People who say they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don’t care what people think- George Carlin

23 Mar

So i’m writing my first blog, i feel like this is a lot of pressure for something that maybe if i’m lucky 2-3 people including myself will read…
But i’ve realized i have too much going on in my dome or mind grapes as Tracy Jordan would put it to not be writing anymore.  If there’s one thing I miss about being in high school besides being able to bang high school girls legally is the fact that during school i would write all gddamn day.  Songs, poems, rants, jokes… that’s all I would do all day is f’n write and i miss it terribly. 

But i’ve been told that i should write a blog so i’m joining that bandwagon now.  yeah i know i’m late, i’m always late for everything.  i actually just signed up for something called “the myspace” which is apparently the hip website the kids are on but now everyone tells me i should be on “Friendbook” instead or whatever it’s called.  maybe i’ll find out about that eventually.

yes i’m kidding.  i’m almost always kidding.  i pretty much never lie but i also never say anything without 98% of it being sarcasm.  until they come up w/ a “sarcasm” font you’re just gonna have to get it people who are not even reading this. 

But yeah that’s about enough for my first blog i guess, it’s just the gddamn introduction for the love of pete.  My plan is to rant a bit on something each day and then post a few thoughts i gots after.  like Carlin’s Brain Droppings or Aaron Karo’s “Ruminations” but you know, my ideas.  But yeah when you just need to waste time on the internet and no one’s posting anything good on facebook and you can’t think of anything to look up on Wikipedia hopefully you’ll waste a few minutes on my blog because the lord knows i need the attention…- miguel josé

– I’m sick of people complaing about the snow when you live in the NJ/NY area.  “it’s snowing again, FML!” “OMG i can’t wait till the warm weather I can’t take this anymore!” “i can’t believe there’s snow in March, i wanna move to Florida!”  then f’n move to Florida already.  it snows in this area, get over it.  you might as well complain that it gets dark at night and in the morning it’s light again, why can’t it be light all the time! that’s just the way it is aholes.  we all like warm weather but we live here so relax and shut up

-why are girls ALWAYS sick?  are they really sick or just want to complain?  I don’t get how women live longer then men when they are apparently always feeling crappy.  And you know if you’re sick 7 days out of the week maybe you shouldn’t post it as a facebook status and go to the doctor.  for real girls your immune system sucks ass

-hey, places that only accept cash… grow up already.  yeah i know it’s a lot easier for deli’s and pizza places to keep their “shady” tax records but i want a gddamn slice and i don’t want to run to an ATM and pay the $6 charge for a $2 slice

-is there any new music that isn’t gay pop music?  when i was a kid there was poison, motley crue, all the hair metal bands.  then guns and roses, metallica, then finally Nirvana and pearl jam and the seattle scene hit.. then it was gay emo music for a while but what the hell do kids listen to today besides bieber and lady ga ga?  there’s not even new music around for me to hate!

-i think the word “tween” is really hot.  i didn’t think it was possible to make the word TEEN any hotter but apparently they’ve done it.  I”m not positive but i’m pretty sure it means “Twenty-something teen”, or at least that’s what i plan to tell the cops when they come get me.  Speaking of cops, just because a website advertises “Barely legal Tweens”, it’s actually 100%, NOT legal…

One Response to “People who say they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don’t care what people think- George Carlin”

  1. shannon March 25, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    Ha! You joke about a sarcasm font, but someone did already come up with an emoticon, the sarcmark.


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