The strongest democracies flourish from frequent and lively debate, but they endure when people of every background and belief find a way to set aside similar differences in service of a greater purpose- Barack Obama

2 May

What is up kids?

Oh Monday, you kinda suck my balleens.  i don’t think i hate Mondays as much as everyone else does, but yeah they are pretty much the worst.  How can weekends go by so quick?  And how can we be the “dominate” species on this planet if we work 5 days a week and only have off for two of them?  Way to go aholes, we’re blowing it.

Wow, that was my original beginning until i literally just heard on the news that Osama Bin Laden was killed??   Holy s, later dick.  And man does this put in perspective this dumb a$$ Mets game i’m watching right now…

I can still remember 9/11 like it was yesterday, driving to my $hitty job listening to Howard Stern talking about his date with Pam Anderson as he casually mentioned a plane had hit the World Trade Center.  It sounded at first like it was just some sort of freak accident but as we soon found out it was an event that changed most of our lives forever.  It definitely changed my life because up until 9/11 i had never bothered with politics.  Because honestly, who cares right?  It’s all garbage, it’s all the same, and who cares who we vote for because nothing matters and the people who have control of this country will run it the way they want regardless.

i’m sure many of you who don’t follow politics feel this way, because i’ll be honest that’s totally how i felt.  i remember feeling that way up until the point i had an argument with my friend Harrison (who’s birthday it is today, happy bday harry!), who was totally against America going into Iraq.  “But they have weapons of mass destruction, we have to go in there and stop them before another terrorist attack!” That was my side of the argument, and i remember getting mad thinking Harry must be against the country and even the troops if he wouldn’t support the war.  It wasn’t until years later when the Bush government just kinda dropped that whole WMD angle and i realized that like many Americans the government had just played on my emotions and maybe i should finally start paying attention to what’s going on in this country…

If you feel like you don’t care about politics and just the thought of paying attention to it and/or talking about it bores you to death i don’t blame you.  That’s how people in power want you to feel, helpless and uninformative.  They want you not to care; they want you to not pay attention.  Of course they do, if you pay attention it makes them harder to get away with everything they want. The system is designed so that the richest 1% takes all of the money and pays none of the taxes, so if this makes you not care what goes on this country again I do not blame you.

But despite all this bull$hit, and as awful as 9/11 was there was a huge positive that i did take out of it.  And that was regardless of all the nonsense we see and hear on television all the time, this country is made up of some amazing individuals.  There are plenty of people who care about others in this country, and you saw that from the thousands of people volunteering to help clean up or do whatever they could whether it is donating clothes and/or food and even blood.  i totally remember right after 9/11 that at first they were telling people to come donate blood but then they literally had to get on tv and ask for people to stop coming to donate because they had TOO many people coming to help.   When has that ever been a problem in this country???  For once we weren’t Republicans and Democrats; it wasn’t about being right or left.  For once we were all Americans, and i can honestly say that might have been the first time in my life i was truly proud to say that.

i definitely bash this country from time to time, but that does not mean i don’t love it.  Hell i love my friends more then life itself but there are no people on this planet that i make fun of and insult more then my friends.  But that is the best thing about our country, we are free to make fun of it and hate it all we want.  Those are our rights in a free society, and it’s amazing we have them.  If you’ve never been to another country it’s easy to take that for granted, but trust me there are millions of people who wish they had the right to express our opinions the way we do.

But before this blog turns into a straight up essay let me just sum up by saying killing Bin Laden is a great thing for our country.  Between everything else that is going on in this world it was nice to know that America did get their man, and a symbol of terror on this planet has been gotten rid of forever.  No this doesn’t end terrorism, and yes it is possible that this victory is more symbolic then anything.  But to any of us who have lost someone on 9/11 it must make it just a little easier to sleep tonight, and if that’s all that comes out of this victory it is already worth it.  We live in the best country in the world, i truly believe that.  And yeah we are obnoxious loud aholes who let the extreme parts of our groups have the loudest voice, but that doesn’t mean the majority of us aren’t good people that will step in and help when we are needed most.  How we reacted after 9/11 showed us our true side, and that is the real spirit of this country.  We only ever see the worst side of America because that is what sells the news and that’s what helps keep the people in this country divided (which is another way that the people in power stay on top).  But i saw a glimpse of our greatness during that time, and because of that i will never give up on our country, no matter how many times we voted Bush back into office.

However, if you still don’t believe in the greatness of this country all you had to do was watch the Mets/Phillies game after the annoucement that America has killed Bin Laden.  Even those dirty stinking Philadelphia fans were chanting “USA, USA!” in the crowd during the Mets game.  Not only was I proud to be American last night but for once Philly fans were not the biggest dirtbags on the planet, so trust me kids miracles can happen!


-Have you seen the commercials for the new stuffed crust pizza at Pizza Hut?  i have, because i’m fat and these types of commercials are on the shows i watch. Anyways instead of just cheese in the crust it also has sausage and pepperoni in it too.  No real joke here but yeah about that pizza someone get me that already!

-There are two types of people when it comes to the TV show Lost.  Those that think it’s the greatest show ever, and a$$holes.
How annoying is it that soup isn’t good for you?  I feel like my whole life if i was sick it was always “eat some chicken soup!” But now you find out there’s a ton of sodium in it so it’s not good for you at all?  F that, i’d rather be sick and skinny then fat and well.

-i murder crickets. Straight up murder them.  i don’t mean i just stomp on them and squish them, i mean i like to put them in the sink i have in my basement and take a lighter and burn their heads.  Any of you who have ever had to deal with crickets in your house will know this already, but crickets are the f’n WORST.  They are so loud and annoying and impossible to find at 3 a.m. in your back room when you have work in the morning.  Did you know that if you use a lighter and burn their heads they make this high pitched “EEEEEEEEEEEE” kinda screaming sound?  i like to think it’s them screaming in pain as i melt their heads.  Oh and i also like to leave a pile of their dead burnt bodies by the door as a warning to other crickets who may want to enter my house.  And oh yeah i’m a psycho.

“Facebook etiquette”- I thought it would be annoying that my mom joined Facebook, because i don’t need her seeing me in pictures all f’d up or talking about whatever awfulness i usually talk about.  But now I must say i’m really happy she’s on it, because if anything i will never forget her birthday again. i feel like the “Happy birthday Mom!” post on facebook is way nicer then her usual “sorry i missed your bday again ma” texts she would normally get days later.

So yeah i’m definitely feeling pretty patriotic today.  Which is a good thing because sometimes with all the bull$hit it’s easy to forget just how great a country we are.  But if we weren’t the best i wouldn’t be able to write my nonsense opinions and jokes down on this blog, so for that i am thankful to be an American.  And thank you to everyone who serves our country, you are all better men and women then i’ll ever be. 

-miguel josé


One Response to “The strongest democracies flourish from frequent and lively debate, but they endure when people of every background and belief find a way to set aside similar differences in service of a greater purpose- Barack Obama”

  1. Stefanie May 2, 2011 at 7:28 pm #

    another amazing topic today…i look forward to your blogs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

    p.s. you're insane if you seriously murder crickets…that is definitely an illness =)


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