Discontent is the first necessity of progress. – Thomas Edison. Also, the quote used in the "Wilfred" Season two premiere

6 Sep

What is up kids?

So can everyone believe what they saw on television last night??  And NO i don’t mean Peyton Manning throwing SEVEN touchdown passes while i was playing against him in fantasy this week.  Way to go you giant headed DEEK!!  Oh and in another league i am in i was also up against Demariyus Thomas who had 161 yards receiving with two touchdowns. Why would i want to talk about that?  i’m obviously starting off the first football weekend of the year pissed off because the Ravens defense is apparently garbage without that murderer at the helm.  And why are the Super Bowl champs opening up their season on the road at Peyton Manning’s hourse?  And how come the Ravens have to challenge every “catch” by Broncos receivers when everyone on the planet can see the ball drop and hit the ground?  Oh i know why, because the refs love Peyton so they pretend every pass he throws is perfect.  Stupid biased NFL a$$holes loving Peyton’s huge f’n dome piece.  i mean look at this guy’s noggin, it’s HUGEMONGOUS!!

Anyways i’m not talking about football for once, i’m talking about the other huge event on television last night. And NO i don’t mean Mariano Rivera BLOWING it in the 9th inning and the Yankees losing a heart breaker to the Red Sox last night.  Even though if you did see that you have to admit it was pretty f’n hilarious!! Unless you are a dirty Yankees fan of course…

But yeah i’m not talking about either of those things.  What i’m wondering is who out there actually watched the “Wilfred” season 3 finale last night!!  Wait, no one?  C’mon kids, don’t act like i haven’t talked to you about this show before.  It’s the gddamn money!   Although to be honest i guess it is hard to explain.  i mean yeah it’s based around a guy who tries to kill himself and fails, but when he wakes up he now sees the neighbors dog as a man in a dog suit who can speak English and smoke weed.  But there’s a lot more to the show then that!  Well kinda but not really.  But it’s hilarious and dark and dry and really f’d up!  As the other writer on my “Here Comes The Money Facebook page” once described it, the show “Wilfred” is on drugs. What other recommendation do you need to hear other then that???

Apparently you need a lot more, because none of you are watching this show even though i told you to do so. Why don’t you all listen to me already?  You know i’m always right and that i’m much smarter then all of you.  And by always i mean sometimes at best, and by all of you i mean most.

But whatever, i’m not famous enough yet even with a hit show on You Tube and Blip.tv, so i know you’re not all fully on the miguel jose bandwagon just yet.  But that’s fair, because when i do become super famous and you do all start listening to me, i’ll just start paying attention to all of my other new fans and forget about you the way you all forget to listen to all the money i bring to you twice a week for free.  Sounds like a good deal, no? No?? Oh well, that’s all you’re getting!!  Besides today’s nonsense of course…


-Everyone seems to be mad that Obama wants to do a military strike on Syria in retaliation of their usage of chemical weapons on their own people including women and children.  And i don’t blame them, we are a very war weary country after the two bull$hit wars that Bush and Cheney got our country in for no reason. Well not no reason, the war was based on the lies that administration told and it helped Cheney get even more super rich giving Haliburton all of the military contracts for these wars.

But does anyone else realize that maybe the reason President Obama pretends to be for this military strike is so that the Republicans would HAVE to be against what he wants and vote against it?  It is a well known fact that most Republicans will vote against ANYTHING President Obama wants, regardless of whether it’s helpful for our country or it’s people.  So maybe President Obama finally caught on to this, and since he really DOESN’T want to do this strike he figured he’d come out and say he wants to do a strike on Syria and all the Republicans would block this and all of a sudden be against war for the first time in their lives and he could use their awfulness to his advantage for once.  Isn’t that possible?  i mean lets be honest, if President Obama said we shouldn’t do anything in Syria EVERY single Republican would be on television right now saying he is making our country look weak and how America MUST act now to stop this injustice!!!  But since President Obama said he is for a strike every ahole Republican now has to pretend they don’t like war and it’s actually really funny to see.  Well played Mr. President!  Now just make sure you don’t follow through with this strike anyway…

