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26 Jul

If you follow my blog by email, then anytime i stop being lazy enough to post a blog it’ll get emailed right to you so you don’t have to remember every Tuesday and Friday!

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It’s been a hot one since i’ve gotten any new followers, so please take the few seconds/minutes it might take to become a “Follower” of mine if you can.  Because first of all it really means a lot to me, and honestly i could use all the smiles i can get today.  Not because i’m in a horrible mood or anything, because why would i be?  It’s Friday for crying out loud!!!!

But i also realize that putting out incredibly original and hilarious comedy twice a week for free is not getting me nearly as famous as i should be by now.  Although famous might not be the right word, maybe well known?  i know that sounds like the same thing but to me it kinda isn’t for some reason.

But as loyal as my fans are and as GDDAMN MONEY as you kids have been to me it’s really time for me to start getting bigger.  “Really? Because we’ve seen your show miguel jose, and if there’s anything you are doing it’s getting bigger!  And apparently hairer too because what the F is up with that shady beard?”  Awesome, thanks for that.

Anyways,  i’m not 100% looking forward to being more well known because as of right now everyone who reads my blog (except for my #1 fan of course) is super awesome and they “get” my comedy, so adding more people to the mix can only hurt that.  Especially because most people are awful human beings and i don’t want to be associated with them anyway.

And i totally appreciate all the “likes” i get on Facebook,  my page is as ridiculous of a page as there is on the Interwebs and i can thank my boy Jay John for making it that way.   And if you haven’t “liked” my page on FB you are BLOWING it because i can guarantee you will see the most shocking/offensive/hilarious things that you have ever seen in your life!  Speaking of which, if you haven’t liked my Facebook page yet go do so Here- Here Comes the Money Facebook Page, or you can just “like” it right over here on my blog!!  =============>================>==========>===========>

And have all of you been reading the “Comments” section lately?  “Hell no, it’s bad enough you make us read your ridiculously long blogs, now you want me to come back and read comments?  AND watch your “VHS Breakdown” show?  Who are you, the Kardashians?  What’s next, “Here Comes the Money Takes Miami” and then a spinoff in a bar called “The VHS Breakdown Rules?”

“DER MIGUEL!!?!?!  That second joke was a pun on “Vanderpump Rules” which isn’t about the Kardashians!”

Annnd we’re back.  And yes i’m sure some of you get sick of all my nonsense so by the time you get to the “Comments” section you are probably tapped out.  But sometimes those discussions get pretty HEATED, case in point the Trayvon Martin blog i wrote a few blogs ago.  Go check it out and chime in if you want, i’m down to get serious as well as straight up wacky on these blogs.

But i know i ask you kids to share my show “VHS Breakdown” nonstop but if you could also help share the word on my blog i would appreciate that as well.  And i’ll be honest, if i didn’t write this blog and if i didn’t do that show i personally would still be the biggest fans of them EVER.  i mean it’s so my type of comedy, and that guy on the show is super hot!  For a slightly overweight sexy Mexican i mean.

But yeah i don’t pull this card often but i’m going to do so today, if only because i have nothing else i feel like writing about anyway haha.  And hopefully you all dug this week’s episode of “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.”  i sure loved doing it and i can’t believe we only have two more episodes left!!

But thank you to everyone that takes the time to become a follower of my blog, and an even BIGGER thanks to those of you that share it on Facebook and with your friends and or familiy/enemies.  i work hard to put these out twice a week, so any help from my friends on spreading the word definitely means a lot!  And i promise if you do this one last thing i will not bother you for the rest of the weekend until next Tuesday’s brand new blog.  How can you beat that deal?!?!


-So what did everyone think of the “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” episode?  If you haven’t seen it yet you can watch it HERE, and if you haven’t see it yet you are blowing it!!

