Cause i got a drug and i’ve got the bug and i’ve got something better then love. "How you like me now?" Pretty good. Going on, feeling strong – Beck "Beercan"

13 Jan

What is up kids?

Blog #91 my friends, and that is none joke.  NINETY ONE.  Have any of you realized by now what a madman i am?  As in a straight up lunatic?  For real, what kind of maniac writes this much nonsense?  Plus i’m a guy working crazy overtime at work.  My brain is literally gddamn fried but whatever, i said i’d write 3 blogs this week and for the love of Pete i’m doing it!

Oh an by the way you’re all nuts for reading me too, don’t think i don’t know and love that.  You crazy F’s!   But you appreciate a good laugh so God bless you fools.  “Quit stalling with flattery and get to the ha-ha’s you lazy clown!”  Hey i may be lazy and i may be a clown but… what was the third thing you said?  Does anyone know where’s that’s from?  i don’t  normally ask people to respond on my “Here Comes the Money” Facebook page or even on my blog itself but just so i know people are listening someone answer that somewhere so i know you’re alive.  And it’s an easy one.

Alright i’m literally writing about nothing.  There’s a lot of pressure after my blog Wednesday, that one was apparently a home run.  Maybe i should say something shocking?  Like how yes the Beck quote i used to start the blog was from “Mellow Gold” but the picture i used at the top is from “Sea Change” which is my all-time favorite album.  Except for Guero maybe.  Or Midnight Vultures, which is definitely the most fun.  But for those of you wondering yes, Beck is my favorite artist.  But Pearl Jam is my favorite band.  Because i’m 55 years old.  Is there anyone out there who reads this who doesn’t know how old i am?  There must be at least one or three people who have no clue who i am.  Let me just make it clear for the record, if you are an 18ish or so year old girl i am 17. i am 17 years old.  Nothing to worry about and anything we do is legal.

Alright i’m literally writing about nothing.  Should i get topical?  Ok what’s in the news… All the new shows last night were pretty good.  30 Rock was funny but a tad disappointing.  Parks and Rec may have been the funniest show of the night but the Office wasn’t bad either which was surprising.  A very predictable ending but still funny. Haha when they got the Einstein question wrong that was pretty funny.  Although i will admit the most entertaining show of the night was the Rangers losing 3-0 at home.  Aww, c’mon Albin.  i never talk about hockey and i bring it up the one time in 3 months that the Rangers actually lost?  i never mentioned 24-7, nothing.  But they get shut-out once at home and let’s talk hockey!  Speaking of the All-star game did you know both Adam’s Larsson and Henrique made the rookie team?  i know Jenn knows, cause she knows the Devils are the money!  When you have get your own blog Chris you can write about whatever hockey team you want!

Alright i’m literally writing about nothing.  But between work and stress and thinking about Sunday’s Giants game against the Packers my mind is on overdrive.  But i really think the Giants can win, like i truly believe it.  And it’s crazy but i know the fans do too.  But way more important then all of that is that i think the team believes it as well.  Not even in a cocky way, just confident.  i know both Nicole’s who read my blog are laughing because i just said “cocky”, and to both of you i say grow up!  And come to happy hour for the love of all that’s holy.

All of that was the rambling of a madman, and i hope you enjoyed it.  And work will be too busy for me to change this so i’m all in on this rant son!  9 more till a hundred, i can bull$hit my way to that i think…


-Why do people get tattoos? i mean for real, those $hits are FOREVER.  It’s not like marriage kids, tattoos are on you for life.  They can be cool on other people i guess but i could never get one.  The things i like constantly change, so if i got a tattoo when i was younger i’d probably have the Taco Bell dog on my lower back and a Backstreet boys tattoo around my ankle.  For real, don’t front Backstreet Boys were the money, way better then N*Sync.  “Get the F*ck out of here jerk, N*Sync was way better…” Shut your trap for once, Backstreet Boys were way better.  I want it that way?  “You are, my fire.  The one desire.  Believe, when i say. i want it that way…” That is some CATCHY $hit kids, for realzies.  So yeah i would never get a tattoo but they can be hot on the right girl and some of you wear them well.  And anyways the whole point of this was to get “I want it that way” in your head so mission accomplished! Tell me why, ain’t nothing but a heart break, Tell me why!

