Bring on the end of the world (you blinded fools) Let’s see who makes the team (and who gets cut) I wanna know whose religion wins, and what counts as sin… – Brian Mathusek "End of the World" – The Mutineers

26 Aug
What is up kids?
These two pics pretty much sum up this week.  For real, New Jersey sure is a wacky place to be these days.  First we get hit up with earthquake that was 9.5 on the Richter scale!  Oh wait it was 5.9…  Anyways now we are expecting a hurricane this weekend.  Can someone tell God that the world is suppossed to end in 2012, not 2011?  He should know better then to mess with the Mayans.  
i gotta keep things quick this week, i’ve got an important day ahead of me.  Can’t get into the details now but most of you who know me know what i got.  “Whoo hoo teaser!”  Yup… suck it.  I love my 26 followers but i haven’t gotten anymore recently and i need a couple more before i start getting into the really good blogs.  “You mean you will actually write good blogs soon?”  Haha you’re reading this blog jerk so try to convince me you don’t find me funny! 
i’m ranting about nothing but it’s Friday and the world is going to end with this hurricane so i can’t waste time on this blog, i need to spend it with loved ones.  And by loved ones i mean booze and sleep.  Oh relax NJ, Whoo hoo hurricane!   Alright if you live in AC or by the coast you can be scared but Bergen County you can relax!  Except if your basement is in a flood zone because yeah you are going to be F’d…
Random nonsense is hilarious this week so enjoy.   And congrats to Jewel and Melissa on their second child, Kimberly Claire!  And i think Mike and Melissa are both gorgeous and super hot human beings, i give them 22 years of raising their beautiful little angel until i honestly think it’s okay to hit on her.  Don’t judge me!  i will be super rich by then and it will totally be okay for me to date a 22 year old.  Grow up everyone, all you need is love.

-Does anyone really care about the Little League World Series?  i don’t even care when my nephew plays a little league game, and i love my nephew!  i’m supposed to care about these annoying brats?  Hell i don’t care about watching Major League baseball!  Baseball f’n sux balls.  And it’s just wrong and creepy to put that much pressure on a little kid.  What’s your problem jerks?  And who f’n cares about these games, turn the channel already.  
-Whenever i’m out to dinner and they bring out the “dessert” shots, i always just pound the whole shot.  “OMG! You’re supposed to sip it!”  Um, yeah that’s for fancy lads.  So you fancy huh?  i will just pound the entire shot thank you.  Let me enjoy my dessert how i want, i’m a grown man i got this S figured out.
-Never call girls named Stephanie, “Steffie.” They f’n hate it, okay?  If it’s your 10 year old niece it’s okay i guess, or little kids in general.  But any grown woman does not need to be called that.  It’s degrading and insulting, so don’t be a dick.  Or do call her Steffie and see where that gets you, then come  read the rest of my blog when you realize i’m smarter then you.  
-i’m not good at taking naps.  Have i told this one before?  If you remember please let me know, for real i need to re-read everything now cause i’ve written so much S!  But yeah i’m awful at taking naps, it takes me FOREVER to pass out.  If i have an hour to nap i will waste 45 minutes trying to sleep and then pass out and have to wake up 10 seconds later.  It sux not having this talent, and i say talent because some people definitely have a talent of taking naps.  My boy Steve can nap f’n anywhere, riding shotgun in a car, on a chair, standing up, while he’s driving a car, you name it.  And he’ll nap for hours and hours, some of my friends have literally never seen him awake.  Alright i don’t want to be that bad but maybe somewhere in between would be fair.
i’m going to end it here because i think all of this is gold. You’re welcome.  And i got a thing tomorrow so let’s go to bed early, shall we?  Wish me luck, and to my sister who loved hearing me tell my deucing habit don’t worry i’ve got nothing on that topic today and i hope you’re having fun in California.  
Bands that you never heard of but should have-Speaking of California, if you are out on the West Coast you should check out a band called The Mutineers.  That’s whose quote i used for today, the lyrics and style for their songs are the money.  Facebook them or something but their music is really good.  
Good luck this weekend with the Hurricane East Coast, i will see you kids Tuesday!
 -miguel jo$e

One Response to “Bring on the end of the world (you blinded fools) Let’s see who makes the team (and who gets cut) I wanna know whose religion wins, and what counts as sin… – Brian Mathusek "End of the World" – The Mutineers”

  1. Anonymous August 29, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    the random nonsense was amazing…where do you come up these amazing topics =)

    -Stef =)


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