I know we can’t all stay here forever, so i want to write my words on the face of today… And they’ll paint it – Shannon Hoon "Change"

21 Oct

What is up kids?

It’s a beautiful day to be alive my friends.  It’s good to remember that sometimes, especially when you’re at where i’ve been at mentally lately.  Sometimes things just feel like they are spinning out of control and it’s hard to stop it no matter what you do.  You can drink and smoke all you want to try and stop the madness.  But if you’re lucky at best that only makes the insanity more bearable, even if it’s only for a little while.  And then you’re stuck in the same place you were before only worse, trying to act normal for the world around you when inside your soul is a confused disaster.  “Find myself singing the same songs everyday.  Ones that make me feel good when things behind the smiles ain’t okay…” Shannon Hoon, “Walk”

Haha relax Ma, your son is fine.  i’d almost feel better if i had some crazy $hit i was dealing with that i could blame this mood on but there really isn’t one event i can pinpoint and say “that’s it!”  Unfortunately it’s not that easy, and it’s really just a combination of changes that i’ve been having trouble dealing with.  But as they say, “Life is hard, you have to change.” – Shannon Hoon, “Change”

From work to relationships to my future in general my dome is just SWIMMING with nonsense lately, and not the good nonsense i use at the end of my blogs.  i guess now that i’m getting older i’m really getting faced with wondering what my future will bring and how to prepare for it.  And MAN do i hate that bull$hit! It’s so hard to care about that “real” stuff when in my heart it’s not how i feel.  “All that i need is the air that i breathe, and all that i need are things i don’t need.  And all that really matters is what matters to me.  And who of you are like me?” – Shannon Hoon, “All that i need.”

idk, i know this introspective stuff usually bores my normal readers because it takes me away from the ha ha’s so i’ll relax on the topic, especially on a beautiful Friday that i have off from work.  It’s just hard to not think about the “big picture” sometimes, even when your whole goal in life is basically to try and never think about that stuff.  “i can’t tell you how many ways that i’ve sat and viewed my life today.  But i can tell you i don’t think i can find an easy way.  So if i see you walking hand in hand in hand with a three armed man, you know i’ll understand…” Shannon Hoon “St Andrew’s Fall”

And if you haven’t noticed the 85 or so Shannon Hoon quotes i’ve used so far (How can we not notice, he basically wrote your entire blog today!) it’s because today is the anniversary of his death, October 21st 1995.  i never really listened to them back then, i mean i knew “No Rain” of course but to me they were a one hit wonder that i never bothered to listen to.  But back in the early 2000’s my friend Rob Miceli burned me one of their albums and i’ve been a huge fan ever since.  Blind Melon (or Blue Melon as Spiga knows them) to me are one of the most underrated bands of all-time.  Their success was cut short by the death of Shannon Hoon who overdosed at the age of 28,  but it’s the story of his life that really gets to me.  i won’t get into all of it here, but i’ll just say even though it was his own fault that he could not control his addictions, that doesn’t take away from what a great friend and amazing talent he really was.  His life spun out of control and he just couldn’t get a hold of it, and as someone going through that on a much smaller scale let’s just say i sympathize with his life story.

Haha even those of you still reading this that might still care must be losing interest by now so i’ll finish this rant already.  And no i’m not comparing myself to Shannon, or at least as far as he ended up.  i am definitely not going to die in a drug overdose.  It’ll be heart attack at 65, mark it down.  But after reading “A Devil on one Shoulder and an Angel on the Other- The Story of Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon” let’s just say i have a new appreciation for that band and Shannon in general, and it really sucks that he’s gone.  He was a great kid with a good heart, and he was looking for what all of us are looking for, and that is just for someone to understand him.  Again, i can sympathize.

“When you hear someone come up and say, “Man, i know what you’re talking about!” – that is the best. That’s all you ever want, for someone to know what in the hell you are talking about.  You bleed what is sometimes a frustrating point of view, you bleed it through writing it- and playing it.  And to have someone interpret what you had to write down, because you couldn’t find anybody else to comprehend what you were trying to say, to have someone you’ve never even met before come up and say, “i know what you’re talking about,” that’s who you’re looking for.  i mean, it’s just the best.”  – Shannon Hoon


f’n christening bitches, this Sunday at 2:30!  The perfect time to ruin the end of the 1 o’clock games and the beginning of the 4’s!  You know how you always look forward to football Sunday and that’s the only joy in your miserable life? Well i’m taking that joy away because i’m a baby and i’m being Christened so come watch me!”  F you for ruining my weekend you dumb babies, why don’t you get christened on a Tuesday?  This way i either cant’ make it because of work or at the very least i can take off and get out of that miserable place and use your Christening as an excuse to leave.  Oh i know why you don’t do that.  It’s because babies hate football.  This is probably why i hate babies.