A Great Name for a Punk Band!  “The Rigamarolls”

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE- What is with girls and their love of apple picking?  Am i missing something?  Yeah i kinda dig apples i guess, but wasting a whole Saturday morning picking that nonsense makes none sense to me.  “But then we can make apple cider or pie or eat fresh apples!”  i’m pretty sure i can buy all of that stuff at the supermarket.  Hell i can pick it up at gddamn 7-11.  “But it can be so romantic!”  Oh yeah? It’d also be romantic if you told me that you were just kidding about the apple picking thing and that you’d rather spend all morning playing with my own ripe red delicious. “Red delicious?  More like Granny smith!”  i honestly think that girls don’t care about apple picking either, i think they just want to see if guys will give up their weekend to do stupid $hit with them.  i’ve never done it ever, but if i did it would be on a Saturday.  Mostly because i’m not that into college football.  But Sunday?  No can do darling, my “Church” starts at 1 pm, and now that i have the Red Zone channel i have a lot of sermons to watch!

– It’s been a LONG time since i dropped a “Money Shout-out” of the week, but once again someone has gone out of their way to make this list.  And by someone i mean the “2013 Model of the Year”… Miss Kate Upton!!
The Money $hout-out of the Week-

Congrats to Kate for winning this prestigious honor!!  i swear, watching her career grow while she makes every man on the planet’s penis grow has been exceptional, and this honor makes me no less prouder.  Or erect.

Fast Food Tips- In what has to be the dumbest new fast food item on the planet, Burger King has just released it’s “Fry Burger” which is a $1 burger with fries on it.  Whoopee.  i mean honestly BK, fries on a burger?  i’m pretty sure a few people have already tried that on their own already, and by a few i mean anyone who has ever eaten Burger King ever.  The only thing you got going for you is that out of curiosity i would try one, especially since it’s only one bean.  But that’s all you’ll get from me, and probably the millions of other people that will try it for the same reasons!  Oh wait, that means you’ll make millions off of this stupid burger.  This has to be the smartest new fast food item on the planet…

Fast Food Tips DOS-  Speaking of $1 fast food deals, Wendy’s actually has a good one with the $1 Monterey ranch crispy chicken sandwich.  This sandwich is also only a bean, but i’d take Wendys chicken over a lame BK burger anyday.  So if you’re a big cheap basterd like i am and love to eat a lot of garbage fast food for super cheap, go spend $5 on 5 Monterey ranch crispy chicken sandwiches and spend $7 on some decent toilet paper and you can thank and curse me out later!

There’s another bit i haven’t done in a long time, and as great as it was to give Kate Upton my first “shout-out” in awhile it feels just as good to drop this.  But after the MONSTER known as Ariel Castro took his own life the way all cowards do, this jizz bucket is no longer on the planet and that is a good thing.  Sure it would have been nice to know that someone was making soup out of his insides after a good rectal pounding in prison, but at the same time the fact that i’m not breathing the same air as him any longer puts a smile on my place.  So congrats you sick rapist f*ck, you brought back one of my favorite bits AND the entire world gets to say to you…
And that’s it for me today kids.  i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, but most importantly i hope Andrew Luck throws for 8 Touchdowns to give me an f’n chance in a couple of leagues.  But enjoy this fall weather and i’ll see you kids back here on Tuesday!!  
Cya, @migueljose_85 on Twitter


2 Responses to “Discontent is the first necessity of progress. – Thomas Edison. Also, the quote used in the "Wilfred" Season two premiere”

  1. Leigh September 6, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    Burger King needs to bring back the Rodeo Burger… that was a better just an obvious sandwich!

    Better luck next week in Fantasy Football… Peyton might have just used up everything he had in week 1 to bad you had play against him this week.


  2. Miguel José September 6, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    Haha the rodeo burger was the money!! And i'm not giving up yet in fantasy, my teams are still pretty sick i just need to hope his team has about 5 injuries haha. I never give up!!!


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