“It’s “heart ache” you dumbass not heart break!”  Haha you love the song too.  So suck it!

-“OMG IT’S FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!  YIKES!  UH-OH!!   I’M SO SCARED!”  Do you know these people that have to drop this EVERY time it’s Friday the 13th?  Get over it already it’s just another awful day in your typical life, it is no unluckier then any of your other miserable days.  Was yesterday Friday the 13th?  Because i had to stay at work 2 hours late to deal with awful disasters and moron clients and fix dumb mistakes i didn’t even make.  So yeah yesterday felt pretty unlucky to me.  And are people still bringing up Jason and Friday the 13th movies?  Jeebus Christmas that $hit came out when i was a kid which means VHS and cassette tapes were still cool.  If you are a girl and you don’t know what either word i just said was that is hot and we should hang out, preferably at a bar that doesn’t card you at the door.  But yeah to all you unoriginal people that have to make a dumb comment about this random date that will continue to happen the rest of our lives please do not make them to me because they are dumb and i hate you. 

“OMG miguel my Facebook status today totally mentions Friday the 13th are you mocking me?!?!”  Yes, yes i am.  But if you’re my FB friend i don’t mean it meanly! 🙂

-So that dirtbag murdering rapist Jordan Van der Sloot pleaded guilty to killing that 21 year old Peruvian woman. i guess he can get a 15-30 year maximum sentence?  They didn’t say for sure yet.  And you all know who that fool is, he is the one that killed Natalee Holloway.  Don’t act like you didn’t see the Natalee Holloway film on Lifetime, that $hit got mad high ratings.  And did you know Tracy Pollan’s portrayal of Beth Holloway was praised by Beth herself?  But anyways i just want to say i hope that serial killing f*cker gets A-raped in prison bad, gets straight up raped good and hard and gets A-raped to death.  Just thought i’d throw that out there.

-For the record, if your company does not give you off this Monday for Martin Luther King Jr day they are a racist company.  They will give you off on Christmas and that’s just for Santa’s birthday!  And everyone doesn’t even believe in Santa Claus!  So basically what i’m saying is i think it’s racist that i don’t have off on Monday and i’m thinking about suing for punative damages.  That man refused to move to the back of the bus when they asked him too and i will refuse to come into work that day!  i swear, people need to know their history and have some respect for it!

Fast food tips- have all of you heard about the new Blonde coffee at Starbucks?  Apparently is not such a dark roast so it’ll taste more like Dunkin Donuts coffee. Which sounds like an awful idea to me, and most real coffee drinkers who like Starubucks say it’s super weak and not good.  But personally i feel this review is best written by my sister Rachael’s fb status… ” Starbucks info for the day:  the new blonde roast coffees taste super weak but apparently have the most caffeine.. i prefer the taste of the other two roasts..”  Thanks Rach!  i appreciate the review that you didn’t know you were writing haha 🙂 xoxox

That’s it for me kids, i hope you all enjoy your “spooky” f’n Friday the 13th.  “Whoo hoo black cats and Frightfest at Great Adventure!”  It’s funny i keep making fun of it but then watch today i’ll get hit by a bus Final Destination style and you’ll be like “OMG i knew this day was unlucky!  That’s what he gets!”  Or i won’t get hit by a bus and i’ll be completely right like i am most of the time.  i guess we’ll find out by seeing if there is a new blog on Tuesday…
-miguel jo$é

One Response to “Cause i got a drug and i’ve got the bug and i’ve got something better then love. "How you like me now?" Pretty good. Going on, feeling strong – Beck "Beercan"”

  1. mrappo22 January 15, 2012 at 9:43 pm #

    I totally agree, BSB is and will always be better than NSYNC. I hear they may also tour next year 🙂


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