Easter. That’s a weird tradition. Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead. What should we do? "How bout eggs?" Well what does that have to do with Jesus? "Alright we’ll hide em." I don’t follow your logic…"Don’t worry there’s a bunny." – Jim Gaffigan

25 Apr

What is up kids?

Haha that was a pretty poor attempt at a blog on friday but oh well i’m over it.  I feel MUCH better today though, and i’m actually a little fired up for my topic which is about teachers.

Oh teachers, such a hard thankless job that continues to get worse.  What is it you do again?  Oh that’s right; you teach and basically raise the children in this country.  None pressure at all.  And at least you get to deal with parents every day, because they are not total f’n idiots who either aren’t involved enough or are way too overly involved even though they know nothing about what’s best for their kids.

The fact that there is an attack on teachers in this country is disgusting.  Am i saying all teachers are amazing and try their hardest for their kids? Of course not, it’s not realistic to say that.  But can’t you say that of any job?  From politicians to cops, to the people at Burger King, EVERYONE takes advantage of what you can at your job.  For most of us it’s taking a 40 minute lunch break when it’s only supposed to be a half hour, or coming in at 9:07 when you should be in by 9.  Let’s not act like we all don’t take advantage of certain “benefits” at work, if you don’t do so you are blowing it and are a moron.

And people who say teachers only work 8-3 and have summers “off” obviously have never actually met a person who teaches.  Between lesson plans, grading tests, going for your masters and dumb ass meetings with parents and the principal, your day is basically never over.  So F you people who don’t think teaching is hard work, and a bigger F you to parents who make the job so much harder for the people that are only doing their hardest to raise your kids.

Most of my friends who teach do so because they love it, and it is not fair to take advantage of that.  They teach because they have to, that is their gift and it is an important one.  Not all of us can be great at beer pong or be talented enough to do a daily doodle on the interwebs, what these people do is a bonafide skill and one i wish i had.  But alas, i do not.

After Obama wins a second term, and he will win because this crop of republicans who might run for president this year has to be one of the worst of all time, my biggest fear is that now Governor Chris Christie might run for president and win in 2016.  Everyone loves him because he went after the teachers and their unions which is a really dick move, but it’s so easy to pick on teachers that he gets away with it.  I don’t know what any of that had to with my point but when Obama wins and then christie is president you’ll be like holy S miguel got that piece right like forever ago.  And if you weren’t now you will.

Anyways i got mad love for teachers, no one ever gives you props to you but i’ll do it here. And i’m sure getting a mention on a blog that’s read by the tens of readers will make up for everything so i will just tell you now, you’re welcome.


-So my buddy made his son a basket for Easter on Sunday, and inside it he put in “Easter corn”.  Wanna take a guess what that is?  That’s right, it’s candy corn but instead of Halloween colors it’s painted Easter colors.  No trying to hide it as a different candy with a new name or nothing, just straight up Easter corn.  First of all, grow up.  Secondly, how did it take them so long to figure out to do this?  You know what’s coming up next don’t you, Christmas corn!  Mother’s day corn!  Summer corn!  Happy birthday corn!  And of course everyone will buy them because everyone’s the worst.

i think the difference between the people who have fun and the ones who don’t have fun, are the people who don’t have fun worry about things like “tomorrow”.  When it’s like the last night of a vacation or something, i do not give an f about tomorrow’s problems.  Things like the hangover i’m going to have, or my flight home getting canceled the next day, or that silly job interview at 8 am.  Those are all problems that will be there tomorrow.  Tonight, however, i’m going to booze my face off, forget about tomorrow and party it up with my boys.  

-i don’t know what the deal is with North Jersey pizza places, but apparently they have a strict policy of hiring the hottest teen italian girls EVER to work the register.  Definitely illegally young, no doubt about that.  But ask any guy around here and they all know this, and every one of us have that one pizza place we’ll go to even if the pizza isn’t that great, just because you have a favorite girl you want to see.  I probably shouldn’t be admitting this to the ladies, or anyone who might read this really…

-Rumor has it that starting next year the New York Mets and NY Jets will also play their home games at Madison Square Garden.  They figure they might as well put all the New York misery under one roof and keep things easier.  Congrats to the Rangers who at least won 1 playoff game, which was apparently too hard for the Knicks who showed zero heart in getting swept.  Actually, i take that back, F the rangers.  i hope i never see them win a cup in my lifetime.  Luckily for me their organization also seems to have those plans for their future.

-You know who’s hottest Kardashian sisters are?  Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  Haha that is awful but it was too funny not to write.

“Facebook etiquette”- If you still have an active “myspace” account, just delete that $hit already.  It’s over.

So i tried to make it easier to make comments on my blog because from what i heard it was mad confusing and hard.  So check it out and hit the page up if you want.  Oh and i guess i’m gonna make “Facebook etiquette” a daily thing cause it seems to be a hit with the kids.  Oh you kids and the facebook.  Let me get some new followers too!  Man i’m mad needy, see you kids Wednesday! – miguel jose


One Response to “Easter. That’s a weird tradition. Easter, the day Jesus rose from the dead. What should we do? "How bout eggs?" Well what does that have to do with Jesus? "Alright we’ll hide em." I don’t follow your logic…"Don’t worry there’s a bunny." – Jim Gaffigan”

  1. pinkfishgrl April 28, 2011 at 4:12 am #

    hahaha! That tomorrow thing made me laugh at how much I used to stress over that, and how the fact that so many people miss out on life because of over doing that thought…. and its funny because,for tomorrow, im thinking about not getting too drunk tonight so i can make it to that Beach party at 930-10am to make sure I do something constructive for the day.

    ok I get it you like young girls, its not that funn;y anymore…but then again im a bit offended so I guess its workin for ya.


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