How lucky i am to have something that makes saying "Goodbye" so hard. – Winnie the Pooh

9 Aug


What is up kids?

i know what’s up, we did it!! Not only did Rob and i come up with an original and funny premise for a new television show, we actually wrote and filmed and edited that show until we had an ENTIRE first season of 8 full episodes!!  And we definitely saved the best for last, as “Revenge of the Nerds” is clearly our masterpiece.  Not just because it was our longest episode, but because i honestly feel it was just our best written and most incredibly edited episode that we have done.  There were tie-in’s from all of our other episodes, as well as a ton of  callbacks to several jokes we made throughout the season.  And let’s be honest, i looked FANTASTIC in this episode!!  No joke, it’s like i got sexier and sexier every movie we reviewed!!  And by sexier i mean fatter and with more facial hair…

And if you haven’t seen the finale yet, or if you just want to watch it again and “Like” it this time on YouTube that’d be awesome because that takes two seconds and it makes us look cool and awesome to people who may want to actually produce our show.  So here is the Season Finale for “VHS Breakdown,” please watch and enjoy!  Oh and “Like” and Share it too!!

Pretty fantastic huh?  Rob completely outdid himself on this one, although to be honest this movie was just so funny that is was basically tailor made for our show.  The amount of rape, racism, bullying and sexual assault built into this 80’s comedy is pretty epic, which is why i couldn’t be happier that we chose it for our Finale. And the “We are the Champions” montage during the credits?  Before i even saw the episode Rob told me that i was going to tear up, and i have to be honest for once in his life Rob didn’t end up being a dirty, filthy, disgusting liar, because your humble narrator did have a tear in his eye.
Although speaking of crying, i’m going to end today’s rant a little early today because to be honest it’s one of the hardest ones i have ever had to write.  Because while everything couldn’t possibly be going better for my show right now, the world lost an AMAZING person and an absolute sweetheart named Courtney who tragically passed away last week.  i honestly cannot even begin to describe what a horrible loss her life was, and i am in no way a good enough writer to even begin to describe how much she was loved by all of those that knew her.  Personally i was only lucky enough to have known her for a short time.  But in that time she was always super nice to me, and she was the kind of person i was ALWAYS happy to see when she was around.  She was always fun and sweet and nice, and when i think about her now i still see that smile that lit up the entire room…
But it’s so tough to write this blog when i know all the pain and hurt that all of her friends and family are going through.  She has gone through a LOT in her life, and everyone who loves her has stuck by her every step of the way which is just a testament to what an amazing person she was.  She’s with the angels now, and it’s with a heavy heart that i write these words knowing that we had just hung out with her only a week prior.  Where of course she was as gracious of a host as always, letting us stay at her shore house in a night that was filled with eating and drinking and dancing and fun, and i can only thank God for letting her friends enjoy that one last time with her before he took her into his arms.
To those of you who know Courtney there is nothing i can write here that you don’t already know and love about her already, and to those of you who don’t know her there is nothing i can write that would even begin to give her justice on what an amazing an wonderful woman she was and how incredibly missed she will be by all.  And while it’s true she was taken too soon, while she here she gave us all enough memories to last a lifetime as she will NEVER be forgotten by anyone.  i hate saying “goodbye,” because that sounds as though we will never see each other again.  And if there is one thing i am POSITIVE of is that she is looking down on all of her girls and her loved ones, smiling as always and hoping that no one is sad over her being gone.  Instead, she would want everyone to have has much fun on this planet as possible until everyone joins her at the party in Heaven that she is at now.  And i know this thought doesn’t help the pain everyone feels now, but hopefully the knowledge that she is at peace and that we will all be together again one glorious day in paradise can give you some glimmer of hope as we mourn the loss of a friend.  
i’ll get back to my nonsense now, because in times like these laughter and love and friends and family are all we have.  But i just want to thank Courtney for being such a nice and special person, and for giving her friends and family all of the love and great memories that they have.  She always told me she liked my blog and my show, and that’s a great feeling because if someone as fantastic as Courtney can like my nonsense then that makes an idiot like me feel pretty damn good 🙂  But everyone who knows you loves and misses you so much, and none of us can believe your gone.  But thank you Courtney for touching everyone’s lives and hearts the way only you could.  Until we meet again…

