One thing to think Zimmerman was not guilty beyond reasonable doubt, another to rejoice at acquittal. What are you celebrating? Something really sick about celebrating Zimmerman acquittal. Are you happy that he got away with killing unarmed black kid? #NoJustice – Cenk Uygur on Twitter @CenkUygur

16 Jul


What is up kids.

So normally i try to keep it “light” on this blog and keep my rants to comedy.  Except of course when i’m complaining about evil corporations that feast on the souls of the Working Class, sucking as much of their lives as they can 40 hours per week and then sucking out even more.  And i do this because who wants to read another blog by another anonymous angry Interwebs poster?  Nobody, that’s who.

But i feel like i want to weigh in on this Trayvon Martin case, mostly because i for one wasn’t surprised AT ALL that George Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty.”  Not because i agree that what he did was justified, because let’s be honest he’s a jerk off neighborhood watch guy with a vigilante complex who killed an unarmed teenager in cold blood and isn’t getting in trouble for it at all.

But those are the laws that Florida has, and for that reason it makes sense that he gets to go free.  Which is crazy because it’s not like he’s a police officer who was protecting the community and killed what he saw was a viable threat.  He’s a just another macho a$$hole with a gun, and a racist a$$hole at that.  He was recorded saying, “F*cking punks, these a$$holes all get away…” right before he got out of his car (after the cops told him not to) and made sure that Trayvon Martin never took another breath in his life.

So yeah, people want to break it down into a race and/or guns issue and it’s easy to see how they want to make that connection.  But the real problem here is Florida law, because according to that it was actually correct to not put George Zimmerman behind bars.  And not only that, he has already been given his gun back now that the trial is over.

And is it me but if you make a mistake like that you should not be given your gun back?  i mean fine, you don’t want to put him behind bars because you have this “Stand your Ground” law which basically turns Florida into the Wild West and allows you to kill people and get away with it.  But when you kill an unarmed teenager, is that not enough to get your gun taken away?  Even if you get into an accident with your car that is just an “accident,” it is still called “Careless Driving” and you get a big fine and a few points on your insurance. Killing an unarmed teen with your gun isn’t even a fine?  That kid at Taco Bell got fired from his job just for licking a bunch of tacos that he had to throw away!  But wait, that decision was made by a soulless corporation and that’s how they all treat their workers.  So that makes sense i guess.

But we live in a strange time these days kids.  It’s really a battle of the evolved versus the people that refuse change, the educated versus those with a bias to the facts.  And you can say what you want about politics being boring and not wanting to pay attention to them because they are bull$hit and it’s all nonsense anyway.  But the truth is out of the two political parties there is one that is against ANY kind of gun reform and one that realizes maybe people don’t need to carry automatic weapons.  One party is working towards fixing our immigration system and making a fair path for these Hispanic Americans, and one is doing nothing but trying to stop it.  There is one party that believes in a woman’s right to decide what she can or can’t do with her body, and another party that believes old men in Congress know what’s best for a woman and in turn keep creating laws that make it harder and harder to get an abortion.  And there’s one party that’s kinda racist, and one party that is REALLY and blatantly and openly racist.  You can keep not paying attention if you want but when $hit like this happens i hope you aren’t all surprised.  Like i said at the beginning i’m sure not.

And it sucks that Trayvon Martin is dead, but it sucks even more that under “our” laws George Zimmerman isn’t in trouble for anything.  It doesn’t matter in this country that Zimmerman is not a police officer and in fact ignored the pleas of the police to just stay in his car and instead confronted the situation and an unarmed teenager was murdered.  And yes i could also talk about the inconsistencies with our current system of law that puts way more black people in jail then white people.  But that is a battle i’ll let others fight instead.  Probably black people haha.

But if a person who is not a police office is allowed to kill unarmed teenagers what does that say about Florida’s gun laws?  It says that their laws are as backward as the dumb aholes who live there.  And while that might not be everyone who lives in Florida it is enough of them that they are able to pass these laws.  And for none of the people to vote these whack job politicians and laws out of their state they are just as guilty as if they had voted for them.  Hopefully the people wise up soon though, because those of us that are evolving are having a ton of trouble letting your ignorance stand it’s ground these days.  Maybe it’s time for people with intelligence to become “vigilantes” and take down everyone’s stupidity a notch by educating them.


-Not to bring up another non-comedic event but did everyone hear about the Korean Asiana Flight 214 plane crash that happened last week?  The casualties were limited considering the amount of people on this plane, but this story is another example of the overworked and under trained pilots who are constantly in charge of the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of people despite working in these extremely tough conditions.

