"I really don’t have a problem with gay marriage… because i’m tolerant and rational – David Cross

15 Apr

What is up gays?

Oh gay people, you colorful and loveable minority.  I gotta admit you’ve come a long way in this society, things were mad rough for you kids for a LONG time.  Not that it’s not still rough of course, but it’s definitely a lot better then it used to be.  Haha does my grammar and lack of punctuation and use of double negatives used in my blogs bother anyone?  i’m kinda in the mindset that the point i’m trying to get across is the important thing, and people shouldn’t really pay attention to any that other stuff.  Hopefully you are all on board with this, but if not i don’t care because grammar nazis bore me.   But i will admit i always use lowercase “i”‘s on purpose.  And when i write miguel josé i always use lowercase the way an insecure high school kids writes.  i don’t know, i just dig that style even though the whole idea is nuts because i’m def not that insecure.   i’m the gddamn money for crying out loud.  “Excuse me you pretentious ahole do you want to get back on track with your thoughts on gays?”  You got it guy yelling at me during my blog.

So yeah personally i almost don’t even consider homsexuality an issue because i’m really indifferent either way.  i’m way more interested in someone’s personality and their sense of humor, who they wanna bang is of none interest to me.  Unless it’s a girl, because then its ridiculously hot.  But regardless of my indifference i respect the fact that being gay is a part of who you are, and you are a minority just like me.  Except of course there is no fence that would keep your people out of this country.  Mine on the other hand…

But back to what i was saying 35 thoughts ago, i truly believe the gay movement has really made a lot of progress. There’s a ton of openly gay people in movies and music now and at least in the liberal arts world they don’t even bother to hide it.  I mean of course there were always gay artists, but there NEVER used to be openly gay guys on tv. I mean there was some obvious ones like Monroe on “Too Close of Comfort” and Jonathan from “Who’s the Boss”, but they would just say call their characters “flamboyant”.  But all these mainstream tv shows today with gay characters like “Glee” or “Modern Family”, they would never get away with that back in the day.  And i think this is a good thing even though it is just a little victory.  But then again that is also how a large goal is reached, not in one fell swoop but with little victories.

But yeah to finish my point i totally support the gays right to everything.  I hope they can married, i hope they can adopt kids, i’m glad Obama reversed don’t ask don’t tell in the military, and i think the people against gays are either really religious or just intolerant aholes or both.  Maybe everyone can just stop worrying about what other people are up, honestly this country is such a bunch of nosey nellies always crying about what other people are doing when it has nothing to do with them. And those of you preaching the whole sanctity of marriage argument you really have to be kidding, it’s so dumb it’s not even worth rebuting in this blog

So grow up people against gays, and for real we all know half of you are closet homos anyway.  Don’t take out your hate for yourself on everyone else, that’s what immature kids do.  And to you religious people that are against it just remember Jesus loved everyone, from the lepers to the whores and even the gays.  And oh yeah Jesus wasn’t white, put that in your rightgeous pipe and smoke it.  But that’s a topic for antoher day i guess…


-Speaking of the military, i don’t get why people would be against gays in the military.  Who are the people against this, people who hate gays?  Well that doesn’t make any sense, if i did hate gays why would i be against the country taking a whole bunch of them and sending them thousands of miles away to other countries to get killed?  Isn’t that the outcome i would be rooting for?  i’ll tell you right now i’m totally against this bull$hit war in Iraq but if the President came out today and was like, “We are going to continue our operations in Iraq, and we have just ordered a new surge of troops to the area.  And these troops will consist of Big Oil executives, rapists and Nascar fans i’d be like I support the War! USA USA!!

-If you are a girl reading this blog and you are too young to get my tv references during my gay rant before, you are probably in the right age group of girls that i would date.

-Hey people who complain when they come back to work after a vacation… go f yourself.  “Boo hoo i just spent a week on a beach and now i have to go back to work feel sorry for me.”  C’mon dicks, i have to go to work too, the only difference is i didn’t get to relax and drink margaritas by the ocean for 7 days straight.  i was here every gddamn day working, so for some reason i’m having trouble feeling bad for you.  Why don’t you focus on the positive instead, you negative no appreciating tan ahole.

-i always get sad when people at my work leave our office, even though i know its best thing for them.

-Do any of you guys watch UFC?  Just to put it out there i want to fight Mike Goldberg.  Oh and for real did you know that the current UFC Heavyweight champion is a Mexican that whooped up Brock Lesnar? That’s right suckas!

-Does anyone else take showers lying down?  i do.  And i don’t mean baths, i know what baths are.  I mean i turn on the shower but instead of standing up during it i lie down.  Am i really the only one who does this? I just don’t get it, i mean the only difference between you and me is that i get to lie down and relax during my shower while the rest of you are standing up.  How do you have all that energy?  I mean i literally just got of bed!  Do you also stand up at your computer desk at work?  Or do you sit down at a chair because it’s a million times more relaxing?  Yeah that’s what i thought, my whole lying down during a shower thing makes a lot more sense now doesn’t?  I would think more people do this but i’m apparently the only one. Oh well, if i’m the only smart person so be it.  And if you are wondering what i call them i call them “showbathers”.  If you can think of a better name let me know.

That’s it for me this week kids.  I tried to step up these blogs lately and make them a little more raw and honest so hopefully i achieved that.  Thanks to my now followers who have now hit a bakers dozen, and as always keep the comments coming because i really appreciate the feedback! 

cya,  miguel josé


2 Responses to “"I really don’t have a problem with gay marriage… because i’m tolerant and rational – David Cross”

  1. armando April 15, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    so do you lay down with your head towards the drain or you feet towards the drain? what about if it's just a shower stall?


  2. Jann April 15, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    I forgot the name of the comic but he said “Gays should have every right to be miserable as us heteros. The only person who is going to profit is the Divorce Lawyers.”


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