Remember back when you were a kid, and you thought there were actually people that knew what this thing we call "life" was really all about? Remember when you thought there really were grown ups? Then all of a sudden one day you become a ‘grown up’ yourself and the terrifying revelation occurs to you that there really are no ‘grown ups.’ Just kids that got old and had kids of their own. And no one really knows what the f*ck is going on. – Joe Rogan

8 Nov

What is up kids?

So i’m writing today’s blog with a heavy heart, as the world lost a great brother, son, and friend in Pete Bruger this past week.  I’ve known Pete since i was best friends with his younger brother Kit in 3rd grade, and the fact that he is gone still doesn’t make sense to me.  Especially because when i do think about Pete all of my memories were about him being this amazing unstoppable force!

No joke, growing up i always thought of Pete as Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Not like he is today as a silly mayor, i’m talking about when Arnold was the king of the 80’s and did all of those action movies.  To me that’s how i always saw Pete, just a hugemongous guy with big muscles that’s wouldn’t take $hit from anybody!

And as a little kid, and as his younger brother’s friend, that always made him a little scary to me.  But that’s just because Pete was this big muscular guy and i was an 80 pound skinny Mexican jumping bean.  The reality was that Pete was always super nice to me, and whenever i saw him he was always laughing and in a great mood.  Although i can still remember being kids and watching Kit get mad at something Pete did so he’d start talking back to Pete the way younger brothers do.  And i would just sit there watching in terror thinking “Are you f’n CRAZY Kit??? What are you doing?!!?  Stop talking trash to the “Terminator!”  But that’s what families do, and it doesn’t matter if you’re the strongest, richest, most famous person on the whole planet.  To your family you are just another family member, and i honestly think that’s one of the best things about being a family.  And that is the way everyone keeps each other in check.

Anyways, i was lucky enough to run into Pete this past summer, and i remember telling him the story i’m about to tell you all now.  It was back in high school when Pete was one of the best wrestlers in the state.   He would go and win at all of the big tournaments, but the only thing that sucked about that is that he would NEVER wrestle at our high school in Dumont.  Mostly because every team would just forfeit against him rather then even face him.  So every time there was a wrestling match at our school we’d all go to watch it.  But we’d never get to see Pete because like i said no one would even bother to face him.

Until this ONE time, we were all in the crowd watching the matches and then all of a sudden they said that the other team had someone that would wrestle Pete.  We couldn’t f’n believe it, we were actually going to get to watch Bruger wrestle!  In person!  And i remember Pete ran out onto the mat, and right before the ref started the match Pete looked up at the crowd and waived his fist at us like “Yeah motherf*ckers!” and we all went nuts. For real, it was like were in a movie!  And then the match started and the crazy thing was the other guy was actually beating Pete at first!!  And i remember thinking “Holy $hit, is Pete going to lose???” And we all got quiet for the few seconds Pete was actually getting beat.

But almost immediately after Pete got control, and then he completely dominated and overpowered the guy.  And then he pinned him the way an older brother would pin his younger brother, the kind of “nice try kid but i’m the gddamn MAN” pin that showed what a powerhouse he was.   And when i think back now that may have been the only time i ever saw Pete wrestle in my entire high school career.  And to be honest i don’t know why i remember that moment so vividly, especially when i pretty much remember nothing else from high school.

But now that i think about it i do know why i remember.  i remember because Pete was always a super hero to me, and when you get to see a hero in action you never forget it.  And he was a real life hero too, Pete ended up joining the Army and i believe he was in Delta Force, and anyone who knew Pete wasn’t surprised to hear this at all.  But we are all surprised that he is gone, and there have been MANY kind words that people have been writing and saying about Pete since it happened.  But it is his sister’s Cassandra’s words i will use here, if only to even begin to describe how much he is missed.

Thanks for all of the love and support. For those who didn’t know him, my brother Pete was, in many ways, larger than life. When he talked to you, he made you feel like the center of the universe. He was generous, kind and loyal. “Uncle Pete” loved his nephews, and they loved him. The hole he leaves is vast and deep and we are still reeling from his loss

It breaks my heart to write about this, and it hurts even more to think about the pain his family is going through.  But unfortunately there are many times in life where there are no explanations, and the answers that many of us are looking for will continue to go missing.  All i know is that the best we can do is appreciate everything we have while we are here, and to even try to make it in this world you have to take the good with the bad.  And for me the good is the love i surround myself with, from my family to my friends and even just good hearted people in general.

Although speaking of family, i’m extremely excited to say there is going to be a new member of my family maybe as soon as today, as my younger brother Tomas and his beautiful wife Heather are expecting their first child.  Which means i’m going to be an uncle again for the third time!  God help all of these children!  Even though i’m the best gddman uncle ever!!!

And this news just makes sense this week, because that’s how life works i guess.  It’s not fair, it’s not logical, it’s just life.  So do your best to enjoy it while you have it kids.  i definitely know Pete did, and his family and friends and everyone who knows him appreciated life that much more for getting to know him.  So while i leave for Massachusetts this afternoon to hopefully meet the newest member of my family soon, my thoughts and prayers are with Kit and Lynne and Cassie and Mr and Mrs Bruger.  It may be time to say goodbye for now, but Pete will never be forgotten and hopefully it will be all that much better when we all get to say hi again in heaven.  And when he wrestles someone right inside the Pearly Gates i hope i have a front row seat!!!