-Girls LOVE doing classes at the gym.  Holy S balls… kickboxing, Zoomba, stomach and ass classes, yoga.  Whatever it is, girls want to do that class.  That is so much different then guys.  When i’m at the gym which is never i like to be by myself, throw on an Ipod and get my workout done in peace.  Not girls, they need to be with their friends and they have to do a class together, hopefully with a teacher that is really good.  Definitely not that mean teacher that works us out too hard and always yells at us for laughing or getting the exercise wrong! No, not that kind of teacher.  But someone with a lot of energy and positivity who makes them work out hard, because girls love these classes!  i don’t know what the significance is, and there is probably a funnier joke about this phenomenon in there somewhere about all of this.  But until i start getting paid for this blog enjoy my unfinished thoughts and “B” material!  “Um, you are a “C” at best today ya jerk!”  Touche.

-There has never been a scene in a movie or TV show where a person wearing handcuffs has taken them off and does not immediately rub their wrists.  Never.  i don’t know why i always notice it but i do, it must be in Acting 101.  If i was ever in a movie wearing handcuffs and they got taken off i would refuse to rub my wrists, just to be the one guy in history that didn’t do it.  “Well what about in real life? i mean i can only assume you’ve had handcuffs on in real life, you are Mexican aren’t you?”  Actually no, i’ve never worn handcuffs.  With all the things i’ve done and/or do to break the law i haven’t been caught doing something that has ended with me being in handcuffs.  But if they do finally get me and i get cuffed i won’t rub my gddamn wrists when they come off!  This literally has to be the most random of my Random Nonsense ever, but i hope from now on whenever you kids watch a movie and see the handcuffs off and you see them rub their wrists it makes you remember this useless paragraph!

Fast food tips- KFC now has a new “Cheesy Bacon Bowl”, which is a bowl filled with mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, popcorn chicken and bacon bits.  The original name for this was called the “Diarrhea Delight” but they ended up changing it for obvious reasons.  This “new” bowl is kinda ghetto, because it’s basically the same old bowl they already had but now they add bacon bits.  Which is the right move of course, but to now tote this as a “new” item on the menu is pretty ghetto.  i’m not saying i won’t order one and eat the entire thing while sitting on the bowl and $hitting myself to no end, i’m just saying KFC blew it because there should have been bacon on it since the beginning.  But yeah it’s $3.99 so if you have 5 beans and want a brown waterfall coming out of your ass, enjoy!

LATER DICKS!- Moammar Qaddafi has been killed, which means there is one less ruthless murderous dictator on this planet.  This cross dressing ahole killed many innocent Americans along with his own countrymen, and from what it sounds like he died a horrific cowardly death that he deserved.  Sure i could use this to make the point that Obama chose not to send in American troops to force him out and instead worked with other countries and the rebel uprising to unseat this leader.  Showing that a true uprising is done by the people and not through force the way we tried to do it in Iraq and are still there today.  Instead of a 10 year war costing trillions of dollars and thousands of American lives to remove a dictator he instead worked with our allies and spent 1/100th of what the Iraq war cost and is still costing us and not one American life was killed in getting Qaddafi.  i could use this to make that point if i wanted.  But instead, i’d rather say good riddance to an evil man.  Or rather, i’d like to say LATER DICK!

Alright i’m a dirty filthy liar, this blog still has the same “old” look.  i know i said i’d have it changed by today but i’m still working on it and i need the weekend to finish it.  If it makes you feel any better you can all hold off on sending me my payments for writing this blog until the new look is made official, that seems fair right?  “Wait a second, people have been paying you to do this blog?” No idiot, no they haven’t.  Hopefully someday though…

But i hope everyone has a great weekend!  Sorry today’s blog was so “serious”, i don’t mean for these to come out this way but sometimes they do.  i’m going to spend all weekend clearing out my dome and getting back to “normal” so hopefully that works.  And if i have any friends out there who want to help me please do cause i need all the help i can get!

-miguel jo$e


3 Responses to “I know we can’t all stay here forever, so i want to write my words on the face of today… And they’ll paint it – Shannon Hoon "Change"”

  1. Simon October 21, 2011 at 4:46 pm #



  2. Anonymous October 21, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    been out of the loop for the last 2 weeks on your blog, but lovin it, as usual..I need to check out that book, sounds good…if you haven't already…read Scar Tissue another great read. Have a good weekend. -Eden


  3. Anonymous October 28, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    Finally a tribute to Shannon. Glad to see it. Miss that bastard…


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