And if you’re not down with that, i’ve got two words for ya… SUCK IT!!! – Degeneration X

31 May

What is up kids?

i’ll tell you what’s up, my number 1 fan is back!!  Do you all remember who that is?  That’s the person who knows me personally and decides to write insults towards me in the comment section EVERY GDDAMN BLOG.  And they do so knowing i won’t post it, and they do so hiding under the “anonymous” cloak which is what cowards and pu$$ies do.

Whoo hoo you’re fat and i hate you you f*cking dirty Mexican!”  That’s more or less the dumb ass posts they put every time, although lately they’d rather go after making fun of my parents for being in the Marines.  Oh that’s right, this lowlife motherf*cker is the type of pathetic scumbag and sweaty vagina who is afraid to let me know who they are, and they also have zero problem insulting people who have served this country bravely.

Because the kind of person who makes fun of Marines is a real low kind of dickless a$$hole, and one that is making me respond to them one last time.  Because i can’t tell you how boring it normally is to just delete the comments of this Westboro Baptist church reject every blog.  i mean normally i could give two $hits about it, because truthfully the idea that there is someone out there who is SO F*CKING MAD AT ME! and hates me S0 F*CKING MUCH! Yet they are too frightened to tell me who they are because they are so afraid of me is quite hilarious.  i mean can you guys imagine?  Could you imagine if there was someone out there that hated you so much they were willing to read and comment on every single blog you wrote month after month?  Yet were too afraid to say who they were? You can’t right?

Who could even imagine that there is a person out there who is such an absolute nothing in life that they have nothing better to do then to read and comment on every single one of my blogs?  Even i don’t read every single one of my blogs!  Although speaking of reading, if you saw the small words this hopefully getting cancer soon ahole uses, as well as the spelling mistakes and the grammatical errors in this jizz stains comments you’d be surprised that they even know how to read.

But to my loyal readers i apologize.  i don’t want to waste any more breath on this retarded fetus that should have been aborted.  And i promise even though i’m writing about it now it doesn’t get to me.  If anything it lets me know how money i am and what a huge “fan” i have who is willing to read and comment on every single one of my blogs even though i won’t post them.  To the rest of you though, happy Friday and let’s get to some fun nonsense already!!


-If i had to guess i would think that once a couple announces that they are “having a baby!” that would also mean the man won’t be able to get anal sex for awhile.  i mean obviously this depends on whether or not the girl was down in the first place, not every girl is in a “rush” to have a someone’s Peter up their balloon knot.  i’m just saying if she is normally down and then she wants to gets pregnant, that hole is probably going to be off limits for awhile.

Was that one a little too rough?  If it was, grow up already!  We’re all adults here.  And it’s good to have your buttons pushed once in awhile.  You don’t want to end up some pu$$y who gets so easily offended you need to write anonymous comments on the Interwebs every day!

-So last week i said to watch “Game of Thrones” but i blew it because it was a holiday weekend and HBO didn’t have a new episode.  But unless Albin tells me any different there IS a new episode of Game of Thrones this weekend so make sure you watch because there’s only two epiosdes left!  Oh and also because there’s a hot porn star on that show…

-So last blog i tried to explain i’m not really racist against Jews, i just think it’s fun to talk about how cheap they are and how much they love bagels and pennies.  Although speaking of pennies, JC Penny is ACTUALLY racist, and you can tell because they just put on sale a new “Hitler” teapot!  i’m not kidding, they even put up a billboard advertising this Hitler teapot out so everyone could see it.

Did you see Hitler?  He has the mustache, the hair cut, and he’s even got his arm out so he can drop a Sieg WHOOOO!  That’s some pretty racist $hit JC Penny, just sayin’.

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE- White people age TERRIBLY.  Have you ever noticed that?  You will see a 60 year old black or Hispanic guy and think the guy is 24 years old.  But if you see a 60 year old white guy you know he looks at LEAST 75.  This is the kind of stuff that makes me think there is a God, because he may have given white people all of the power and money that’s no doubt.  But he also gave them horrible skin that ages horrifically, as well as skin that can’t handle the sun at all so they have to constantly douche themselves in SPF 45000 just to be outside.  Thank God for my gorgeous brown perfect skin.  And thank my parents too i guess.

A Great Name for a Punk Band! “The Smarty Pants”

Fast Food Tips – Burger King is selling 50 cent soft serve cones.  i haven’t gotten any yet but i’m assuming they are smaller then the penis of the guy who hates me and comments every blog.  Anyways no matter how small they are they are 50 gddamn cents, so my advice is to buy a bunch of them and jam them down your gullet until you’ve got your own soft serve running out your cheeks.

And that’s it for me today kids!  i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  My advice is to get to a beach or a pool ASAP because it’s as hot as the sweat on my balls that i want my #1 fan to lick dry.

And don’t forget, “VHS Breakdown” is premiering in less then two weeks!  A new promo goes up on Wedensday at 4:20 on my VHS Breakdown Youtube channel, but if you come back to my blog on Tuesday i’ll have a sneak peak for you lucky dogs!  How is that for a “thank you” for reading my blog?!  “It’s not that great actually!”  Really?  Oh well.

Cya Tuesday!!  @migueljose_85


2 Responses to “And if you’re not down with that, i’ve got two words for ya… SUCK IT!!! – Degeneration X”

  1. snail44 May 31, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    I don't read your blog everyday but when I do you always keep my attention and give me some needed comic relief…for that I salute you.

    Have you blogged about the fact that the days of $0.10 wings are only a childhood memory these days, I mean come on what happen to bars offering cheap wings hopping we would spend money on beer rather then order one beer and 5 sprites like RC would do.


  2. Miguel José May 31, 2013 at 7:41 pm #

    i appreciate the salute! And yeah i miss those 10 cent wings bad. Although at one point they became jerks and would only let you get 10 at a time, probably because people are a$$holes and would waste a bunch.

    And now i got wings in my head. i may have to drive up there and get some tonight!


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