A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. – Winston Churchill

26 Jul

What is up kids?

So i don’t normally talk about politics, mostly because besides getting my conservative family members panties in a bunch with my hippie rants, i also find most of this talk useless because so much of politics just ends up being about nonsense.  This is why today’s rant started off as random nonsense but evolved into the blog you are reading today.

But this whole debt ceiling bull$hit is maddening.  To those of you who have no idea what i’m talking about you are exactly how i was years ago, way before i ever got into politics.  i always thought of politics as something i could never be interested in, never let myself get involved with.  Because who cares right?  It’s all the same garbage and it’s the same thing over and over again, and it’s just the rich who run everything so why even bother? That’s pretty much how i felt about politics my whole life, basically until September 11th.  And on that day a lot of people were changed forever, and for many different reasons.  And while i was not affected directly it did wake me up to the fact that i should start paying attention to what is going on in this world, and that is when i started to do so.

Actually, that’s not 100% true.  Because that woke me up to things but it wasn’t until we were getting ready to start a war on Iraq that i really started to pay attention. Because we were told Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and were an immediate threat to America and were working with Al Qaeda, which we all know now is total horse$hit and that the war against Iraq was entirely political and the Bush government basically scared the country into thinking we needed to attack them.  And oh yeah Dick Cheney worked for Haliburton who supplied all the weapons for that war so he had his own personal reasons for invading Iraq as well.  But i remember being for the Iraq war at first, because i was scared and because the President told us they were a threat and we needed to attack!  But then when the truth started coming out and it was clear they did not have WMD’s and they were not a threat to this country, and we basically illegally invaded and overthrew a government that i was like hey maybe i should actually find out what’s going on and not be such an ignorant ahole?

But back to today’s issue, this whole debt ceiling awfulness has just got to stop already.  “OMG we need to cut spending!!” Oh yeah?  Then argue it out during the budget talks, or argue it out after you raise the ceiling.  The debt ceiling doesn’t need to be raised so we can spend more, it needs to be raised to pay debt that the US has already racked up.  So you can argue what the country spends money on in the future, but the ceiling needs to be raised now to cover what we already owe.  This really shouldn’t be a hard process but these ahole teabaggers are using this topic like they do everything.  They are using it just to weaken the President and to cause more chaos in the country.  Which normally i am fine with, if you want to use dirtbag principles to try and win an election good for you, that’s what works in this country.  But this debt ceiling argument is garbage, and the teabaggers are just spoiled rich kids who refuse to compromise until they get everything they want.  YOUR Republican party raised the debt ceiling 17 TIMES during Regan!  And 7 times during Bush, and that is counting the two wars he never paid for.  But after raising it every time for Bush and never making it an issue, all of a sudden now you are fiscally responsible and will hold the country hostage and risk it’s credit rating with the world, just because you are against closing loop holes for the rich and you hate the President and are probably racist?  Way to go f*ckers, you are true patriots.  Way to put your country first in a time when it needs you most.  i’m not saying you can’t fight this battle, but this is not the stage nor the time to do it.  Too bad you are blinded by rage and hate to see this.

And another thing, have you noticed that according to the Republicans there is no such thing as “rich” people anymore?   Apparently they have all left the country and in their place are “job creators”.  This way when Democrats try to get the richest 2% to help pay anything back to the country that made them rich, the Republicans can say things like “they are making life tougher for the job creators who keep this country great!”  And when you say it like that i guess the Democrats must be real aholes if they would DARE make life tougher for these incredible job creators who love their country!  But then when you think, hey that’s bull$hit.  They are rich aholes who stay rich and keep all the money by getting out of paying all the taxes that regular Americans like you and I have to pay all the time!  Then you start to realize what a load of bull$hit it is.  The Bush tax cuts were in place for 8 years and counting, and jobs are at an all-time low.  Even with Obama as President he has kept those tax cuts in tact (against most of his party’s wishes), so if they do work how come jobs haven’t been created because of this?  It’s because tax cuts to the rich do not create jobs, they only make the rich richer.  How can anyone argue otherwise? We’ve done it for over 8 years and have lost more and more jobs.  How Democrats can’t win this argument is beyond me.  Oh wait, no it’s not.  It’s because Democrats have zero balls and let the Republicans run the rhetoric in this country because the Right is the loudest and the craziest and that’s whose voice gets heard in this country.  Oh now i get it. 

Republicans want you to believe that rich people want to spread their wealth, and as long as we keep making them richer they will then try to help out other people.  But when has that EVER worked in life?  Ever??  If any of you work at a place where your company does really well financially one quarter, is the companies next step to give everyone in the company raises once they get that cash overflow?  If you say yes please let me know where you work so i can send you a resume.  What actually happens when companies do make extra money is that only the people at the top that reap the benefits, either through bonuses or perks or both.  No one at the bottom ever sees any of it, or if they do it’s in the form of a bagel day or some other meaningless endeavor.  That’s how the rich stay rich folks, by keeping their money.  So this fantasy that if we can only make the rich richer that they will then gladly spread the wealth with us poor folk is a fantasy that only the power of Fox News could ever possibly get the country to believe.  And they push this even when the Bush tax cuts currently in place are proof that this idea clearly doesn’t work!  Man the right wing agenda is amazing.  If only they used their power for good.

