"Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second best policy- George Carlin

22 Apr

What is up kids?

Man if there was ever a time to just skip over this blog part and go right to the random nonsense it is today because for real i have got NADA.  “But miguel i always skip the blog and go right to random nonsense because that is the only funny part!” i got none energy to debate you today honest but mean person saying what everyone else is thinking, i’m WAY too hungover.  Maybe today i’ll write about how i drink and party too much… oh wait that’s every f’n blog i write.

So what is there to write about… Good Friday?  Earth day?   Politics?  Religion?

Actually i’m going to just tap out today.  i started some half assed rants that i could probably make into something but i’m just giving up.  After throwing up all morning i finally got this ginger ale and bacon egg and cheese on a roll to settle my stomach so i am just going to enjoy that little victory.  i’m totally going through the motions at work right now, but it doesnt’ seem fair to do so on todays blog as well.  I’ve always given an honest effort with everything i’ve written so far but i just dont’ have it in me today.  i blame it on the fact that i’m lazy, or on the 100 games of beer pong i played last night.  But anyways i hope you all have a great Easter weekend, enjoy today’s random nonsense because i will say they are pretty good and i will be back in full force on Monday! 


– So i think it’s safe to say that both guys and gals alike all have different levels of underwear.  We all have “A” squad or “date night” underwear.  You know, that lucky thong we wear when we are hoping to get some a$$ although i’m sure you ladies wear nice things too.  But then we have “B” squad, which is your everyday work/gym underwear.  These are your constants, definitely not date night worthy but they will get you through each day.  When these get too old however, now you’re talking “C” squad.  These use to be everyday warriors but now they are suspect at best.  You know you’re pushing it once you start wearing these bad boys.  Last and definitely least is “D” squad.  NO ONE wants to be on D squad.  This is when you’re so desperate you’re either cutting a pair of shorts or you are down to wearing a bathing suit as underwear.  If you find yourself in the “D” squad area, you either need to go shopping or do some f’n laundry already!

-Can someone tell me the point of teeth whitening gum?  What the hell is it whitenening, the back of my teeth? Who does that help?  It’s the front of my teeth that are as yellow as a buttered roll, so unless i start brushing my teeth with this gum instead of chewing it i don’t see the benefit.

-i think it’d be funny if the New York Mets started getting Irish players instead of all the hispanic players they have.  Obviously only signing the master race didn’t work in baseball for some reason, but instead of being “Los” Mets they could get a bunch of irish guys and be “McMets!”  They could have green jerseys, the home run apple could come out of a big leprechauns hat, instead of taco stands they could have corned beef and cabbage, or even have a possible cross promotion with McDonalds… the possibilites are endless!  Except for the possibility of the Mets winning a world series of course

-It’s funny but if i wanted to know anything about music and/or sports the last two channels i would put on are MTV or ESPN.  Can we as a society just admit how AWFUL they are?  MTV’s been horrific for as long as i can remember, but at least ESPN used to show some highlights and/or scores to games.  But apparently if you want that info you need to watch ESPN news instead.  Speaking of sports tv, who decided that all these shows have to have a bunch of guys laughing and telling jokes the whole time?  I don’t f’n care how much fun you’re having, tell me who’s gonna win the game so i can make a bet already!

-When you’re in a funeral procession on the way to the cemetery, do you follow any traffic rules?  I thought it was okay to run every stop sign and red light and make every illegal turn possible but apparently you still need to follow actual “laws”.  Not that i care, i make up my own driving rules all the time anyway.  But that’s the only kinda fun part of the funeral, driving to the cemetery and breaking every traffic law possible. 

“Facebook etiquette” – If you’re friends with someone on fb,  and on their bday you realize you don’t like them enough to post “happy birthday!” on their page, you probably shouldn’t be friends with them on fb.

Have a great weekend kids, if somehow i make it through today i will speak to you on Monday!

-miguel josé

One Response to “"Honesty may be the best policy, but it’s important to remember that apparently, by elimination, dishonesty is the second best policy- George Carlin”

  1. Eden April 26, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

    hang loose & go commando


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