"Be nice Miguel, my prayers will only go so far" – my mom

28 Mar

Whoo hoo, new blog title!  so yeah i changed the place up a bit over the weekend, i think it looks better anyways.  but who cares about that nonsense, happy monday people!  i actually don’t hate monday as much as some other days.  i mean it’s the worst because obviously the weekend is over but i feel like everyone hates monday so everyone treats it that way.  like clients aren’t AS annoying on mondays as they are every other day because even aholes don’t want to do work on mondays.  or at least they don’t get started right away i guess.

this is a rough start to my 1st blog of the week… what’s on my mind today?  how bout my parents, since my mom was nice enough to post today’s title on my facebook profile last week haha.  that’s what i get for going after religion day 3 of my blog.  i hate disappointing my parents.   you wouldn’t think i do considering how often i do it, but for real i do hate it.  i’m everything i am because of them, i couldn’t imagine living a more unselfish life then they both have, especially when i’m one of the most selfish people i know.  i don’t think that makes me a bad person really, everyone has their flaws.  but everything my parents did was for their kids, whereas this past saturday i did not get out of my bed until 4 pm.  not as impressive as my 6:30 pm last saturday but i literally get up the same time my parents are probably going to bed.

i think about that stuff sometimes. some of my friends have kids now, or at least are married or have a girlfriend… is there anyway they can pull that off?  like go to my boy’s place in jersey city and play poker till 4 am and then stop at the diner before going to bed at 6 am and then sleep until 4 pm the next day? i feel like most people have more productive saturdays then i do.  but don’t some of them, don’t some of you wish you could do that?  like is there a part of you that wishes you had no reason to shower or leave the house and you just wake up late and eat breakfast and then take a nap?  well if you do wish that then let me say when i do what i do i do it for you.  wow that last sentence was awesome.  but if i don’t sleep till 4 pm on saturday then no one can, i’m doing this for society’s sake.  wow i’m not as selfish as i thought.  i love you mom and dad.

random nonsense

– isn’t reading hard? i don’t mean reading the words, i get that.  but can anyone read without their deafening thoughts making it impossible to concentrate on the sentence in front of you?  maybe it’s just me because i’m a whackjob but man my thoughts are LOUD.

-that jersey shore finale was a big steaming turd.  i used to be the biggest fan but man i’m glad this season is finally over. i think even ronnie and sammie are sick of being ronnie and sammie.  i’ll watch when they are in italy though, i can’t wait until they disgrace italians in their homeland. 

-speaking of tv, since when is the travel channel the best channel on tv?  man vs food, no reservations, bizarre foods, carnivore chronicles… and why are they all food shows but it’s the travel channel?  are these shows really any good or am i just old?  i’m prob just old, but man adam richman is the money

– i told myself i was going to start running on sunday but instead i bought 16 beck songs on itunes that i didn’t have and listened to music all day instead.  i do wish i started running but damn that was the best sunday ever. maybe today i’ll start.  or maybe not

– once again, i DO NOT ADVOCATE DRUNK DRIVING!  but can we be honest, isn’t the real reason cruise control was invented was to help drunk drivers stay the speed limit?  when i younger i had to take some dumb a$$ class when i got too many points on my license and i learned a fact, the fact that cops look for people varying their speed which is a sure sign they are under the influence.  so my two tips for drunk driving so far are 1. put visine in one eye so it looks like you have pink eye and 2. use cruise control.  but don’t drink and drive!

-i think waiting for a girl to friend you first on fb is the new waiting two days before calling a girl after you get her number.  why be like every other ahole guy sending friend requests all day when you can lay back and be cool and wait for her to friend you.  ‘OMG FRIEND REQUEST ME!!! is the same as calling the same night that she gave you her number.  play it cool for once son, be patient.  like kenny powers said , “make em wait, it’s good for them”

that’s it for 2day, hope you like the new look of the place!
 -miguel josé

One Response to “"Be nice Miguel, my prayers will only go so far" – my mom”

  1. pinkfishgrl March 30, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    TRavel channel is the shit!! Love all those shows.


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