Although speaking of pilots, did everyone see the mistake that San Francisco’s KTVU made when listing the “names” of the pilots on their news program?  They apparently thought they were the first ones to find out these pilots names, and they sure couldn’t wait to post them on television!

And oh yeah, apparently confirming these names was the job of a summer intern and we all know how much you can trust summer interns!  It’s nice to know that a major news organization does their best to diligently research their news stories before broadcasting them to the world.  i’m just surprised that lead anchor “Cream of Sum Young Guy” didn’t notice these names before reading them to the public.  At the very least head writer “Phil McCrevis” could have put a stop to it before letting this story go live on air.  Oh well, sometimes you read off the teleprompter without actually thinking about what you’re saying.  Go F*ck yourself San Diego.

-Haagan Daz has this new “Sea Salt Caramel” Gelato and the taste of it makes me pop in my pants.  In fact, if you see me eating a sundae with Sea Salt Caramel i can tell you right now that is NOT Whipped Cream.  i know people like to go out and get ice cream in the Summer especially in this intense heat.  So my advice is to go hook this up immediately and thank me later because i’m the money.

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – Is there anything more disappointing in life then a candy dish that has AWFUL candy?  i feel like a candy dish should be a peace offering, a thank you if you will to the people who are nice enough to stop by and visit you.  But when i come by and all you have is awful crap like Werther’s originals, or GOD FORBID those awful peppermint candy cane mints i really want to punch you in your stupid face.  At this point you might as well take a big juicy dump in a candy bowl and let me grab out of that because that’s all you’re offering me grandpa!  It’s time to hook up the Hershey kisses and peanut butter cups and M&M’s and the Skittles (well, maybe not Skittles in Florida).  Hook me up with the kind of candy that makes me go booooooWHIP in my pants!  For real, i’m not going to live on this planet forever.  And you want me to go out eating gross butterscotch hard candies that come in that awful yellow/gold wrapping?  Why do you hate me so much?? And you can judge your candy dish with a simple thought process.  If your candy dish doesn’t make me think about filling my entire pockets with the entire bowl when no one is looking then you might as well not have one at all.  So either get rid of the garbage hard candy and get me some name brand goodness or i will never stop by your desk ever because you are a classless bag of douche.

A Great Name for a Punk Band!  “The Nervous Nellies”

Fast Food Tips – Sonic has this new “Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog” that is a 100% pure beef hot dog covered in crisp bacon, warm cheese, and grilled onions on a brand new pretzel bun.  And if you thought i popped for that sea salt caramel gelato i straight up changed my underwear after hearing what a fantastic new fast food item that Sonic has given us.  It’s so fantastic in fact that i’m going to stick my own personal all beef dog in between that pretzel bun and cover it in cheesy bacon goodness as i happily pound a Sonic Route 44 size Cherry Limeade and jump in the shower covered in goo and shame.  And can somebody please explain to me why none of these Fast Food restaurants haven’t hired me to endorse their products yet?  i make everything sound so delicious!!

And that’s it for me today kids.  i’m super excited for our 5th episode of “VHS Breakdown” tomorrow where we review the Val Kilmer comedy “Real Genius.”  i’m a little worried that not as many people remember this movie, but i thought the same thing about “Just One of the Guys” and i was proven seriously wrong.  Because apparently everyone remembers that movie and had no problem telling me what movie lines i forgot to put in.  “Sometimes you gotta get in there, let some air in, move things around!”

But i think “Real Genius” is a fantastic episode, and i have to say i think Rob and i are just getting better and better at doing this show.  Hopefully all of you think the same, but as long as you are watching and/or sharing my show that’s good enough for me!

But thanks for reading today’s blog.  i’ll be back this Friday with an all new blog and you can tell me what you think about “Real Genius.” And if you haven’t yet please please SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube page and i’ll be your best friend!!  VHS Breakdown Youtube page

Cya Friday! @migueljose_85 (Follow me on Twitter already, i’m freaking hilarious!!)


7 Responses to “One thing to think Zimmerman was not guilty beyond reasonable doubt, another to rejoice at acquittal. What are you celebrating? Something really sick about celebrating Zimmerman acquittal. Are you happy that he got away with killing unarmed black kid? #NoJustice – Cenk Uygur on Twitter @CenkUygur”

  1. Anonymous July 16, 2013 at 4:58 pm #

    Zimmeran never claimed stand your ground. In fact, he waived that right. Gets your facts straight. The jury believed Martin threw the first punch, and was not the one crying for help on the tape, but in fact, it was Zimmerman. If Zimmerman had never gotten out of his car, none of this would have happened. Absolutely correct. However, if Martin didn't act like a wannabe thug and start throwing punches, but rather, act like a responsible teenager, none of this would have happened either. The justice system came about not to lock guilty people up, but to keep innocent people out. Keep that in mind.


