Cause all I think about is why the skin I’m in feels ordinary. The things that you might like don’t grow inside of me. – Silversun Pickups "Skin Graph"

7 May


What is up kids?

So did everyone have a fantastic “Cinco De Miguel” or what??  i hope so because i sure as hell did.  i had the money weekend in general actually.  From playing beer pong on Saturday for 8 hours straight with my college buddies (although “straight” might not be the right word to use there…) to seeing the Silversun Pickups Sunday night mad close to where i live.  i basically boozed and blazed my face off nonstop from Friday till Sunday late night, and after an orgasmic late night diner run i watched a slightly disappointing “Game of Thrones” and went to bed the happiest little Mexican you ever saw.

Is everyone jealous of my life yet?  i hope so because you should be.  Although after all of my $hit talking about running the pong table i ended up getting beat by a Jew and his partner Jewell who might be the most beautiful man alive.  Gddamn that kid, he’s like a gorgeous blonde Goddess and he’s distracting to look at when i’m shooting for a cup.  He looks like gddamn Khaleesi for crying out loud!  He’s gddamn Jewelleesi!!

Try taking a shot in beer pong looking at that face 

Does anyone even get what i’m talking about anymore?  i hope not because you shouldn’t.  i call the section of everything i write on my blogs after my rants “Random Nonsense,” but the truth is that it should probably just be the title of every one of my blogs.  Although that’s not true, “Here Comes the Money” is the best name ever!  Because that’s what i do week in and week out kids, i give you lucky devils the money blog to read while you’re chillen at home or even at work, and possibly even while your taking a deuce!  Or probably while taking a deuce.  Or let’s face it, almost all of you read my blog while taking a deuce.  Which means that more then 90% of you are thinking about me when your cheeks are on the bowl.  And that’s okay, i’m totally fine with that.  Because at least i have an excuse when you associate my name with $hit!

And while that 90% of you share the same habit of reading of my blog on the bowl, do you have any guess on the percentage of people who have ever even heard of the band Silversun Pickups?  i wish the percentage wasn’t ridiculously lower but i’m sure it is.  Which is crazy because that band is the MONEY!  But it’s almost like people don’t remember what a real band is anymore.  i’m talking about a real BAND, i’m not talking about pop stars that don’t even write the words that they sing.  And i don’t mean Lady Goo Goo or Taylor Swifts either, even though i think they are both talented and the kids seem to dig them.  And i don’t mean any of these “folk” bands that are out there now or definitely not any of these whiny Emo bands.

Do people remember when bands just rocked the $hit out of a song playing a bunch of instruments with awesome guitar solos and break downs and original heartfelt lyrics and a money sound?  i hope people remember those kinds of bands but i feel like they don’t.  Although it’s hard to blame them, the mainstream media makes it pretty hard to hear any good original music anymore.  There’s no television channels where you can just watch new videos, and there’s definitely no music stations that play good new rock bands.  “But what about Satellite radio miguel?”  Oh you mean that radio where i have to “pay” for music?  Yeah i’ll pass.

Although do i even realize what an old f*ck i sound like talking about “music these days?”  i wish i didn’t but i obviously do.  Actually i’m pretty sure there’s a ton of good music out there, i’m just old and don’t know where to find it.  i get most of the stuff i’m into now from my boy Rob, but other then that i get nothing.  Although Harrison was the one to get me the Silversun Pickups first album “Carnavas” years back, and he told me i would dig them and he was right.  So i’ll mos def give him props for that, i always try to give credit where credit is due.

But i guess the only way old basterds like me will find out about new bands is if my friends tell me about them huh?  i can’t think of any other way so that has to be true.  And since i know a lot of my readers are old as well i guess i can be a pal and try to tell you kids some good bands to check out.  And my first one will be the Silversun Pickups!  You can definitely start with their first album “Carnavas” like i did but “Swoon” is the money and so is “Neck of the Woods.”  And maybe next time you can come see them with me when they play at the Wellmont!  They put on the best show and that venue is fantastic, even though i might be getting too old for “standing room only” sections at concerts.  But that’s a rant for another blog…

-Speaking of concerts, it’s gotta be rough if you are the “tall” guy at a show.  Because what can you do?  Obviously you’re already pretty caught up being that your 6 foot 7.  Should you just not go to see any bands that you like?  Of course not, go to the concert tall guy!  Just know that everyone standing behind you at the show is miserable and annoyed and depressed that their show is ruined.  i’d feel bad for you but it’s a known fact that any tall guy can bang any tall girl.  Seriously, tall girls are super insecure and the only thing they want/need is to be with a guy who’s taller then her no matter what he looks like.  So sorry you’re the ahole at concerts but enjoy banging a decent amount of the population with zero effort!!
And i guess i can’t talk about concerts without dropping…
A Great Name for a Punk Band! “Penny Fiasco”

ONE HITTERS: It kinda doesn’t seem worth it to almost die in a car crash trying to get a look at a girl who ends up being only marginally attractive at best.