But yeah there are only two more episodes left in our season, one next week and then the HUGE season finale in two weeks.  If you’ve liked and/or loved the show so far you have NO CLUE what you’re in for with the finale.  And if you haven’t watched and/or loved any episodes of my show yet then i hate you and we shouldn’t be friends.  But keep reading my blog please 🙂

-Never, EVER ask a girl “Are you mad at me?”  You should only ask a girl that if you never want to sleep with her ever.  Girls HATE insecurity more then anything.  And guys, you want to know why girls date a$$holes? Guys think it’s because they treat the girls like $hit, which is only true in the case of Italian girls.  But girls date a$$holes because they are mad confident, and confidence is sexy.   So again, never, EVER, ask a girl “Are you mad at me?”  Or you can ask her that and don’t listen to what i say, i just hope you enjoy your night alone pleasuring yourself in the shower crying in loneliness like this other Mexican/Domincan guy with somewhat the same build as me did last weekend.  No not me jerks, his name is Manuel Jose and he DEFINITELY does not write a blog…

Girly Stuff! 🙂 

-So for the record i don’t watch any of the “Housewives” shows.  And i DEFINITELY do not watch the one  with the Jersey wives.  But did you see that fight between Teresa’s and Melissa’s husbands last Sunday??  That was the best thing ever.  Mostly because Joe Gorga is a balding meathead who had NO CHANCE at beating his sister’s husband Joe up.  And yes it’s hilarious that both these Italian meatballs names are Joe, Italians are the funniest people ever.  But Joe Gorga KNEW he had no chance at beating up other Joe, so rather then fight him like a man he just charged Teresa’s husband knowing that it was his only chance…

Except it wasn’t!  Because other Joe totally stood his ground and took Gorga’s charge like a man, then he took Gorga and threw him against the window like a little bitch.  What an f’n MONSTER!  Teresa’s husband is NO JOKE, and Joe Gorga is very lucky he didn’t get beaten up even worse.  And not only did he get tossed like a bitch, he also got his black spray paint that he uses on his “hair” all over the place and on everyone who tried to break that fight up!  And i actually don’t really have a problem with Joe Gorga, other then the fact that he’s totally pu$$y whipped by his wife and she’s the reason him and his sister can’t reconcile.  But i am now the biggest fan of Teresa’s husband and would not mess with that guy in a million years.  Hopefully Joe Gorga learned that lesson as well!  And oh yeah i literally never watch that show…

A Great Name for a Punk Band!  “The By-Products”

Thanks to Jay John for that one, it’s one of the best ones ever.  It’s so good on so many levels!! And for real, thanks to him for making my “Here Comes the Money” page a straight up INSANE place to be.  For the record, any posts that have “JJ” on them are the ones he posts, although i don’t think anyone gets that.  Although to be honest it’d be easier just to know that if you seeing something so offensive that you are so shocked and makes you want to “unlike” my page and stop reading my blog then it was probably something posted by Jay  haha.  But i REFUSE to tell him what to put up, and if anything it’s good for people to get shocked sometimes.  What, do you just want to live a boring and uneventful life?  That’s fine by me if you do, but don’t expect me to be boring and lame on my blog and/or FB page because you can’t handle an offensive post on the Interwebs.  And besides, like Louie C.K. says….

Fast Food Tips – So i had to try it, and i literally made a trip at 1 am on a Monday night to go to the late night Wendy’s drive thru by me and hook up one of those “Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburgers.”  And i have to say it was the MONEY.  The burger actually had a decent flavor, the cheddar and bacon with the onions and lettuce tasted sensational, and the pretzel bun was a nice warm soft pretzel that made the burger taste fantastic.  i enjoyed every second of that medium combo that i ate, but what i did not enjoy was after i was done i went into the bathroom and put my finger down my throat and puked it all up like a bulimic.  i did that because A. i didn’t want to try and go to sleep with that hugemongous meal inside me and i knew if i puked i’d feel better and B. i’m a maniac with awful eating habits and the fattest bulimic of all time.

Either way, this burger is great and since it’s for a limited time only you should probably go get one the way i did.  Just don’t let it end up the same way.
And that’s it for me today kids!  i’ll be at the shore all weekend so i’m looking forward to that, and i hope the rest of you enjoy your weekend as well.  And to those of you that do take the time it takes to become a “Follower” on  my page and/or share my blog/YouTube show you are my favorite people on the planet and you straight up ROCK!!
So sorry for all of the self promotion today but it’s gonna happen once in awhile so deal with it!  But have a great weekend, please help make me even more well known and i’ll see you kids on Tuesday!!
CYA, @migueljose_85 on Twitter

2 Responses to “Did you know you could "Follow My Blog" by email by putting in your email address over here? =====>”

  1. albin July 26, 2013 at 4:05 pm #

    dude… i totally puked it up too. but for different reasons. I just wanted to eat it all over again. it was that good.


  2. Miguel José July 30, 2013 at 12:51 am #

    yeah it was the money. i haven't gotten another one yet but i might make that statement a lie as soon as tonight…


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