Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do? – Homer Simpson

14 Jun
What is up kids?

How’s everyone doing on this fantastic Friday?  Hopefully fantastic, because hey it’s Friday!!  Man i’m a terrible writer…

But i’m about to go on another rant, and once again i find that this rant is going to be based completely around a Fast Food FACT:

Did all of you see the video of the lady who filmed herself yelling at Dunkin Donuts employees before putting the video on Facebook?  If you haven’t seen it you should go check it out now…

Haha okay yeah that wasn’t the video.  That was the first episode of my new show, “VHS Breakdown.”  Did everyone watch it and love it and share it with everyone you know?  Because if you didn’t do all three then you are blowing it!

Anyways here is the real video i was talking about.  It’s mad long so if you don’t want to watch it and you’d rather me to just explain it instead well i’m going to.  But some of you might appreciate how f*cking HORRIFIC this lady really is…

For those of you too lazy to watch, basically this is a video that was filmed by a 27 year old Florida woman named Taylor Chapman who apparently didn’t get a receipt the night before for whatever she purchased at D&D.  Here’s a pic of this cold hearted racist a$$hole.


Anyways, Dunkin has a policy where if you don’t receive your receipt you get whatever you ordered free or something like that.  So this bitch comes in the next day and starts verbally BERATING and cursing out the employees who work there even though she admits that they weren’t the ones who helped her out the night before.  But from there she goes off on a verbal tirade on these employees anyway, never forgetting to remind them that she is filming the entire thing on her phone.  Not only that, she can’t WAIT to show the video on Facebook and show the world how awful Dunkin Donuts is and how great she is for doing this!

Except that her plan backfired, BIG TIME.  Everyone who watches the film just feels bad for the Dunkin Donuts workers who had to deal with her, especially because they stay calm throughout her entire rant.  These workers do nothing but handle her in a very professional and calm way.  She’s yelling and cursing at them for no reason, and by the end she is even hurling racist slurs at these employees.  But the Dunkin Donuts workers never talk back or raise their voice and just take care of the situation as well as possible.

But this is why this story is so great.  This uptight entitled BITCH thought that when she put this video on her Facebook that everyone would side with her and it would look bad for Dunkin Donuts.  Except it was the exact opposite reaction you dumb whore!   EVERYONE on the Internet went nuts on her, and rightfully so.  In fact, people started harassing her and making fun of her and calling her so many names that she had to deactivate her Facebook account.  Way to go you stupid bitch!!!

And that’s not even the best part.  Even though now everyone knows what a horrible waste of sperm this lady is, everyone has also been showering the Dunkin Donuts workers who handled that B a ton of well deserved praise.  And not just that, one Texas man has started a campaign to raise 10,000 for the two workers in the video, and Dunkin Donuts as a company plans to recognize their great work and has even invited them to some big corporate meetings in order to give them the respect and praise they deserve for showing what incredible employees Dunkin Donuts have.

But yeah this is really one of my favorite stories i have ever heard.   Especially because this bitch couldn’t WAIT to put this video on Youtube, even saying she hopes it gets a million hits!!  Well becareful what you ask for ahole, because you got a lot more then a million hits.  Now you have millions of people who know what a horrific bitch of a woman you are, and my guess is your plan to try and make Dunkin Donuts look bad is going to haunt you for a very, very long time.  Hahahahahaha…


-So i just want to give a huge thank you for everyone that checked out my new show, “VHS Breakdown.”  The response was better then i could have hoped for, and the fact that a lot of you shared the link on Facebook and/or sent it to your friends and family really means a lot to me.  i have to say i’m super proud of our show, even though to be honest Rob is really the one who does all the work.  i don’t know he makes me look even more beautiful and funny then i am in real life but he did an amazing job!

But this is just the beginning, we have a total of 8 episodes lined up this summer with the next one airing this Wednesday at 4:20.  So make sure you subscribe to our Youtube channel at VHS Breakdown Youtube channel and tune in every week for some more 80’s movie reviews!!

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – i feel like as a teacher your best bet to make any real money is to be a tutor.  First of all, instead of an entire classroom of screaming little morons you only have one ahole to deal with.  And it’s even possible you may luck out and the one kid you deal with will actually be cool.  But either way you usually only get the little f*cker for an hour or so, and you normally get paid cash which is even better.  So being a tutor is basically like making tips as a teacher.  And if you’re a teacher in NJ you need all the help you can get since Governor Christie f’n hates you guys.  See how i slipped politics in there?  i am one sneaky basterd.  “Of course you are, isn’t that how you snuck into the country?” First of all, i swam here.  Secondly go f yourself you racist!

Whatever Happened To… the show, “Brain Games?”

Does ANYONE remember this?  Probably not, it only aired from 1983-1985.  But yeah “Brain Games” was a 25 minute show on HBO back in the day that they used to play between movies.  It was just a bunch of cool riddles and puzzles and stuff that as a kid totally blew my mind.  And by “cool” yes i mean i was a nerd.  For real,  i seriously doubt anyone remembers this but out of the 4 childhood memories i still have this is one of them so i just had to throw it out there.  But yeah i don’t really have anything funny to add to this bit and i know none of you even remember it anyways so i guess Brain Games is now…. over.

A Great Name for a Punk Band! “The Dullards”

Girly Stuff! 🙂 So not that i watch “Keeping With the Kardashians” at all, but does anyone else think that maybe the reason Kim is getting so hugemongous during her pregnancy is because she hangs out with her brother Rob too much?  Holy S balls that kid gained weight!  If i didn’t know better i would have guessed that he was the one that was pregnant.  And it’s tough to feel bad for the kid, mostly because the only reason he is famous and has a ton of money is because his sister got filmed getting banged by some C list rapper.  But for real guy the only job that anyone has in that entire family is to look hot.  Even Khloe tries her best to live by that.  So stop eating cheeseburgers and french fries for breakfast and don’t miss those 8 am gym appointments with your sister because when you bail on her it breaks her heart.

Fast Food Tips – Speaking of donuts, after the release of Dunkin Donuts mouth watering and crotch wettening donut bacon and egg breakfast sandwich, fast food places everywhere are trying to come up with the next big life threatening food item.  That’s why it’s no surprise that some restaurant called “Chicken Charlie’s” has invented the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe sandwich!

This monstrosity puts savory sloppy joe drenched in tomato sauce and cheese on a ridiculously addicting Krispy Kreme donut, the perfect way to eat an unhealthy breakfast/lunch that will be sure to keep your cheeks on the bowl for hours making your own personal sloppy joes.  Sounds like a plan to me!!

And that’s it for me today kids.  i hope everyone has a great weekend,and i’ll be back here on Tuesday with an all new blog.  And for those of you who dig my new show i’ll also be giving you a hint on what movie we are going to be reviewing next on that blog.  So if you are curious definitely come back Tuesday to find out what it is!

Cya, @migueljose_85

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