There’s nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you’re money, and that you want to party. Vince Vaughn – "Swingers"

18 Apr

What is up kids?

So maybe i should explain the title of this blog already?  i guess i kinda just assume everyone knows where it comes from, but like they say when you assume something you just make an a$$hole out of yourself.

So yeah i say everything is the money because of the movie “Swingers”.  Vince Vaughn says it nonstop and it’s totally money and it just stuck w/ me forever.  My friends and i have had a lot of sayings that have come and gone, but money has never left.  Why? Cause it’s the money.  And yeah i know what you’re thinking, good thing my favorite movie wasn’t Austin Powers and i’m not going “Groovy Baby” all the time.  Ugh just typing that made me want to punch myself in the face.

But whatever, money is just the best adjective.  I can use to explain everything, and since i’m mad lazy and i never want to think hard about what words to use it comes in handy.  Even when i write my style is pretty simple, i just write the way i talk.  Some people apparently dig it, others may hate the fact that my grammar is awful and that i don’t use caps or punctuation correctly.  Well to them i say lay off me, english is my second language.  No, that doesn’t make spanish my first, i’m just not comfortable enough to say that english is my first language even though i does knows it much more betterer.

So “Swingers” was my all-time favorite movie for awhile.  A long time actually, and yeah a lot of that probably had to do with the fact that i was trying to get over a girl at the time i saw it.  Because if you didn’t know, Swingers is the best all-time break up movie for a guy to watch ever.  Not so much for a girl, but some of them will still dig the movie.  Well, the cool ones will anyway. OMG Really??? You’re going to do a whole blog just on the movie Swingers? Apparently I am, and i’m okay with this.  If this movie was enough to change the language that i use forever i have no problem dedicating a Monday blog to it’s greatness.

Although now that i think about it, that still doesn’t explain my blog title “Here comes the money” because that wasn’t a line in the movie.  The title actually comes from Shane McMahon who is Vince McMahon from the WWE’s son.  His entrance music was a song called “Here come’s the money” and i thought that was the moneyest thing ever.  So i stole it for my blog title because hell yeah here comes the money.

MAN that was a boring story!  As i just read this over again i got angry realizing i don’t have the energy to write another blog and it looks like i’m sticking with this one.  Hey they can’t be all gems kids, i need to set my bar a little lower sometimes.  And it’s monday, who brings their A game on mondays?  Aholes, that’s who.  Oh and i’d like to state for the record kesha stole MY $hit, because i was miguel jo$e way before she was using her $.  So $uck it kesha!


-So i hate feet.  And i don’t mean i kinda don’t like them, i mean i think feet are by far the most disgusting and vile part of a human.  Why do you ask?  Well it can’t possibly be because we walk on them all day, jammed up in our disgusting shoes and sweaty socks, getting things like bunions and corns and athelete’s foot and BAAAAAAARF  i can’t even write anymore..  So just a heads up to my next girlfriend i hope you enjoy wearing socks.  That and giving bjs

– i think road sodas are the classiest things ever, as well as completely necessary.  Driving to the event is the worst, you just want to be partying already… and with road sodas you can!  “But i’d rather wait till i get there and spend the $8 it costs for beers in the city!” Of course you would person who is against road sodas, because you are a moron.

“Facebook etiquette”  – Hey fellas, when a girl posts a hot picture of herself on facebook, whether it be a bikini pic or a short dress pic or whatever, do NOT be the guy who says what everyone is thinking.  “Holy S you are so beautiful!”  “OMG hottest pic ever!” “Damn hottie i’m speechless!”  Listen you no game having fool, it’s always the creeps that make those kinds of comments so just try to relax and be happy the pics are up to enjoy.  And feel free to creep on facebook all you want, just don’t document your creepiness on fb for the whole world to see, okay? 

-You really need to be some kind of ahole to not like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  I don’t mean every album or every single one of their songs or anything.  But if you don’t like at least one chilli peppers song you’re probably a jerk.  i don’t have any science or anything to back this statement up, but i believe it in my heart to be true.  I mean for real? You don’t dig one song? C’mon, you’re better then that.  And if you’re wondering my favorite album is “By the Way” even though i understand the “Californication” argument.  That double album doesn’t count either, it’s cheating.

Happy Monday kids.  I know that’s normally the worst phrase ever but as i get ready to go to my friend’s dad’s funeral today it does make realize just how lucky we are to have this life, even if we usually get too caught up with everyday nonsense to really enjoy it.  Sometimes it’s tough to be appreciative in a society that teaches us to never be happy with what we have and always want more, but when you can put things in perspective you realize all you need in this life are friends and family and if you have one or both you should consider youself lucky.  I don’t have riches, and my health is questionable at best, but i do have the best friends and family around and for that i do feel blessed.  So be thankful today, it may be monday and work is definitely miserable but at least you are here.  You have got that going for you at least…  -miguel jo$é

One Response to “There’s nothing wrong with letting the girls know that you’re money, and that you want to party. Vince Vaughn – "Swingers"”

  1. Angel April 19, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    Dude… I remember our conversation about the Ped Egg when I first started working at the Chex! I think you were hung over and when I brought it up, you turned a shade of olive cause brown guys don't get green. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, check this link,

    And for those girls out there (you know who you are)who like to squeeze your feet into those sexy heels and walk around all day, and dance and what not; God bless you, but it makes your feet nasty as hell… don't crawl into bed with those nasty shits, come correct. Peace


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