Hey miguel, isn’t that the same joke you tweeted last week?”  Why yes it is the one person who follows me on Twitter.  But since i get hundreds of readers of every blog yet none of that crosses over to Twitter followers for some reason i’ll just repeat my jokes until someone complains.  Which will be never i guess.

Hey miguel, how come you don’t put up any Kate Upton pictures anymore?”  First of all, stop addressing me with “Hey miguel!” Secondly you make a great point, because a little Kate always brings sunshine into my life even when it’s an already beautiful day such as this.  She’s like the whipped cream and cherry on top of a jizz sundae.  Well definitely the cherry part…

“OLD SCHOOL” NONSENSE – So the NBA is debating on whether they want to put corporate sponsors on their Jerseys.  And no, i’m not kidding.  Apparently all the advertising that gets shoved down our throats during the hundreds of time outs called in the last minute of a game, making the last minute of a basketball game last an extra 2 hours is not enough for these aholes to show commercials.  Now they want to plaster the Jersey with more logos so that greedy f’n millionaires can make even more money.  And i for one hope they do it, because i really hate the NBA and i enjoy when they make awful decisions to make their sport worse.  And the only reason i was watching at all the last few years was to see Lebron lose, so now that he’s won a championship i can stop watching forever.  These corporate logos on their Jerseys will hopefully be the final nail in the NBA’s coffin.

Fast Food Tips – Most decent people realize teachers do a ridiculous amount of work and don’t get paid nearly what they are worth.  i mean let’s be honest, even if you don’t think a teacher is any good at their job the fact remains they still are basically in charge of your child’s well being for almost the entire day.  So at the very least they should be paid a babysitters rate for watching your stupid kid for 8 hours.  And then multiply that by the 30 or so kids they watch in their classroom and all of a sudden we are paying our teachers the way we pay our actors and sports heroes in this country.  And we all know that will never happen!!  That makes way too much sense.

So instead of any of that, for “Teacher’s Appreciation Day” Chipotle is having a special sale for Teachers today.  From 4 pm to close, if a teacher shows their ID they get buy one get one free of burritos, bowls, salads, or orders of tacos.  That should make up for all those bull$hit parent conferences and ever changing lesson plans you need to make!

Man i have got this blog thing down to a fine art, don’t i?  If there were any awards for blogging i would definitely win them all!  “But miguel there are tons of awards for blogging!”  Really?  That’s funny because shut the hell up!

But i hope everyone has a great week.  The first episode of my new show is almost done, even though we are going to finish a few of them before we start releasing them into the world.  So until then enjoy your day, tell people about my blog for crying out loud and i will see you all back here on Friday!

Cya, @migueljose_85


2 Responses to “Cause all I think about is why the skin I’m in feels ordinary. The things that you might like don’t grow inside of me. – Silversun Pickups "Skin Graph"”

  1. Anonymous May 7, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    A couple things… I am one of the 10% who don't read on the bowl. Cig breaks for me. #2 -you've seen european hockey jerseys, right? 100% covered in sponsors – but there's a payoff. tix/admission is next to nothing… dirt cheap. Doubt the NBA would lower ticket prices if they did this, so yeah… BS. #3 – thrones.. this was kind of a setting up the pieces episode before shit hits the fan. Don't lose faith, last 4 eps are gonna be insane. Let's go Rangers! -Albin


  2. Miguel José May 7, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    Um yeah the NBA won't be lowering ticket prices anytime soon. And Knicks fans are F*CKED, the garden raised prices when they hadn't one a playoff round in 13 years. They will probably be double next year.

    Haha i wasn't disappointed in GOT, it would be impossible to keep it up the way they have the last two episodes prior which were craziest $hit ever. Definitely still the best show!

    And 6 power plays in the first two periods and they still almost lost? The Caps look better, there's no denying it. We'll see what happens though…


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