A company in Japan has released a line of Pepsi flavored Cheetos. Apparently they are a hit with people who smoke Dr. Pepper flavored pot. – Conan O’Brien

23 Aug


What is up kids??

Well after a slow start to my week due to being super hungover and another year older, i gotta say things are FINALLY picking up!  If not just because my body if FINALLY recovering, but i also FINALLY got some huge news on my show “VHS Breakdown” that i can’t wait to share with you all!!  Although that last sentence is a lie, because i’m not going to tell you about it right now.  So apparently i can wait.  And i will.

But besides the great news i just received i’m still trying to squeeze every last drop of summer in that i can before it ends.  And that continues today with a trip down the Jersey shore, which is sure to be a fantastic little getaway.  In fact, the only thing holding me back from leaving this second is having to finish this blog.  So if i’m a little distracted today i hope you understand, because my mind is on other Kate Upton and beach and brews and sun and another 10th Avenue Burrito trip and did i pack my bathing suit and what snacks and music do i have for the car ride there and how bad will traffic be and oh $hit i need to find my wait a second am i still writing a blog right now???  Apparently i am, so let’s get through this together so we can both start our weekend!!

Although before i go, i have to say “Happy Birthday” to my beautiful and ridiculously smart sister Rachael who is one of my best friends on the planet.  She’s just like me as far as how hard she parties and how fun she is to be around, but unlike me she’s also really smart and is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and has her entire work career all set while i sit in my basement and play with my pud and write blogs and do 80’s VHS television shows.

But after a slightly rocky childhood where we really didn’t talk all that much, at some point we started talking and becoming best friends and it has never stopped since.  To be honest i was never sure why my sister dug me at all.  i was DEFINITELY not the type of person she would normally hang out with, and to be honest i really think that if i wasn’t her brother that she never would have put up with me.  Or even talk to me for that matter, i’m not even close to being as cool as her and in that aspect she’s way out of my league!!

But lucky for me she’s my sister so she has to talk to me 🙂  And somehow my dumb personality was able to win her over eventually, and for real it’s something that makes me truly happy.  How could i not feel good being friends with someone as amazing as my sister?  And not just friends, but super close best friends?  i may be an immature obnoxious moron that can’t handle his booze and can be classless at times.  But i must be doing something right if my sister Rachael digs me 🙂

So happy birthday Rach, i hope it’s as fantastic as you are and i wish you many many more!!  And yes for your birthday present i will help you move into your new place for the 17TH TIME!!!  This girl moves around more then something that moves around a lot.  And yeah that last sentence sucked.  But eat me, you can start your own blog and you can write something better if you don’t like it!!

But it’s time to get to some nonsense and start this awesome weekend already so let’s f’n get to it already shall we?!?!?  Love you little sister 🙂 xoxoxoox


-In what can only be described as a bigger invention then time travel or the cure for cancer, Australian scientists may have invented a “Hangover free beer.”  And while yes they are about a week late, as i could have used that when i had my fantasy football draft and birthday party on the same day.  i can only hope that this is true so that i can become a full blown alcoholic and destroy my liver and soul in peace.

You can read about the story HERE, but these scientists say that by adding certain electrolytes that some light beer can actually hydrate you while you are drinking which can help prevent hangovers.  And sure you could probably get the same effect by drinking water while you’re partying, or by having a Gatorade or two thrown in there throughout the night.  But the point here is that science is working, and we should all be thankful for that!!

A Great Name for a Punk Band! “The Toodle Ooohs”   MAN that one is fantastic!!!

-Do any of you remember that song “Stacy’s mom?”  You know, “Stacy’s mom has got it going on…” What i’m wondering is, am i the only one who watches that video and/or hears that song and is only wondering how gddamn hot STACY is?  Who the F cares about how hot her mom is?  i know who, guys who are into MILFS i guess.  But whatever, good luck going after her mother you fools.  i know for a fact that she’s had a few kids, so you know she’s like the Grand Canyon at this point.  You go talk to her and i’ll be hitting on Stacy who i hear is as tight as a snare drum.
“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE- i hate strip clubs.  No, not because i’m gay you hate mongers.  i just think they are mad shady and gross and none of the girls are ever that hot anyway.  And honestly, don’t i waste enough money on girls that i think i have a chance to bang? Why am i throwing money away on girls that i am DEFINITELY not going to bang?  Yeah it’s fun to see boobies don’t get me wrong.  But looking at ta tas in a dark club with creepy dudes all around me and the girls covered in nasty ass perfume and glitter and bothering me NON-F’N STOP for lap dances and paying way too much for beer… man strip clubs are just horrific.  i mean i definitely support the cause and all, and if you are a stripper you get none judgements from me.  i’d just like to throw it out there that strip clubs are not my cup of tea.  Haha who uses that phrase anymore? Bordeline gay aholes who don’t like seeing naked girls apparently…

Fast Food Tips – Are you like me?  Do you love eating Cheetos but hate the fact that you have to take an entire two second break in between eating them to drink soda?  Well apparently Japan feels the same way, and in order to fix this huge problem they have invented “Pepsi Flavored Cheetos!”  Apparently these bright orange Cheetos have a sweet cola flavor that supposedly fizzes in your mouth, which is something that i know people who hang out with that girl Molly will enjoy.

Personally i would rather have them combine them with Coke, but then those Cheetos would have been REALLY illegal!  But no seriously i hate Pepsi and Coke is 100 times better and it’s not even close because Pepsi is sugary garbage that goes flat as soon as you open the bottle.  But these chips sounds interesting so if they ever make it to the states i’ll make sure to try them and let you know what’s up!!

And that’s it for me today kids!!  Like i said i have a big weekend lined up, and even BIGGER news to tell you all about my show!  We’re still working out some things now but it looks like we will have FANTASTIC news on our second season so make sure you stay tuned!!!  But have a great weekend everyone and i will see you on Tuesday!!

Cya, @migueljose_85 on Twitter


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