBS or TNT that i have, how come once it goes to a commercial i don’t just go to my collection, grab the movie and put it in so i can avoid all the awfulness of commercials and censorship?  Oh i know why, because i’m a lazy f*ck who would rather complain about things and write about it in my blog then actually do anything about it.  i’m the worst.

Fast Food Tips – Speaking of exercise, Burger King has released it’s chicken sandwich version of the Big Mac called the “Chicken Big King,” and the reviews have not been that great.  “eeh” says one reviewer.  The “Spicy Chicken Original is better.  So is the Fish Deluxe” says another.  And while both those reviewers were Jay John’s texts that he sent me even without trying this sandwich i’ll have to agree.  i mean yeah i dig having two crispy chicken patties but another slice of bread in the middle?  Don’t you know i’m trying to lose weight?  Now when i eat two of those Chicken Big Kings because they are on sale for 2 for $5 now i’ll be eating 6 slices of carby bread!!  How dare you Burger King, HOW DARE YOU…

And that’s it for me today kids!  It’s good to be back, even though i had step back into this racist cesspool that is America.  And for the record i will say i don’t hate white people, even though as a minority it’s fun to act that way sometimes.  Besides, some of my best friends are white so i can’t be racist!  i’m just not going to sit here and act like racism doesn’t exist, especially when EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU knows a racist.  i’d bet my life on it!  Well not my life, i’d bet Donald Sterling or Cliven Bundy’s racist ass useless life on it.  Although if did that i think i’d hope i was wrong…

But i’m not wrong, and it’s okay.  Racism is here, we all realize it, and it’s not going to stop me from doing anything.  Especially not skipping the gym, watching a movie on TBS when i own the DVD and eating two Chicken Big Kings for 5 bucks even though i don’t even like them.  And why can i do this?  Because we live in the greatest country in the world!  USA! USA!!

Cya Thursday on “VHS Breakdown” and Friday for an all new blog!  @migueljose_85 on Twitter

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