  2. JB July 17, 2013 at 12:10 pm #

    Some people, almost 100% white, are saying that- “the justice system has spoken. You might disagree, but the jury made the decision and you gotta respect that.” Oh really? Ok, I’ll buy that for a second, but one question- what were these same people saying when OJ Simpson was found not guilty? Did they say- the jury has spoken, gotta respect that? No. They said …this is BS, it’s a black jury, the blacks on the jury decided before the trial he was innocent…. racist hypocrites. They’re so racist they don’t even know it. I mean, the racism is so deeply imbedded in the national culture that otherwise decent people declare it openly, but still can’t see it. They may vote for a black president and genuinely celebrate that success- and at the same time believe Zimmerman did nothing wrong. high five america.


  3. Miguel José July 18, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

    i'm not really trying to debate any facts other then a person who is not a police office used his gun and killed an unarmed teenager. Those are all FACTS, and that being the case i think it's insane for him to get his gun back especially after ignorning the police's orders to stay in the car.

    But what is a “responsible” teenager? That's an oxymoron if i've ever heard of. The simple fact that he was a teenager is enough to say he probably would act irresponsible, especially when approached for no reason. And if you really believe the justice system is to keep innocent people out and not to lock up guilty people you must not be aware of our current judicial system. All the greedy bankers and a$$holes who got us into the financial crisis and ZERO of them have been charged or put behind bars. The system is set up to keep them out of jail, but that does not make them innocent. Keep that in mind


  4. Johnny F. Lats July 19, 2013 at 1:41 am #

    More nonsense from this ‘anonymous’ poster. Does anyone else feel anything but pity for this person at this point. How pathetic. What a pathetic life. From what I know, you’ve been tuning into each blog more often than even Miguel’s closest friends and family- just to post some obnoxious comment. I mean, have you ever heard the saying that happiness is the best revenge? Stalking someone is the opposite of that… and Miguel is clearly living a joyous life, so please get over it. If you can’t, two words- cognitive therapy.

    Anyway, it’s no surprise but your comments indicate, to me, a fairly ignorant point of view. A ‘wannabe thug.’ I imagine if Trayvon Martin was a white women who was being followed by what she thought was a rapist and, after trying to walk away from him though he still followed- out of pure fear and desperation she then decided to turn and confront her presumed attacker -you would not call her a ‘wannabe thug.’ In hindsight, Trayvon should have just ran. But when people are terrified, they may not make perfect decisions and sometimes the best defense is a good offense. Zimmerman is probably a decent guy. But he made a grave mistake, in spite of specific instructions from law enforcement and in spite of any shred of common sense. And because of this, a young man died. But for Zimmerman’s actions, that young man would not have died, and therefore he bears responsibility. For that, he should serve jail time.

    You have no idea what you’re talking about when you speak about the justice system. The American justice system is considered one of the most backward, ineffective and racially biased criminal justice systems in the developed world. It was certainly not designed to keep innocent people out of prison, quite the opposite in fact, and it definitely does not accomplish that in practice.


  5. Anonymous July 19, 2013 at 3:16 am #

    Facts backed up that he was a wannabe thug. I don't think this white woman you made up would be posting pictures of themselves holding guns, smoking weed, and getting suspended from school the way he did. Plus the jury, all women mind you, believed the truth. Trayvon threw the first punch. And bozo, you know as much about criminal justice as Kim Kardashian knows about marriage.


  6. Johnny "Creampie" Lats July 19, 2013 at 12:00 pm #

    Irrelevant. Even if he held a gun at some point in the past, smoked weed, and/or had trouble in school, it doesn’t make it ok to murder him. That’s the way a justice system is supposed to work, apply the law objectively regardless of personality. Unless you think a black person’s life is worth less than white life? Aside from his past, on that day Trayvon was the victim. But they focused on his personality and past- because the defense understood they would (and should) lose on the facts alone. And it’s why you focus on it now. Even if the women, in my example, turned to face her attacker and threw the first punch and then got raped, it would not be her fault. Do you think it would be her fault? Maybe it’s you who is the misogynist.

    The jury may have been all women, but there was not one African American. Hardly representative of our society. In fact, black people were specifically kept off the jury by the defense. That doesn’t sound like an impartial and unbiased justice system to me.


  7. Anonymous July 19, 2013 at 4:50 pm #

    Wow you have no sense of logic whatsoever. If you still think this legal system is so bad, look at other countries around the world where crimes are never brought to trial. Victims never get to testify against their accusers. Then tell me this system is broken. The lack of African Americans on the jury should not have influenced the jury, unless you think all African Americans just decide based on the color of the victim's or the defendant's skin.


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