"I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins, spotlight on me and I’m ready to break. I’m like a performer the dance floor is my stage, better be ready hope that you feel the same… It’s Britney Bitch

11 May

All eyes on me in the center of a ring just like a circus…

What is up kids?

Man i dig that song, it gets me fired up.  Which is good because i’m in a weird mood lately.  Does anyone get like this?  i guess if i explain my mood that might help a bit.

idk, i’m just rattled i guess.  Or at least i was yesterday, i feel much better today.  When i was younger i’d probably let this type of mood bother me longer but i’ve got zero time for that garbage these days.  Life’s too short, if something or someone is bothering you then just drop it and get over it.  None time for feelings, right?  If people are going to continue misinterpret your actions at some point you just have to say F it, if they were really your friend they’d either realize they are being stupid or just let it go.  But who cares i guess, it’s so much easier to be cold hearted and just ignore…

WHOA! Hold up!  i apologize, this is my comedy blog, not my diary. Which i definitely do NOT have a diary!  And didn’t i say that Britney Spears song fired me up?  Well it did, probably because it’s my favorite Britney song ever.  i mean i dig the whole “Circus” album in general, even though “Blackout”has the best songs on it overall.  i mean i love Radar, and Gimme More is the best song ever to start the album off with and all.  But Piece of me is still the best Britney song, hands down.  She really tells everyone off in that one, saying how money she is and that everyone wants to call her out but they still put her a$$ on the magazine covers and…

WHOA! Hold up!  Did i just admit to everyone that i love Britney?  Yeah i’m a big fan, mostly because my BFF got me into her forever ago.  I used to HATE poppy garbage like that but now i must say i’m the biggest fan.  At least of Britney, not everything pop.  i’m not a madman ya know.  But at this point of my life i can realize the fun in just enjoying catchy nonsense that has no depth or soul at all.  When i was a kid i was definitely not that way, everything i listed to had to have meaning behind it and i hated anything that was pop.  I remember HATING New Kids on the Block when they first came out so f’n much, and i totally hated Insync years later.  Although i will admit i was a fan of the song “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys.  I wasn’t a huge fan of theirs overall but that song is mad catchy, it’s one of my favorite songs to sing along to with in the car and yes one of my boys bought me that single as a Christmas gift one year and i still have it and love it…

WHOA! Hold up! Did i just admit to everyone that i not only like a Backstreet Boys song but have the single and enjoy it thoroughly?  I am straight BLOWING it today, see what i mean about a weird mood?  i better end this quick before i admit i was the biggest David Archuletta fan ever and am still heated that he lost American Idol that year.  Are you kidding me??? The wrong David won!!! Did you hear him do “Imagine”?, that kid has the voice of an angel!!  And yes I saw him sing live once at a tv show taping and yes i bought his CD which i listen to with my gay roommate.  Does that make me gay???   The answer is yes, yes it does.

Alright, i should punch out now because i think i just admitted every awful thing about me.  Alright i’m not even close to listing all the horrific things about me but i’m going to stop anyway haha.  And oh yeah, i may be thinking of changing websites, this one is kinda ghetto.  it looks alright i guess but it’s f’n impossible to make comments.  Which is awesome because why would i want to make everyone reading this to make comments and get more people involved in fun and laughter?  Stupid site.  Anyways i’m either gonna see if there is anything i can do on this site to make posting comments easier or i am OOT as they say in Canada. We’ll see though…


-There needs to be an express line for the ATM already.  How come every time i just want to take out 40 beans, i’m behind the person who is cashing checks, switching over funds from their checking to savings account, refinancing their mortgage on their house, adding that additional account they have in Egypt as they convert their Japanese Yen over to Francs in their Swiss account and…   Can i just take out some f’n duckets please?  i swear i’m like a pit crew member in Nascar when i hit up the ATM, i’ve got the numbers typed and hit fast cash with no recepit before that bank knows what hit them.  Good thing i’m stuck behind this foreign lady who has someone from the bank showing her how to use this “magical” machine for the first time, God it’s the f’n worst!  People are the worst.

-i never answer my phone.  Besides the fact that my ringer is always off at work and then i always forget to turn it back on when i get out i just never answer it.  EVER.  i only text, and if you’re friends with me you probably already know this.  “Oh you’re one of those jerks?” That’s right Alex, even though you now live in Florida the rules have not changed.  Either text me whatever you want to tell me or leave a message that i will never return, or if i do i will return it by texting.  If you can’t tell me what you want over a text then there is NO way i could handle how awful that long conversation will be on the phone.  Sure this may be kinda a jerk move, but whatever at least i’m dead honest about it.  And to be fair i will also never call you, although if you do see a phone call coming from me you should probably pick up because it’s an emergency!  But if you don’t pick up i understand.

-You know what’s awesome? Getting your car washed this time of year.  i mean the sun is out, the weather is nice, isn’t it nice to have a newly washed car?  It’s so perfect!  Except for the coating of pollen you get immediately after which ruins everything.  Mother nature can be a real bitch sometimes. And yeah i knew it was gonna happen and i did it anyway.  i’m funny and sexy, i never said i was smart.

“The name of the movie is “Bridesmaids?”  it might as well be called “annoying nagging bitches”- tom duffy.  haha i try to use only one quote a blog if i can but that was too f’n funny not to put in.

“Facebook etiquette”- What’s with this Friend Finder garbage?  Doesn’t everyone already have enough friends on facebook?  Is anyone actively seeking to add more friends?  I’ll add new people i meet and stuff but i’m not going through the phone book looking up names to find new friends.  Haha i said phone book, kids don’t know what a phone book is.  If you are a girl and you know what a phone book is you’re probably too old for me to date…

have a great Wednesday everyone, i’m sure mine is sucking a$$. And if there are more spelling mistakes then usual i apologize, i’m kinda rushed today.  Actually i don’t apologize, get your own blog and spell however you want!   – miguel jo$e

One Response to “"I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins, spotlight on me and I’m ready to break. I’m like a performer the dance floor is my stage, better be ready hope that you feel the same… It’s Britney Bitch”

  1. Eden May 11, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    ahahaha…I'm the SAME way with the phone…texts or vm's only plz…thanks…


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