And in case you are wondering, i consider myself an Independent.  “Whoo hoo pick a side buddy!”  Well if i had to i’d say Democrat i guess, mostly because Republicans scare me.  But i have both liberal and conservative ideas on different subjects so sticking with one party doesn’t really make sense to me.  So yeah most of my ideas and opinions sound liberal i guess but i will refuse to call myself a Democrat until that party shows some balls which apparently they don’t have.  So i will lean to the left mostly because the Right just seems insane to me and because that’s the way my johnson hangs. 

Wow whoever i didn’t make angry by this rant i probably bored the rest of you into oblivion with my politics talk.  That sounds like win win to me kids!  Good thing i stepped it up with my random nonsense this week.  Enjoy!


-So i really, REALLY hate f’n cats.  i just straight up hate them.  i understand i’m probably going to lose at least half my women readers during this rant but it has to be said, cats really are the worst.  Are they cute?  That is debatable.  People always try to test my limits with this, either with pictures or even holding little kittens in person as they playfully prance around the room looking up with those little kitten eyes full of wonder.  How could i not possibly find that cute?  i don’t know, but i don’t.  Maybe it’s because i see something different then you.  i don’t see an adorable baby kitten, full of life and energy and is so small you can hold their little furry bodies in one hand.  All i can see is a future full of selfishness and independence and a shedding allergy causing ball of fur who doesn’t need me.  Cats are extremely bitchy, and only care about themselves. Good luck with that, i’ll be hanging out with my idiot but loyal dog in the other room. 

-Is there any doubt that the Air Conditioner is the all-time greatest invention in the history of mankind?  F the wheel.  “Whoo hoo i’m spinning and can go places now!”  Oh yeah? Can you do in the comfort of air conditioning?  Because if not i am not impressed.  Honestly if you do not own an air conditioner at this point you are borderline homeless.  You can call it global warming, you can call it climate change, or you can not believe in either one because you do not believe in science.  All i’m saying is call it what you want because i will be sitting inside with 8700 BTU’s enjoying life’s greatest gift. 

-Hey buzzkill, can you stop ruining my weekend please?  It’s Friday night, we are out for our friends birthday and you are either outside the bar in a texting fight with your boyfriend or when you do bother to come back in you are pouting and not drinking and are ZERO fun.  If i can pretend to care and ask if you are okay can you at least pretend back that you’re having a good time?  Honestly, i don’t really care either way because i’m having the money time regardless.  But your obvious sulking and need for attention just f’n sux.  Why don’t you just go home and be miserable. 

Fast food tips-So rumor has it (and we all know rumor never lies), that Chick Fil A has a crazy special coming up on August 2nd.  Apparently if you purchase anything at Chick Fil A in the Parmaus park mall on August 2nd, and keep that receipt until September, you will get anything you bought on August 2nd on that recepit FREE.  That’s right kids, if you buy 10 Chick Fil A sandwiches and let’s be honest who doesn’t want 10 of them, if you hold onto your recepit until September you will then get 10 free sandwiches.  i was assured this is a true statement by someone very high up in the Fast Food world so i take this deal very seriously, and you can bet that on August 2nd i will be purchasing up a storm.  And you can also bet that i will lose that recepit way before September even gets here which must be what the Chick Fil A ownership is banking on.  Those sneaky basterds…

-i think it’s unfair that girls can only be bitches, they are rarely a$$holes.  Anytime a girl acts like an a$$hole most guys are just like “what a bitch!”  But i feel like that is really unfair.  i’d much rather be known as an a$$hole then a bitch.  Maybe that’s when we will know there is truly equality in this country, when a girl will be known as an a$$hole when she’s being an a$$hole and not just automatically be called a b!tch.  If we can ever achieve this then there will truly be no bounds for women in the America.  God Bless the U.S.A.

THINGS THAT GUYS NEVER WANT TO HEAR AT A URINAL -i’m suddenly in the mood for mushrooms…

“Facebook etiquette”-Only one person should be able to post dashboard pics of the temperature on Facebook at a time, and the person with the highest temperature wins.  i don’t know what software Zuckerberg has to come up with to make this happen, but it’s not fair that EVERYBODY gets to post their pics of the temperature reading in their car so that we have to look at everybody doing it.  First person to put it up is the only one who gets to, and only the person with the highest temperature can top him.  The end.  The rest of you we get it, it’s f’n hot as balls.

Politics and hating cats, that should get me to 50 followers in no time!  i try to avoid it but i can’t help it kids, i gots mad knowledge on politics these days.  But feel free to debate me teabaggers, hopefully you can do it without yelling at pouting like your members in the House but i’m down for discussion either way.  Or don’t argue me and just admit i am correct and i will see you kids on Friday for some light hearted fun!
– miguel jo$é

2 Responses to “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject. – Winston Churchill”

  1. Anonymous July 26, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

    omg I hate cats too..they're gross, lazy, and no fun…dogs are so much better!


  2. Anonymous July 26, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    Your use of the word “Teabag” is 70% to 75% less hot then it sounds.



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