-So for those of you who were wondering, that Beck show i saw last weekend was one of the best shows i have ever seen in MY LIFE!!  Holy S balls kids, he opened up with like 10 fast and upbeat songs in a row and basically never slowed down the entire show.  And i’ve seen a bunch of Beck shows, easily over 10 of them.  And i’ve seen him for every single tour he’s done for any album he has put out.  But i don’t know if it was because it was his last show before his break, if it was because the crowd in Brooklyn was totally fired up, or if it was because it was the absolute perfect summer weather we had that night.  But Beck was OFF THE HIZZOOK that show and he completely tore it up!!  Big thanks to my brother Ray who hooked up the tickets and who i still owe the money for.  Thanks SO much for getting those tickets big bro, you are the definition of money!
Girly Stuff! 🙂 So am i the only person watching these “Hills” re-runs during MTV’s “Retro Lunch” and is just realizing now that Brody from the Hills is also Brody Jenner from “Keeping up with the Kardashians?”   How am i just finding this out??!??  Oh and someone stop giving my girlfriend the remote please…
“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE- Is there anything worse then dropping your phone in the gddamn toilet??? MAN does that suck sweaty donkey balls.  i’ve done it both drunk and sober, and every time i do it i want to kill someone.  First of all once you hear that “THUNK” of the phone hitting the water you’re just like “Mother f’n gdDAMN it!!!”  And then you got to do that quick grab into your pee and/or $hit move to try and pull it out as quick as possible.  Then you got to do the whole taking out the battery and putting it in front of a fan for 10 hours to hopefully dry it off and hope it will actually work again which most times it does not.  There’s also some nonsense you can do with rice i think but who cares you’re still probably caught up.  Anyways i hope i never do this again, but when you like to sit down every time you pee the chances of it happening again are very likely.  And don’t judge me because i pee sitting down aholes! i’m mad tired and need to rest so i like to sit when i pee.  Girls do it all the time, i don’t see anything wrong with it.  So go F yourself.

-How come when i go to bars and order a drink, the bartenders don’t automatically assume….

NO!!!!! i don’t sit down when i pee!  Jeebus Christmas did you kids really believe that?  Honestly, grow up.  i don’t have trouble admitting most things but yeah i’m not that lazy that i need to sit when i urinate.  Besides that’s one of the most fun things about being a guy, and that’s standing and peeing and not having to put your ass on a seat that is shared with THOUSANDS of people  But yeah stop believing everything i say, especially in Random Nonsense!

Fast Food Tips- Thanks to my Uncle Armando for unveiling this new Fast Food MONSTROSITY to us all, but today’s new item is Taco Bell’s “Waffle Taco” Breakfast sandwich!!  That’s right kids, the McGriddle can go take a sausage and shove it up it’s pancake hole without using syrup for lube!  Because Taco Bell just introduced this healthy breakfast snack that has a sausage patty and scrambled eggs tucked into a waffle that is in the shape of a taco.  And i’m not positive but since it is Taco Bell i’m assuming you get a side of beans and rice with it as well.  Or is that only at real Mexican restaurants?  Anyways this item comes in at a cool 460 calories with about 0% of it containing any vitamins.  Or wait, does fat and grease and dog meat contain vitamins?  i guess i’ll just have to eat one of these bad boys and find out!!
And that’s it for me today kids.  Thanks for watching the Finale and helping me share my show.  i still have more i want to say about it but i’ll wait for my next blog to do that because right now i’m not in the mood.    But we have fun stuff planned for our show as far as give aways and free downloads so i’ll let you kids know about that on Tuesday.

But have a great weekend everyone, if you love someone make sure you tell them, and i’ll see you kids back here on Tuesday!!

C-YA, @migueljose_85 on Twitter


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