18 Mar

What is up kids?

Hopefully everyone is okay while reading this, i’m sure some of you must be a tad hung over.  Me on the other hand, didn’t even have one drink yesterday.  NOT ONE.  And today i’m celebrating the holiday the next day the way i always celebrate holidays involving the Irish…

But enough of those potato eating leprechauns, it’s time to FINALLY start getting fired up for the new season of “VHS Breakdown!”  It feels like only yesterday that me and Rob got drunk one day, and he took out a camera and then my pants started sliding slowly down and we both admitted it felt good, that it felt right.  And when i started to pepper his stomach with baby kisses we realized…

WAIT!  That’s not the story i wanted to tell!  What i meant to say was we both got bombed after a power hour of Natty Light, he took out his camera and i went off on my “Karate Kid” rant that i’ve been saying to my friends for the last couple of decades or so.  That “rant” turned into the first episode of “VHS Breakdown,” and to this day it’s our second most viewed episode on YouTube!

And i have to say i was blown… AWAY by Rob.  How did he take all the nonsense that i was yelling and make it into an actual show?  A show that had a theme song and credits and incredible editing?  i mean yeah some of the stuff i was saying was funny, but the way Rob was able to edit everything so that all the scenes would come up as i was explaining it to show what i meant was straight up GENIUS.  And after an 8 episode first season we popped… i mean we peaked with our 8th and final episode of Season one.  It’s our longest episode of the Season and the one with the MOST tape smashes, our Season Finale “Revenge of the Nerds.” 

We really started getting the hang of things by our 8th episode, but since that time we took a pretty long break.  And while that break lasted a little longer then we wanted, we are now only TWO DAYS AWAY before the Season Premier of Season DOS!!

Thanks to Jim Kohl for that amazing cartoon! i gotta say i’ve never looked better!  But the truth is this show is the best thing i’ve ever created in my life, and the fact that we’ve gotten so many people to join us and become fans of our show is the greatest thing ever.  We always said that wanted to create a show that we would want to watch, and that is exactly what we’ve done.   The honest truth is that if we weren’t the ones doing this show it would still be our favorite one.  And we’d be DYING for more episodes!  Which is why after viewing the ones we’ve completed so far i can honestly say you guys are in for an even more hilarious ride in Season Dos!!

So thanks so much to everyone who has supported us.  From my girlfriend Jen and Rob’s wife Toni, to Jim Kohl and his amazing logo and artwork that he’s done for the show.  Thanks to Jen’s sister Krissy and my brother Tomas who might be our biggest fans out of everyone haha.  Thanks to Duffy for letting us film at his house, and Turvino’s pizza in Fair Lawn for having the greatest bacon Sicilian pizzas on the planet.  Thanks to Smooth for being a great friend and always hooking us up, and a HUGE thanks to Susan Boyd-Haase for helping to get our show on Blip.tv!  It’s a GINORMOUS honor to be on this site and it’s all thanks to Sue so thanks so much to her, she’s the money! 🙂

And finally, thanks to Rob for pushing me to finally start doing something with my comedy.  i mean don’t get me wrong, i love this blog more then life itself.  But i’m a performer, and if not doing stand up then i’m not doing the right thing in my life.  And this show is definitely not stand up comedy, but it is a platform for me to perform in front of a ton of people and it’s helping me find my voice so i can’t thank him enough.

And also thanks to all of you for helping our show actually become something!  i couldn’t be happier that everyone loved our first season, but you honestly have ZERO idea what you are in for with Season Dos, you really don’t.  But i’m glad you’re all back here for the ride, and in a little over 48 hours you can finally watch and like and share our EPIC Season Premier of VHS Breakdown!!!  i can’t f’n wait!!!


-So if you haven’t yet, NOW is the time to check out our VHS BREAKDOWN show page over on Blip.tv and become a FOLLOWER of our show!  Our entire first season is up on YouTube and Blip but the second season will be EXCLUSIVELY shown on Blip.tv, so please go to our page and tell the world that you love us!

Also make sure to follow us on Twitter @VHSBreakdown and @migueljose_85, and go “Like” our “VHS Breakdown Facebook Page!

-So is everyone fired up for “March Madness?’  That also starts on Thursday, but unlike the Season Premier of VHS Breakdown it will only fill you will depression and anger, mostly because it will only take a few hours before you realize you got all your picks wrong in the bracket pool you had filled out.

But if you were on the fence on whether you were going to fill out one of those stupid things or not let me make the decision for you. If you go to THIS WEBSITE and register and fill out a bracket you will have a FREE chance to win 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!! i’m not kidding kids, if you fill out a bracket and get every single pick right you will win 1 BILLION DOLLARS!!   It’s the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket and they are giving you a free chance at a billion dollars because the odds in winning this challenge are  1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 — that’s one in 9 quintillion, or basically the same chance the New York Rangers have of winning the cup after losing Callahan to Tampa Bay.  HAHAHAHAHAHA! LATER DICK!

“OLDSCHOOL” NONSENSE – If you’re wondering the reason i will never lose weight, besides the fact that i’m lazy and never exercise and/or eat healthy… Actually there are no other reasons that is pretty much it.  But even when i do try to be good, some place has to create a new food item that only a big bag of douche would ever refuse.  And today that place is “Sugar and Plumm”, a store that is close to my house and in addition was also spawned by Satan himself.  These unhealthy maniacs created the greatest milkshake of all time called, “The Waffle & Bacon Shake”.

This orgasmic delight consists of vanilla ice cream, Vermont maple syrup, candied bacon and a mini waffle.  And if you just creamed your pants and need to re-hear what i just said you are correct, i said “candied bacon”.  When i say i ordered one of these bad boys and made sweet love to it i am not exaggerating.  Here is what the shake looked like before i dipped my own candied bacon inside and coated it with some of “miguel’s finest” maple syrup…

“OLD SCHOOL” Tips for Video Games: Forget “Mr. Dream,” the only real version of this game has Mike Tyson!  The rest are garbage!

“OLDSCHOOL” NONSENSE – i keep saying i want to give up drinking, but there’s always an event or holiday that makes me blow it immediately.  “I’m giving drinking on Monday!” Oh wait St. Patty’s day’s this week… “Alright fine i’m giving it up the first week of May!” Oh wait it’s Cinco de Mayo and my friends’ birthday.  “That’s it i’m quitting tomorrow!”  Oh wait that’s right, Friday’s on a Friday this week…


And that’s it for me today kids!  i’m taking this Friday off from my blog so that i can focus on the show and then celebrate the premier in style which means i’ll be waking up Friday morning pantless in a ditch.  But i’ll be back here next Tuesday with an all new blog to hopefully find out what you all thought!

But again if you are a fan and want to help us out PLEASE don’t forget to head over to our page on Blip.tv and make sure to FOLLOW US and LIKE US ON BLIP.TV!  Season Dos of VHS Breakdown will be shown EXCLUSIVELY on Blip.tv, which means you won’t be able to find it on YouTube you will only find us on Blip!  So buckle up and get ready for this Thursday at 4:20 for the most talked about event since the last episode of “Breaking Bad!”

Cya Thursday at 4:20 on Blip.tv!  @migueljose_85

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