You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet, you have to be in the right mood. "What mood is that?" Last minute panic… Calvin and Hobbes

11 Apr

What is up kids?

For real i had zero clue what today’s blog was gonna be about.  I actually started a few other ones but they just didn’t seem right for today for some reason.  But lucky for me at 12:30 am last night it hit me so let’s just get to it shall we?

Have you heard about the live shows Charlie Sheen had in Detroit and now in NY this past weekend? Apparently he bombed heavily onstage, he just went out there and told a few awful stories but the whole thing had zero point and he was just heckled the whole time and eventually got booed offstage early.

i honestly can’t say i’ve been following this whole story, mostly because i’m not interested in celebrities too much.  i won’t say not at all because i’ll read some dumba$$ stories on the interwebs or the occasional US weekly or whatever garbage magazine these girls read at work.  But this country’s obsession with celebrities is AWFUL, it’s easily one of the worst things about us.  And that’s not counting the high ratings for that show Glee…

Who f’n cares about these people??  The Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen…. do you really need to know what they are up to?  Apparently you do because his shows sold a ton of tickets.  Things like that give me little faith in the human race, why on earth would anyone want to give this whacked out scumbag their own money?  Who are these people that go to these things?  Maybe i’m too self absorbed to care about my friends and family let alone these famous strangers, but for real these people need to get a life instead of focusing so much on someone else’s.

It’s too bad the majority of the public are the worst.  These are the same people that buy expensive tickets to sports games for $hitty teams.  Maybe if it wasn’t for them ticket prices wouldn’t be so high.  Do you kids realize how expensive New York Knicks tickets are?  The Knicks, the team that constantly goes out of their way to prove to their fans how much they hate them by always treating them like trash.  Tickets for a Knicks game should be at most $10 but people pay HUNDREDS.  Well what if everyone stopped going to the games, they’d have to lower ticket prices right?  Who knows, we’ll never find out because the public will always buy keep buying them.  They will buy tickets to games, they will buy PSL’s for football which is the biggest rape in sports today, and they’ll buy tickets to Charlie Sheen. 

It’s so sad how awful the general public is.  No wonder George Carlin gave up on the human race, we never learn and always make the worst decisions.  The power the people could have in this country if they just stuck together is amazing, but instead we’re too busy fighting with each other over nonsense to ever get anything accomplished.  Instead of making a stand for something we believe in, we are forever stuck in the status quo never reaching our potential.  Kind of like my stand up comedy career haha

i don’t know, i guess me realizing this stuff doesn’t make me any smarter.  But i at least know i’m better then anyone who bought a ticket to that Charlie Sheen show.  And for those of you who bought a ticket only to boo and heckle him off the stage i hope you realize that you’re the f’n idiot who gave this guy your money and maybe you’re booing the wrong ahole…


-Here’s a message to all of you people who like to give the middle finger every time someone takes a picture of you… grow up already.  First of all, who are you giving the finger to?  Your friends and/or family taking the picture?  That’s awesome, way to be a classy individual.  Well why else do you do it?  Is it because you really don’t give an f???  Well, i’m guessing that can’t be it, otherwise you would just not be in the picture. Seems like a simple enough solution to me.  But besides all of that, do you know what’s the worst crime is from this awful habit?  It’s easily the most unoriginal and played out pose one can do, so not only are you saying F you to your friends and ruining a possible cherished memory you’re doing it in the most unoriginal and boring way possible.  Say cheese!

-Why do people only drink eggnog during the holidays?  I love egg nog, i think its delicious.  But other then Christmas and Easter i never let myself enjoy a glass.  Which is bull$hit because it’s delicious, why do i wait for it once a year?  Same thing as deviled eggs, i love deviled eggs but besides Easter i pretty much never eat them except on the rare occasion somebody really awesome makes them.   It’s just odd to me, two fantastic egg treats and i only enjoy them semi-annually.

-Speaking of holidays, i feel like the Jews are blowing it with Hanukah.  Honestly, that holiday sells itself but it gets nowhere near the publicity that Christmas gets.  You have 8 days of presents!  That’s five times more then Christmas!  And for real, it’s the festival of lights!  Light some shiznit up already!   There should be a giant menorah that is as big as the tree in Rockefeller center that lights up every day and then on the 8th day there’s a huge fireworks show.  And i know what my Jewish friends are thinking, “it’s not that big of a holiday, especially compared to Christmas”.  Well it’s never going to be with that attitude my gentile boys and girls

-How mad do you get when you find out you’ve been “de-friended” on facebook?  I get so mad, it’s like F you buddy!  The funny thing is, it’s always by someone who isn’t really my friend anyway or someone i haven’t talked to in like 20 years, but i guess the real reason i get so heated is because i’m just like man i should have been the one to delete that jerk first

That’s it for me today kids, i hope you all had a tremendous weekend and that this week isn’t murderously horrific for you.  It’s suppossed to get to 80 degrees today which i probably won’t even notice because that’s how hot it is in the office i work in anyway.  But if you have a chance to go home at lunch and then not come back i say take it!
– miguel josé


2 Responses to “You can’t just turn on creativity like a faucet, you have to be in the right mood. "What mood is that?" Last minute panic… Calvin and Hobbes”

  1. pinkfishgrl April 12, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    I Love eggnog, hahaha and deviled eggs…its so delicious. I vote for a deviled eggs and eggnog party. Miss ya. xo


  2. Angel April 12, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    I know what you mean about not caring about celebs, I don't give an ef either.. unless they pushed the self destruct button like Sheen did! I can realate to those people that bought the tickets, it makes for great small talk at parties. ie. “Remember the Tsunami? I was there! Remeber when Charlie Sheen's life imploded? I was there!! Front row! True story! =D


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