-Does everyone know what “DIY” means?  If you have seen it online but were too lazy or embarrassed to look it up yourself…. well now that i just said that i realize i pretty much explained it already.  Because DIY means “Do It Yourself!”  i’m guessing most people either knew what that meant already, or maybe they saw it and just looked it up immediately.  Not me!  i’m the dumbass that sat there and tried to figure it out forever with ZERO luck.  “Dancing In Yugoslavia?” “Deucing is Yucky?” ” “Do I YELL????” “Damn i’m Yolo!”

Ugh, i think this could be a funnier bit but i’m too tired and distracted to come up with a good one.  Can any of you do any better?  Write a comment below or on my Facebook page if you have a better “DIY” explanation then i had because right now i have nada.  i’ll put the best one in my blog next week!  And if none of you come up with anything that’s okay too. Because i know that when it comes to “mental” wrestling all of you just want to forfeit to me the way that those scared wrestlers would forfeit to Pete!

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE- If you’re wondering the reason i will never lose weight, besides the fact that i’m lazy and never exercise and/or eat healthy… Actually there are no other reasons that is pretty much it.  But even when i do try to be good, some place has to create a new food item that only a big bag of douche would ever refuse.  And today that place is “Sugar and Plumm”, a store that is close to my house and in addition was also spawned by Satan himself.  These unhealthy maniacs created the greatest milkshake of all time called, “The Waffle & Bacon Shake”.  This orgasmic delight consists of vanilla ice cream, Vermont maple syrup, candied bacon and a mini waffle.  And if you just creamed your pants and need to re-hear what i just said you are correct, i said “candied bacon”.  When i say i ordered one of these bad boys and made sweet love to it i am not exaggerating.  Here is what the shake looked like before i dipped my own candied bacon inside and coated it with some of “miguel’s finest” maple syrup…

Some of you may be wondering, “Why didn’t you put that in “Fast Food Tips”?” And the answer is that wasn’t a tip of any kind.  It’s just that when i die of a heart attack this week and all of you are wondering “How did that happen?!?!”  You can now look at this picture and realize you should have seen it coming…

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE DOS- How come there is no medicine that tastes like candy?  i mean some aren’t God awful i guess, and Advil tastes like chocolate for a hot second unless you suck on it too long and taste the medicine and you want to throw up everywhere.  But how come it hasn’t worked out in life that there weren’t aspirin that tastes like a Boston creme donut, or a cough drop that tastes like a Snickers?  If i’m being honest that is the stuff that really makes me believe in a God, just how everything works out that way.  Like how everything that is awful for you is the most delicious thing in the world ,and how everything healthy tastes like my ass after i research these items on my Fast Food Tips.  And in addition, everything healthy is so expensive. Which when returning to my original point, i would be fine paying for these high prices if they just tasted like candy instead of ass!   Oh well, i’ll just eat this bag of Cheetos and pretend it’s medicine i guess.

Fast Food Tips – Here’s a tip… stop eating McDonalds!!!

And that’s it for me today kids.  I hope everyone has a great weekend, and if you can try to take a moment to reflect on how lucky any of us are to even be here.  It’s a very confusing thing to say goodbye to a friend while i’m welcoming in another family member into this world, but like i said before that’s just life i guess.

But thanks for reading today, if it made any of you thankful for the wonderful things in life we are able to experience, even if it’s just for a little while then i did okay i guess.  But have a great weekend, tell the people who you love that you love them and i’ll see you back here on Tuesday with an all new blog!

Cya,  miguel jose 


3 Responses to “Remember back when you were a kid, and you thought there were actually people that knew what this thing we call "life" was really all about? Remember when you thought there really were grown ups? Then all of a sudden one day you become a ‘grown up’ yourself and the terrifying revelation occurs to you that there really are no ‘grown ups.’ Just kids that got old and had kids of their own. And no one really knows what the f*ck is going on. – Joe Rogan”

  1. Berlin November 10, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    Ronald McDonald, Sieg WHOOOOOO. I believe they call that the McWhoo.

    Can I get a McWhoo with fries? SIEG WHOOOO! You know what mcdonalds needs, and I've been saying it for years, a little nazi in their business model. I heard their next sandwich is called the Anne Frank. It's a big german sausage slammed between two tender, fresh buns. It hasn't been released to the public yet, but the reviewers say it tastes innocent. But with a hint of hotness.



  2. Johnny Lats November 10, 2013 at 2:36 pm #

    nice nice, it's nice to see the blog is still going strong. haven't been able to check in lately, i've been in austria for the last 6 months working on my sophmore workout video. It's called “Luscious Lats and Jimmy Hats: a How-To.” you can check it out on Amazon or bodybuilding world if you're interested. That Ronald McDonald photo kinda freaks me out, but I will point out that he's got dynamite lats. Skinny frame, bulky lats, it's really the perfect approach. He hasn't wasted time on some horse sh*t full body conditioning program- just lats. It's how all the greats did it, and if you talk to guys who actually compete, they'll tell you the same. Anyway, a little known fact is that historically German's have always had great lats, specifically on their right side. You need them to execute a perfect salute. And that snapping motion really hits the traps too.


  3. Miguel José November 11, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    I can't lie, the McWhoo literally made me laugh out loud. Well played sir


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